2014 年全国各地名校中考英语模拟试汇编

【四川德阳市 2014 中考英语模拟】 根据短文内容和所给中文提示,在空白处填入单词。(每空一词。) Independence is very important. American parents give more attention to training their children to be independent since they are Children begin to sleep 72 71 (年少的). (单独地) in their own bedrooms when they are two or three years 73 74 (清洁) (支付) 76 (他

old. When children become older, they begin to learn how to make their beds and their bedrooms. They know clearly that they have no right to ask their parents to for the cost of college. They do part-time jobs or 75

(家务) to make money by 77

们自己) since they were children. Thus, more children in the value in society.

(西方) can know their

However, compared with American people, parents in China care too their children. They will do anything for their children. For the children, this

78 79

(许多的) about (似乎) good,

however, it is not. When they grow up, most Chinese children are not as independent as children from other 80 ( 国家), according to a survey. 72. alone 78. much 73. clean 74. pay 75. housework

【答案】71. young 76. themselves 77. west

79. seems


【福建省泉州市安溪县 2014 届初三毕业班】 综合填空: 根据短文内容选择方框内的单词,并用其正确的形式填入空白处(每空填一词), 使 补全后的短文意思通顺,语法正确,结构完整。 do use try speak during

You work hard to learn English. Do you know American kids are


to learn Chinese?

About 50,000 American students now study Chinese. “Because of China?s fast growth, Chinese is more 92 than the other languages,” said Scott McGinnis, a Washington language

expert.(专家) For example, in 1999, only three Chicago schools had Chinese classes. This year more than 20 do. In many US cities, students take Chinese lessons at school or at weekends. But Chicago

schools teach Chinese because they had 94


the regular day. Last year China gave them 3000 textbooks

a good job.

Although Chinese classes are becoming popular, it is one of the most difficult languages. It takes an English 95 about 1320 hours to become good at Chinese, but he needs only 480

hours for French, Spanish or Italian. 【答案】91.trying 92.useful 93.during 94.done 95.speaker

【甘肃省兰州市 2014 届九年级第一次诊断】 任务型完形填空用方框所给单词的适当形式填空,每个单词限用一次,使短文通顺正确连 贯,有两项为多余选项。(共 10 空;每空 1 分,满分 10 分) Chang own reason in every read from other favorite beauty when book

Reading is an activityand people enjoy a lot by reading in their free time. Reading is an activity and people enjoy a lot by reading in their free time Some like reading newspapers and 66 enjoy novels or comic books.My 67 books

are those about the lives of great people. Reading them always gives me a lot of ideas on how to make my 68 life better. Great people are remembered not because they were handsome or did not give up 69 ,but because they

70 their lives were difficult.They tried to use 71 chance to change their lives

and make the world better. One good example is Orville and Wilbur Wright . the two brothers who invented the airplaneThe plane has 72 the world into a small village.Hard worknot good luck is the 73

why they become great people Today we will remember them when we see planes in the sky.Whenever I 74 stories about great people I always learn a lot 75 them

This is why I enjoy reading about great people's lives. 【 答 案 】 66 others 72changed 73 reason 67 favorite 74 read 68 own 75from 69 beautiful 70 when(ever) 71every

【广东省东莞市寮步信义学校 2014 届九年级中考二模】 阅读下面短文,根据上下文补充所缺的信息。每个空只能填写一个形式正确,意义相符的 单词。(每空 15 分,一共 15 分) Tina Lin was not like many of her classmates She didn?t listen to pop music She didn?t (71)_______many movies and she wasn?t (72)_______ in beautiful clothes When she got

together with her friends at a party Tina found her friends preferred rock music and pop music When Tina asked if they would like to try(73) _____ music they all looked at her strangely “Classical music is (74)________old people” One of her friends said Tina was worried that something was (75)_______ with her She decided to talk to her father As she went into his study he could feel something was wrong “ Dad am I strange?” she asked “Of course not ” he answered “Why do you ask that ?” “ Because I don?t like (76)_______ same things as my classmates They want to listen to pop music But I like classical music” “Never mind Tina It?s all right to have(77) _______ own style You don?t have to copy (78)________other people do (79)________ has different tastes Some of them are popular but others aren?t” (80) _______ Tina spoke with her father she felt better about herself She realized that being different made her special It was an important lesson for her to learn 71____________ 72 ___________ 73___________ 74___________

