谁是单词达人? 姓名:______________ 一、单词拼写 1. I once studied Japanese at college, but I’m afraid that I’ve ________(完全) forgotten it now. 2. Within a few days Mary became seriously ill, _________ (遭受)great pain. 3. With my special care, my mother _________(痊愈) quickly. 4. He received several ___________(官方的,正式的) letters this morning. 5. The ___________(表情) on his face suggested that he was satisfied with the final result. 6. __________(实际上), I didn’t recognize him in the crowd. 7. Living in a big city has many __________(不便之处). 8. They insisted on _________(组织) an English Speech Contest. 9. It is three years since he ___________(毕业)from Harvard University. 10. I wandered into the room where he was __________(埋葬,掩埋) under piles of law books. 11. We sent our _____________(祝贺) to her when she passed the exam. 12. They succeeded in ___________(逃脱) from the burning building. 13. The boy was _________(奖赏) for bringing back the lost dog. 14. Russian won the bid for the 2018 World Cup because they got the most ________(选票) 15. It is ___________(值得) to take your time when you visit the Great 班级学号:___________

Wall. 16. It was a miracle that the three persons _________(幸存) that big fire. 17. We had our room _________(装饰) with flowers. 18. China is a country ___________(属于) to the third world. 19. He _________(承认) having broken the window last night. 20. They expect to pick up wonderful ___________(便宜货) in the market. 21. Take the medicine ________(规则地) three times a day. 22. The sudden _________(出现) of a policeman caused the thief to run. 23. It is ____________(普遍地) accepted that English is an international language in the world. 24. Fresh fruit_________(包含) plentiful Vitamin C. 25. To our __________(减轻,缓和) , the missing boy returned, safe and sound. 26. The millionaire’s eldest son will _______(成功,继任)him. 27. She is an __________(吸引人的) woman and lots of men chase after her. 28. My sister takes an interest in music and she can play some musical _________(乐器). 29. I have little _________(信心) in him. 30. Great importance should be __________(系上,附加) to protecting the environment. 31. Without my ___________(许可), anyone is not allowed to enter. 32. I must _____________(道歉) for not having been able to write to you sooner. 33. She __________(提醒) me that I hadn’t watered the flowers.

34. It is important to have ____________(平衡) diets. 35. Time is __________(有限), so you must finish it in 30 minutes. 36. The letter was not addressed to me but I opened it out of ________(好奇). 37. It is bad __________(礼貌) to litter about. 38. The girl is _________(盯着) at the stranger with her eyes wide open. 39. ___________(漫游,闲逛) in the street, I found a tailor’s shop. 40. Dinosaurs____________(存在) millions of years ago but then died out suddenly. 41. Children should not be allowed to watch any ____________(暴力的) movie. 42. Drinking too much alcohol is _______(有害的) to people’s health. 43. Among my pen pals, two are _________(加拿大人). 44. The city has a small population, only ______ (稍微)over 3,000. 45. It is a ____________(传统) in the family for the eldest son to become a doctor. 46. The ___________(大多数) of the students find it quite hard to learn German. 47. You should know that you have __________(举止,表现) badly in losing your temper. 48. His wife _________(支持) him when others all objected to him. 49. We will surely take this matter into ___________(考虑). 50. He died of _________(饥饿) because he had not eaten for days.


1. 遛狗_____________________________ 细检查___________________ 3. 放下;记下 _______________________ 难________________________ 5. 信不信由你________________________ ______________________________ 7.(好好/充分)利用__________________ ____________________________ 9.梦想做某事_________________________ 某事_________________________ 11.关心;在意_________________________ 是…参考…查阅…_______________ 13.决心干某事_________________________ 篷___________________________ 15.某人熟悉某事_______________________ 笑起来_______________________ 17. 及时,最终 ________________________ 来判断______________________ 19.大量的_____________________________ 价高__________________________ 21.战争、疾病、火灾等爆发______________ 气;失去信心__________________ 23.事实上_____________________________ 创立;设置,竖起______________ 25.出发,动身__________________________ 人做某事______________________ 27.为争取…而斗争______________________ 上台__________________________

2. 经历;仔 4. 做…有困 6. 提出 8. 60.挑出 10.坚持做 12. 指的 14.搭起帐 16.突然哭/ 18.根据…… 20.对…评 22.丧失勇 24.建立, 26.阻止某 28.当权,

29.调查…______________________________ 于…,是……的一员________________ 31由…组成____________________________ 答____________________________ 33.充当,用作__________________________ 开 _______________________________ 35.同意某人的意见______________________ ______________________________ 37.聚集________________________________ _________________________________ 39.在…的帮助下_________________________ 监视____________________________ 41.在某种程度上__________________________ 物物种)灭绝 __________________ 43.有… 危险_____________________________ 用________________________________ 45对……感到满意________________________ 响____________________________ 47. 形成;产生;开始存在_________________ 生故障;(身体)垮掉___________ 49.偶然遇见_____________________________ _______________________________ 三、用所给词的适当形式填空: 1. When __________(cross) the road, you should be careful.

30.属 32.作为报 34.拆 36.每四年 38.毕竟 40.看守, 42.(动,植 44. 守信 46 .对...有影 48.坏掉,发 50. 伤害……

2. I agree __________(entire) that you should go shopping today. 3. __________(compare) with last year, our coal output has increased by three times.

