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Module 4 Carnival

Introduction and Reading

Do you like festivals? why? When we talk about festivals, what words will you think of?


Can you name the following festivals or

The Spring Festival

couplet fireworks fireworks paper- cuts


(lunar January 1)


lucky/ gift money 压岁钱

The Lantern Festival
(Lunar January 15) lion /dragon dance 舞狮/龙

riddles written on lanterns 灯谜
exhibit of lanterns 灯会

rice glue ball


Ching Ming Festival / Tomb-sweeping Day
(Lunar April 5)

rebirth of nature celebrate it with picnics, and kite flying sweep and weed graves honor ancestors

Dragon Boat Festival
(Lunar May 5) rice dumplings 棕子 龙舟赛

Dragon Boat race

Cowherd Girl Weaver the Milky Way magpie



Double Seventh Festival (Lunar July 7)

Mid-Autumn Festival (Lunar August 15)

Chang E flying to the moon moon cake

嫦娥奔月 月饼

Double Ninth Festival (Lunar September 9) climbing


enjoying chrysanthemum 赏菊

New Year’ Eve (Lunar December 31)

festivals in China
The Spring Festival 春节 The Double Ninth Festival 九九重阳节 The Middle Autumn Festival 中秋节 Ghost Festival festivals The Lantern Festival元宵节 Qingming festival/ Tomb-sweeping Day清明节

The Dragon Boat Festival
The Double Seventh Festival


Party’s Day

Children's Day

Other holidays
Teachers’ Day

Army Day

National Day May Day/

Labour Day

What is your favorite Chinese festival? What do you do this day? Why do you like it?
wear special clothes eat special food give or receive gifts

have a holiday from school
take part in a traditional ceremony dance and listen to music enjoy yourself with friends or family

festivals in other countries
Valentine’s Day 情人节 Carnival Easter复活节 狂欢节 Christmas Fool’s Day

Mother’s Day Holi 胡里节 撒红节

Thanksgiving Day 感恩节 Halloween Father’s Day 万圣节

(25th December) This is a Christian festival which comes in the middle of winter.
Santa Claus reindeer sleigh


Valentine’s Day

Feb. 14th

April Fool’s Day
(April 1)

Holi (胡里节/撒红节)
This is a festival of color, which marks the beginning of spring in India.

Thanksgiving Day
(The 4th Thursday in November)
This is when Americans remember the hard times when they first arrived in the country.

pumpkin pie

(31th. October/ 1st November)

( All Saints' Day ) 所有圣徒的节日

This festival is at the end of October, when “ghosts” come out.

南瓜灯(万圣节的标志性象 征,传说是一个名叫杰克的 人发明的)

Trick-or-Treat 不给糖就捣乱 on Halloween

Bobbing For Apples咬苹果游戏

Halloween Parade 万圣节游行

Easter eggs


(March 23 to April 25)

Easter Bunny


This is a Christian holiday in March or April when Christians remember the death of Christ and his return to life.




Carnival in Rio, Brazil

Carnival in Cologne(科隆), Germany

Carnival in Nice(尼斯), France

Carnival in Venice威尼斯, Italy

The magic of the mask


Reading The Magic of the Mask 面具的魔力

Read the passage and decide which topics are mentioned.

? ? ? ?

1 Different carnivals 2 The origins of carnival 3 Special food 4 Carnival in Venice

The main idea of each paragraph.
Para1. People’s general impression of carnival. Para2. The meaning of carnival and how

it was celebrated in history.
Para3. Carnival in Venice and the problem it caused when people celebrated it.

Para4. The law about wearing masks.

Para5. The revival of the tradition of
celebrating carninal. Para6. How carnival is celebrated in

Venice today and the feature of the
carnival in Venice.

Find the main idea of each part.
Paragraph 1 A. how carnival is celebrated in Venice nowadays and the feature of the carnival in Venice . B. the general introduction of carnival. C. the development of the carnival in Venice.

Paragraph 2
Paragraph 3 Paragraph 4

Paragraph 5
Paragraph 6

Detail Reading

Read part 1(para.1and2)
1.What is your general impression of carnival?

crowds sounds

costumes sights

confusion excitement

2.What do people do at carnival?

have fun



dress up

Read part 2 (para3-5)

Read part 2 (para3-5)
Time At the beginning As time passed In the 14th century What happened?
last one day, ate, drank, wore masks weeks on end, walked round wearing masks. not allowed to wear masks at night and dress up as women.

At the end of masks were banned completely, 18th century carnival became just a memory. In the late

the tradition was revived by students.

pair work

Discussion 1
Why was the tradition of carnival revived?

f o r t y

The magic of the Mask Europe and Where did Carnival started in_________ it start? followed by________days without meat. forty
When was Carnival was celebrated at the end of winter it the__________season. celebrated? What did people do at carnival in Venice? People could eat, drink and dress up _________.They often walked around masks the treets ,wearing____________doing what they wanted without ___________ being recognised

The Magic of the Mask
What happened between the 14th and the 18th century? What about today’s carnival in Venice? forbidden Wearing masks was_________ by the government.

five Carnival is celebrated for______ days in February and people from Europe come to enjoy all over ________ the fun.

Task : make a dialogue introducing carnival to tourists.

A: a guide in Venice Theme(主题) Time Activities

B: a tourist of Venice

celebrate life, have fun February, five days wearing masks, parade , eating, drinking, dressing up


one day - weeks – limitedbanned-revived the mystery of mask

Read the passage again and do exercise 2.
c b c a b b b b

Exercise 3 and 4

Ex. 3
1. confusing 2. excitement 6. costume 7. crowd 8. tradition 9. atmosphere

3. mask
4. mystery

Ex. 4

5. magic

b a b b a b b b

Group competition
Give us the information about carnival as much as you can.

? Write a passage introducing a Chinese festival. ? Your passage should cover the following aspects: origin, meaning, theme, time, activities, and so on.

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