75_____________76_____________77____________ 80___________ 【答案】


【广东省东莞市寮步信义学校 2014 届九年级中考一模】 看图短文填空(本题共 15 分,每空 15 分) 根据图画和短文的内容,在短文的空白处填上一个适当的词,使短文意思完整。

There once lived a businessman who had a lazy son He wanted his son to hard-working . Then he (71)__________ his son,“Today,1 want you to get something.?? The boy went to his mother,crying.“(72)_________ me ! His mother gave him a gold coin.In the evening the son showed his father the coin.The father asked him to (73)________ it into a well.The boy did what he was told to The next day the businessman sent his wife to another town and asked his son to (74 )__________ money. This time he went to his sister, crying. His sister gave him a rupee(卢比). When his father asked him what he had got,The boy (75)_________ him the coin.The father again asked him to throw it into a well.The son did it quite readily(爽快地).The father then sent his daughter to her own house.He(76) ________asked his son to go out and work. This time the son had to work for(77)________.A shopkeeper told him that he would give him two rupees(78)_______ he carried goods(货物) for him. The son finished the job. As he returned home and gave his father the two rupees and was asked to throw(79)____________into the well, he shouted, “Father! My whole body is painful and you are asking me to throw the money into the well.” This time the businessman smiled.He(80)________happy 【答案】

【四川广元利州区 2014 年春九年级英语诊断性考试】 A.阅读下面短文, 然后方框内选择恰当的单词并用其适当形式填空。 请将正确答案填写在答 题卡上相应的位置。 bring China drink please

Did you know that tea,the most popular drink in the world(after water),was invented by accident?Although tea wasn?t (76)_______ to the Western world until 1610,this beverage was discovered over three thousand years before that.According to an ancient (77) _______legend,the emperor Shen Nong discovered tea when he was boiling (78)________ water over an open fire.Some leaves from a nearby bush fell into the water and remained there for some time.The emperor noticed that the leaves in the water produced a (79)_______ smell.Later he decided to taste the hot mixture.It was quite delicious.And in this way,one of the world?s favorite drinks was

invented. B.根据短文内容和首字母提示,把文中所缺单词填写在答题卡上相应的位置。 Our eyes are very (80)i_______to us.They are like cameras.We can see beautiful things and colors around us with our eyes.But if we don?t take care of them,they may (81) h______.How do we protect our eyes? On sunny days,the sun shines brightly.So we?d better wear our sunglasses.When we read,we shouldn?t stay too close to our(82)b_____and the light shouldn?t be too bright or too.dark.We mustn?t read in bed.It?s bad for our eyes.We mustn?t rub(揉) our eyes with(83)d______hands or play games on computer too long. 【 答 案 】 76 brought 77 Chinese 78 drinking 79 pleasant 80__important_

81__hurt___82_books_____ 83__dirty___ 【江苏省丹阳市云阳学校 2014 届九年级 3 月阶段性学情调研】 Not many years ago a wealthy and rather strange old man named Johnson lived a village in the south of England He had m 47 46 in a

a lot of money in trading with foreign 48 to buy land and

countries When he was seventy-five he gave £12000 to the village s equipment for a children?s playground As a result of his kindness many people came to visit him A


them was a

newspaperman During their talk Johnson remarked that he was seventy-five and expected to live to be a h 50 The newspaperman asked him how he managed to be healthy at 51 52 He liked whisky and drank some each day “I evening”he told the newspaperman, thinking

seventy—five Johnson had a sense of h have an injection (注射) in my neck e of his evening glass of whisky