4. Her job has become __________(increase) difficult. 5. __________(judge) by his accent, he is from Henan. 6. I prefer __________(stay) at home rather than go out. 7. Don’t let yourself be __________(persuade) into buying things you don’t want. 8. The Arab insisted that he __________(have) never seen the camel(骆驼). 9. You should behave __________(proper) at a dinner party. 10. He insisted on being sent to work in Tibet after his ________(graduate) from Beijing University. 11. A lot of young people dream of __________(become) great people in the future. 12. The little boy was so frightened that he __________(burst) out crying. 13. Since she left, he has __________(bury) himself in his work. 14. The ruins after the quake were __________(frighten). 15. He was __________(honour) with a golden medal for his excellent speech. 16. It is __________ (legal) for people under 18 to buy alcohol(酒). 17. It was very __________(generously) of you to lend them your new car for their holiday. 18. Eye contact, ____ (face) expression, gesture and posture are different kinds of body language. 19. There is no sense in ___________ (forbid) the children to play outside. 20. Hen’s job is __________ (lay) eggs. 21.___________(rare)does the temperature fall so low in this area. 22.He couldn’t ___________(go) abroad, as I saw him just now. 23.Recently he has made___________ (amaze) progress.

24.During the festival , the street is ___________(decorate) with red flags. 25 All our opinions are __________(base) on facts. 26.In the distance, I saw the house ___________(belong) to her. 27.___________(consider) that it is handmade, the price seems reasonable. 28.Whether the deed will do us harm or not remains ___________(see). 29.He is waiting for you at the ___________(enter) to the theatre. 30.Modern people focus more on their ___________(culture) life. 31.The reporter ___________(interview) her about her marriage. 32.Everyone living here is willing to shoulder the___________(responsible) to beautify the city. 33.Surprisingly, David ___________(charge) with murder. 34.There are too many___________(advertise) in our daily life. 35.No one has come up with a __________(convince) explanation of why dinosaurs died out. 36.If you hear an alarm, leave the building __________(immediate). 37.To our __________(relieve), Jane’s illness proved not to be as serious as expected before. 38.She impresses us with her inner __________(attract) instead of her appearance. 39.Without __________(confident), nothing can be achieved. 40.No matter how frequently __________(perform), the works of Beethoven still attract people all over the world. 四、用正确的介词或副词填空 1. 2. Festivals___________all kinds are held everywhere since ancient times. The country, covered___________cherry tree flowers, looks beautiful.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

We should base our theory __________ fact. Everybody sits and waits____________the shade of the tree. Once I stopped, it all comes crowding__________. It seems that she had been very busy ___________her chosen career. There was story____________ story of him.

8. Thanks________________his research, the UN has more tools in the battle to rid the world of hunger. 9. 10. He is quite satisfied_____________his life. He would much rather keep time _____________his hobbies.

11. He gives gives millions of yuan to equip others____________their research in agriculture. 12. I graduated ______________Shangdong University in 1999.

13. After that he continued to devote himself ______________research work. 14. Just dreaming ____________things costs nothing.

15. Practising Chinese kungfu can not only bulid__________one’s strength, but also develop one’s character. 16. He is content_____________his present life.

17. He cuts__________the leather top of the shoe and shares the shoe with the other fellow. 18. Children particularly would burst_____________laughter at his behaviour. 19. whenever you finish your story, you will feel a sense______________success. 20. _________the approach of the cinema, he stopped and waited for his friends.

21. She stepped back appearing surprised and put__________her hands, as if in defence. 22. 23. 24. 25. Only in my home do I feel__________ease. Turning one’s back ______________someone shows anger. I nodded___________him as I passed his office. He is famous____________his skill in playing football.

26. Our organization was set up to preserve endangered species_____________extinction. 27. 28. The handbag is modelled_____________the LV’s new style. Everything was fixed____________advance.

29. The match came____________life in the final minutes of the second match. 30. Never go to his office_____________you are asked to.

五、词汇拓展 1. recover _____________ n. 恢复 _________v. 不同意 3. office __________ adj. 官方的 __________adv. 流利地 5.express ____________n. 表情 ___________ n. 偏爱 7. graduate_________ n. 毕业 8. organize ___________n. 组织_____________adj. 有组织的 9. determine _____________n.决心 _____________adj. 坚定的 10. rely _________ adj.可靠的 11. judge ____________ n.判断 2. agree 4. fluent 6. prefer

12. devote ____________n. 献身 _____________adj. 献身的专注的 13. hope _____________adj.有希望的 ______________adj. 绝望的 14. compete ___________n. 竞争者 ______________n.比赛竞赛 15. arrive _______________ n. 到达 ______________ adj. 精力充沛的 17. poison ______________ adj. 有毒的 ____________ adj. 有益的 19. tradition ___________ adj. 传统的 ___________n. 争论辩论 21. consider _________ adj.考虑周到的 n. 失败 23. explain _________ n. 解释 ___________ n. 好奇 25. true __________ adv. 真正地 16. energy 18. benefit 20. argue 22. fail _________ 24. curious



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