The newspaperman did not understand what Johnson m


In his newspaper he r


that Johnson was seventy-five and had a daily injection in his neck Within a week Johnson received thousands of letters from all over Britain asking him for the s injection 【答案】46 alone 51 humor 47 made 52 each/every 53 meant 48 school 54reported 49among 55secret 50hundred 55 of his daily

【江苏省南京市高淳区 2014 年中考一模】 根据短文内容及首字母提示,填写所缺单词。

Many Chinese leaders are fond of ancient Chinese literature. Xi Jinping, who was b June 1953 in Beijing, was a graduate of Tsinghua University and j 67



the CPC in January

1974. When Xi Jinping was elected (选举) China?s president at the National People?s Congress in March last year, he talked about some of his ideas on h spoke, many Chinese people were pleasantly s 69 68 to run a government. When he to find that Xi Jinping has good

knowledge of Laozi and Daois. “Running a large country is like frying a small fish(治大国如烹小 鲜),” he said at the meeting. It?s a quote from Tao Te Ching(《道德经》),a book w Laozi over 1,200 years ago. In fact, it was not the f 71 time Xi had quoted Laozi. Xi often referred to (参照) the beliefs 72 a provincial governor(省长). 70 by

of this great thinker when he worked a Xi Jinping is not the o Dmitry Medvedev said in an i 73 74

leader who is interested in Laozi. Russian Prime Minister with XinHua News Agency in October 2013, “He who

conquers others is strong; he who conquers himself is might(胜人者有力,自胜者强). It was true 2,000 years ago, and it is s 【答案】 66.born 71.first 67. joined 72. as 68.how 73.only 69.surprised 74.interview 70.written 75.still 75 true in the 21st century.”

【苏省泰州市第二附属中学 2014 届九年级中考模拟(一模) 】 短文填空(根据短文内容及首字母提示,补空格内单词,使短文完整、通顺) (本大题 共 10 小题,满分 10 分) Travel can teach kids more than a textbook Travelling with kids is good f 1 them They can

find new interests Travel makes information alive for kids and makes it much more exciting than studying textbooks or d h 3 2 experiments in the laboratory While travelling they learn

to deal with new situations and communicate with other people They learn patience 4 takes a long time to get to some exciting or interesting places

because sometimes i

I?ve been travelling since I was seven years old For me to stop travelling would be like taking something a d m 6 7 5 from my soul(灵魂) I can?t live without travelling Some people think it?s

to travel after having kids But in my opinion when people become parents it doesn?t they can?t travel any more My children have been travelling since they were three

weeks old

Bringing a new life into the world comes with many responsibilities (责任) and I?d love to be a good mother One of my d 8 is to educate my children I?m so thankful that my parents took 9 I?ve learned that the outside world is more colorful than 10 on to my children

me on family trips when I was y

the little one I was living in Of course I want to pass these travel e

I value the memories I have travelling with my children I?m sure they will always remember them in their lives 1 6 【答案】 For 2.doing 3.how 4.it 5.away 6.difficult 7.mean 8.duties 9.young 10.experiences 【江苏省无锡市 2014 年初三英语模拟】 缺词填空 先通读下面的短文,掌握其大意,然后根据短文内容和所给首字母,在空格内填 入一个适当的词,使短文意思完整。 (本大题共 5 分,每格 0.5 分) Karim Kai Ani was once a middle school math teacher. He often f__60__ a classroom full of bored students. But he couldn?t get angry because he agreed with them—the lessons were really boring! That?s why he became a math coach, a job that a__61__ him to help other teachers design better lessons. Then in 2009, he h__62__ built the math-teaching website Mathalicious, so he could devote his time completely to d__63__ lessons. Not like lessons in traditional math t__64__ books, Mathalicious lessons ask open-ended(开放式 的) math questions with real-life applications. For example: Do people with small feet pay m__65__ for shoes? How long must a person exercise to burn off a Big Mac? Each lesson includes handouts, a teacher?s guide and a short multimedia(多媒体) presentation. Also, each lesson r__66__ students to use different math skills included in the Common Core State Standards(各州共同核心课程标准). While the site does offer several f__67__ samples(样本), you need to pay for the lessons. But for many math teachers, the c__68__ is worth it. Mathalicious gives them the tools they need to turn bored students into i__69__ ones. 【答案】 60. faced 61. allows 62. himself 63. designing 64. text 2 7 3 8 4 9 5 10

65. more

66. requires

67. free

68. cost

69. Interested

【江苏省无锡市崇安区 2014 届九年级下学期期中统考(一模) 】 短文填空 先通读下面的短文,掌握其大意,然后根据短文内容和所给首字母, 必须完整

在空格内填入一个适当的词,使短文意思完整。所填单词在答题卷上 写出。 (本大题共 5 分,每格 05 分) There are many ways to find a job It can be as easy as w 1

into a neighborhood shop to 2 where people can put 3

look at its announcement(通知) board Local shops often have a

small signs telling what kind of service they need or can provide Such services include c for children or cleaning houses

Or job searchers can look in the newspaper Local newspapers have employment (招聘) announcements placed by companies looking for workers Another p 4 tool for finding jobs is the Internet For example people in four hundred and

fifty cities around the world can use the Craigslist Web site to buy things meet people or find a job Craigslist says that it r 5 two million new job listings each month 6 a college or university For example students at the

Another useful way to find a job is t

University of Texas in Austin can go to the Career Exploration Center to get help in finding a job Of course looking for a job r 7 knowing what kind of work you want to do For example

there is a book called “What Color is Your Parachute?” by Richard Bolles This book has been helping people c 8 a career since it was first published(出版) in nineteen seventy 9 a company called California

Some experts also help people find jobs Susan W Miller o

Career Services in Los Angeles She says her company helps people find jobs by first helping them understand their strengths goals and i resources(资) to help them find the right job 【答案】 1 walking 6 through 2 areas 3 caring 4 popular 5 receives 10 interests 10 Then she provides them with methods and

7 requires 8 choose9 owns

【江苏省兴化市 2014 届九年级中考网上阅卷适应性训练(即一模) 】 短文填空 根据短文内容及首字母提示,补空格内单词,使短文完整、通顺。 (请在答题卡 上写出完整单词 ) (本大题共 10 小题,满分 10 分) A black boy helped his father look after the barrels (桶)Every morning he cleaned up every barrel

on the farm and then put them in order To his anger the wind blew the barrels here and during the night



The boy wrote a letter to the wind,??Please don't blow down my barrels ” After seeing that his father asked the boy “Can the wind r have no other choices ” The next morning when the little boy ran to see the barrels he found that the annoying(恼人 的)wind still blew the barrels down again The little boy couldn't help crying His father said gently “Boy,don't be s can c 5 3 We may have no way of how to s 4 the wind from doing that but we 2 your letter?” The little boy said,“I don't know but I

up with our own ways to the barrels” 6 8

Then the little boy stopped crying to think over and over After thinking half a day he finally f out a way He collected some w 7 from the river and poured it into those empty barrels O

the third morning,the little boy went out and saw the barrels were in good order The little boy told his father calmly “If we don't want the barrels blown down by the wind we have no way to the wind b 9 we have ways to the barrels It's a very simple w 10 that is to

add weight to the barrels ”??You are a young adult now” said his father happily 【答案】 1 there 6 found 2 read 7 water 3 sad 4 stop 8 On 5 come 9 but 10 way

【江苏省扬州市江都区 2014 届九年级下学期第一次模拟】 根据短文内容和首字母提示,在下文空格处填入适当的词使短文完整。(每空一词) In the middle of Jiangsu province Yangzhou is an important city in the economic circle of the Yangtze River delta(三角洲) It is m 66 up of three cities of Baoying Gaoyou and Yizheng

three districts of Hanjiang Guangling and Jiangdu It has an area of 6638 square kilometers and a population of 46 million i of 131 million Yangzhou is a cultural city with a long history and rich c 68 It has a long history of about 69 67 the central area of 1100 square kilometers with a population

2500 years since King Fu Chai of Wu dug Hangou and built Hancheng There were three g

times in the history of Yangzhou It took shape in the Han Dynasty developed in the Tang Dynasty and reached its top in the Qing Dynasty A number of politicians writers and a 70 such as Li

Bai Du Fu of the Tang Dynasty and Ouyang Xiu and Su Dongpo of the Song Dynasty all served as

officials or went sightseeing there and l


many poems describing the beauty of Yangzhou

"Eight eccentrics of Yangzhou" Yangzhou school and Yangzhou opera all enjoy special qualities In h 72 Yangzhou was a famous and open city In the Tang dynasty it is the biggest city in

Southeast China and one of the four ports(港口) that conducted economic and cultural exchanges with other c 73 Over 10 thousand foreign businessmen lived in Yangzhou then Master China?s culture

Jianzhen went eastward to Japan to s 74

Yangzhou is a friendly and beautiful city suitable for people to live in Such famous well-known sayings as “In this flowery March journeyed south to Yangzhou” “The green city is Yangzhou” “Only Yangzhou is suitable for people to l 75 in” give true expression to Yangzhou In 2006 it

was awarded the United Nations Habitat Award the highest prize in the area of global habitat 【答案】66 made 71 left 67 including 68 culture 74 spread 69 golden 75 live 70 artists

72 history

73 countries

【江苏省镇江市实验初级中学 2014 届九年级下学期第一次素质调研】 短文首字母填空 (共 10 小题;每小题 l 分,满分 l0 分) 根据短文内容及所给首字母提示写出所缺单词,使短文内容完整。 In a school some trouble was caused by the students, who were naughty(调皮的)and didn?t follow the school rules. They often fought with each other and they didn?t f _76 _ each other. 77 a good

One day a new teacher came to this school. When he heard that, he came up w

idea. He told each of his students to b _78 _ a clear plastic bag and a bag of potatoes to school. For every person they didn?t want to forgive in their lives, they chose a potato, wrote the person?s name on it, and put it in the plastic bag. Some of their bags were very h_79_ . They were told to carry this bag with them e _80__ for one week. They would put it beside their bed at night, on the seat when they s on a bus, and next to their desk at school. Days of carrying the bags a 81__ in a car or

82 with them made

students get to know what a weight they were carrying in their minds. And they had to pay so much attention to it all the time t 尬的) places. As time p 84 83 they didn?t forget it or leave it in embarrassing (使人尴

by, the potatoes went bad and made people feel sick.

Too often we think of tolerance (容忍)as a gift to other people, and it clearly is for ourselves! If we choose to keep our sadness and hatred (仇恨) in our hearts, we will have to carry them around all our lives. After that, the students got on w 85 with each other and didn?t fight any

more. Learn to forgive, and you will be happier at the same time. 【答案】 76. forgive 81. sit 77. with 78. bring 83.that 79. heavy 84. passed 80. everywhere 85. well

82. around/along

【辽宁省丹东市第七中学 2014 届九年级下第一次模拟】 据短文内容,从方框选择适当的单词并用其正确形式填空,使短文完整,正确。将答案写 在答题卡的相应位置上。 (每个词只能用一次,有两个多余词) pollute million use but we keep another healthy danger of other with

The earth is our home; we must take care of it This means that it is necessary and important 81__________the land air and water clean However pollution is beginning to threaten(威胁) our 82___________ happiness and our life ----we see it smell it taste it and discuss it Men began to 83__________the earth a long time ago When land was 84_________up or water became dirty men had to move to 85_________places At first there weren’t so many people then and there were less trash All the dirty things could be absorbed (吸收)by nature 86________now this is no longer true The increase of population and the development 87_________ industry have changed that Men are still polluting the environment later 88___________of people have realized the 89__________of pollution A lot of people are now working hard to protect 90_________ environment Everyone should try their best to make our environment better and better 【答案】81.to keep 82.health 83.pollute 84.used 85.other 86.But 87. Of 88.millions 89.danger 90.our 【南京溧水区 2014 中考英语第一次调研】 根据短文内容和首字母提示,填入所缺单词,并将答案填写在答题纸标号为 66—75 的相应 位置上。 A tragic mystery happened in South-east Asia. Malaysia(马来西亚) Airlines flight 370 t 66 off early Saturday morning, March 8th, in 2014. It was headed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China. There were 12 crew members and 227 passengers on board, i 67 But less than an hour into the flight, it d 68 154 Chinese.

. There was no communication from the pilots and about the flight. Some of the

no distress calls(遇险求救信号). There was something u 69

people on it weren't who they said they were. Interpol, an international police organization says at

l 70

two of the passports were stolen in the past two years. The f 71

thing is to find the towards Kuala

plane. It is said that the plane may have changed course and turned b 72 Lumpur. We don?t know w 73 safely. However, 17 days l 74

exactly happened to the plane. All of us hoped it could return after the accident, Malaysian Prime Minister told the world that

flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean and none of those on board survived. What bad n 75 ! 【答案】 66.took first 72. back 67.including 73. what 68.disappeared 74. later 69. unusual 75.news 70. least 71.

【南京市建邺区 2014 中考英语一模】 根据短文内容及首字母提示, 填写所缺单词, 并将答案填写在标号为 66-75 的相应位置上。 If you have seen the 2012 hit movie The Avengers(《复仇者联盟》),you must know Captain America, a h 66 who has super power and beats his enemies with his shield(盾牌), 67 to save the world again in the movie Captain America:

Two years on, Captain America is n

The Winter Soldier. He must fight a horrible bad guy that happens to be his old friend. The movie o 68 69 on April 4 on the Chinese mainland. Unlike superman, Captain America is not from a planet. He used to be a human named Steve Rogers. But after a top

secret Super-Soldier project in the 1940s, he turned into the powerful and heroic Captain America. During the second World War, Captain America got h 70 and nearly

bled to death.Then he “fell asleep”. When he woke up, 70 years had passed. He became a member of a universal peacekeeping organization. But soon Captain America finds that besides fighting against bad guys, he has to deal w honesty, too. B 72 71 his own

he is from the 1940s, the modern world gives him many shocks. Modern

science is new to his eyes. What?s more, he finds that in modern society, it?s harder to tell who?s right and wrong. A 73 you take may be good for some people, but b 74 for

others. That?s tough for the superhero to accept. But it is these struggles that have made Captain America a lively superhero. Go to see the movie and find out w 75 he can manage the modern world and beat the bad guy. Captain America

will show you how to build a peaceful world.

66. h ▲ 71. w ▲ 【答案】 66. hero 71. with

67. n ▲ 72. B ▲

68. o ▲ 73. A ▲

69. a ▲ 74. b ▲

70. h ▲ 75. w ▲

67. needed 72. because

68. opens 73. Action(s)

69. another 74. bad

70. hurt 75. Whether

【南京市江宁区 2014 中考英语一模】 根据短文内容及首字母提示, 填写所缺单词,并将答案填写在答卷纸标号为 66—75 的相应位 置上。 In modern society the competition is so enough, but team spirit can lead us to success. Team spirit means the willingness of people to work t 66 and help each other as part of a team. With this 67 has experienced team spirit

spirit, people try hard to make their team the best of all. E

one way or another, whether they were part of a team or saw a group of people cheer for their f 68 player.

There are different kinds of team spirit. One kind is the connection between a team of people because their efforts and cooperation(合作) are n 69 in reaching a particular goal. Another

kind is when a group of people support a person or a team. Another is people?s natural love for and pride in their country, w competitions. Team spirit creates various good effects. It creates friendship and trust(信任) between people who may not get along well when they don?t have such team spirit. There may also be bad effects. Too great team spirit may c Some people don?t u become a m 73 71 72 fights or quarrels with other team members. team spirit properly. They think team spirit means having to 70 all the people of the nation cheer for their country in

of a team or a fan club. In fact, team spirit can be built anywhere---between between two people sitting next to each other. You don?t h 75

friends, coworkers or e 74

to wear the team spirit clothes. Anyone can show team spirit just by showing support for the goal. 【答案】 66. together 67. Everyone/Everybody 68. favourite 70. when 71. cause 72. understand 73. member 69. necessary/needed 74. even 75. have

【浙江衢州市 2014 中考英语阶段性检测】

根据短文内容和所给中文提示,写出空白处各单词的正确形式。每空限填一词。 Susie and I are good classes. We usually go Both of 71 69 66 68 (朋友) and we study in the same school but 67 (不同的)

(家) together after school, unless I have my volleyball practice. (爱好) in common. We enjoy swimming, reading and

(我们) have many 70

(听) to music. On Saturdays, we will go for a walk in the park or go to the library. 72 (去) to a famous concert at the Victoria Concert Hall. Two girls sat 74 73

Last Sunday we

(在…后面) us. They began to talk

(大声地) when the concert started. Even we could not

hear the music clearly. The old man beside us turned around and looked at them angrily. They stopped talking after that. Anyway I enjoyed 【答案】 66.friends 67. different 68.home 69.us 70. hobbies 71.listening 72. went 73. behind 74.loudly 75.myself 【上海市徐汇区 2014 年中考二模】 Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words(在短文的空格内填入适当的词, 使其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母已给):(14 分) Libraries give kids a quiet and safe place to read and to learn. For more than 100 years, libraries have played an important role in Americans? e 81 . But how are these book-filled 75 (我自己) a lot.

buildings changing with the times? You may be surprised to find out. Benjamin Franklin famously founded America?s first lending library in 1731. But the public library system got its b 82 development in the American history in the late 1800?s.

Businessman Andrew Carnegie donated( 捐赠 ) millions of dollars to help build free public libraries across the country. Between 1886 and 1919, Carnegie?s donations helped build 1,679 new libraries. Carnegie believed in the chances that libraries could o 83 Americans, young and old. He

knew that the more libraries there were, the more people would have access(接触的机会) to books, lectures, news and more. Chances are that there is a public library in or near your c 84 . You can easily find one close

to your home. After all, the United States has 9,225 public libraries. Today, libraries keep growing. Seven out of ten libraries have free Internet. This opens many doors for people who cannot go online at home,



the opportunity to apply for jobs online.

Libraries are also teaching kids about the fun of reading. The new program Read! Build! Play! adds reading into playtime. As kids listen to a book being read aloud, they use Legos (乐高积木) to build images from the story h 86 . Today?s libraries are always looking for creative

programs to bring people into the library. Benjamin Franklin once said, “The doors of wisdom are never s of public libraries are open, what he said is most certainly correct! 【答案】 81.education 85.including 82.biggest 86.happily 83.offer 87. shut 84. Community 87 .” As long as the doors

【四川省成都市 2014 中考英语提前招生模拟】 短文填空。以下列词的适当形式填空,使短文的意思通顺,每次只用一次(每空 1 分,共 10 分) much , arm , wait ,see ,when , spend ,she , worry ,have ,grow

Only Mother love is true love.It gives everybody everything all his life. 71 you are still a baby,mother takes good care of you as much as possible.In your walking hours she always holds you in her 72 .When you are ill,she stops her work right now to look after you day and night and forgets about 73 .When you are 74 up day by day,she feels very happy.When you are old enough to go to school ,mother still looks after you all the time.On cold winter days,she always tells you to put on 75 clothes.She always stands in the wind 76 for you back from school.When you hurry to leave home for school with little breakfast,she always feels 77 about you at home.She usually knows about your study and 78 much money on your school things.When you do well at school,the brightest smile will be 79 on her face.

Mother is always ready to give everything she 80 to her children,not to receive.What true love that is in the world!We will remember Mother forever. 71._____72._____73._____74._____75._____76._____77._____78._____79._____80._____ 【答案】 71. When 72. arms 73. herself 76. waiting 74. growing 75. more

77. worried 78spends 79.seen 80.has

【四川省德阳市 2014 中考英语 4 月模拟】 短文填空 (首字母已给出,共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) Are you having a nice time today? A famous thinker Francis Bacon told us: When you are h 51 , tell your friends, then the happiness will double(双倍) ----b friends; when you meet some p your unhappiness will be h 54 53 52 to you and to your

and feel lonely or helpless, also tell your friends, then

, especially to you! Do you agree?

When you smile to others, others can feel your k 55 . If he or she is facing a d 56 time, the love perhaps will help them go through all the hard time. A smile r 57 W 58 has great power.

will you do when someone smiles at you? Return a sweet smile. You also send your love

through the smile. From it, you may get a t 59 friend or a strong supporter. You are in great need of them today, t 60 world. 【答案】 51 happy 52 both 53 problem 54 half 55 kindness 56 difficult 57 really 58 what 59 true 60 tomorrow 【温州市 2013-2014 学年下学期第一次质量检测】 根据短文内容和所给中文提示, 写出空白处各单词的正确形式。每空限填一词。 Zhang Liang is 61._____________(高的) and handsome and he is also good at making food. He has been famous as “China?s Good Dad” 62._____________(在……之后) appearing on one of the year?s hottest shows, Where Are We Going, Dad?, on Hunan TV. On the show, the 63._____________(五) dads went on 72-hour trips with their children every 64._____________(星期). Although Zhang is the 65._____________(最年轻的) of them, he and his son Tiantian have stood out as the most popular pair on the show since 66._____________( 十 月 ) . He is not 67._____________( 严 格 的 ) with his child. He is 68._____________(耐心的) with his son, Zhang has a different way from the other fathers by treating Tiantian 69._____________(几乎)like a friend. Zhang says he puts himself in his son?s shoes when problems come out. Zhang is a super 70._____________(星) now. He used to be a cook and a salesman. He said he had enjoyed every step of the life. “Never give up!” It is his law of his life. 【答案】61-65 tall, after, five, week, youngest 66-70 October, strict, patient, almost/nearly, star and forever! So just try it, and then you will find a new and happy

【扬州中学教育集团 2013-2014 学年九年级英语第一次模拟】 根据短文内容及首字母提示,补全空格内单词,使短文完整、通顺。 (每空 1 词) Nowadays, more and more young people are becoming too proud and over-confident. They think they can do e 66 . So they simply ignore(忽视) their old parents, and believe that their 67

parents? experienced thoughts are out of date. Actually I used to be one of them, but after h a story told by my father, I changed my mind completely. Now I would like to s of you. 68

it with all

Once, there was a young man w 69 looked down on the old. He always thought that the old were just nuisances (麻烦事) in your busy life, a useless life that was going to be over. He also did this to his father. One day, the father and the son happened to meet each other in the garden. The son s 70 that they should take a walk together. As they walked, a beautiful garden came into their sight. The son pointed to one of the prettiest flower and said, “We young people are like this sweet flower, so healthy, so energetic, and full of spirit. What about you oldsters? Just l 71 tree.” Hearing this, the father smiled but said nothing. They continued the walking in s 72 . When the falling leaves from a dying

they passed a shop, the father stopped and went in, he bought a walnut (核桃) and showed it to his son, slow and kind, he said, “We old are like this walnut. We?ve experienced many hard events in life. So we built up s 73 a strong shell, and at the same time we also built up a pure inner

world. Every fruit is so full-grown.” “But every fruit is born by flower.” refuted(反驳) the son. “Yes, but not every flower can bear fruit….” From then on, I always keep this story in my m 74 . It has taught me a lot.

We should try to be a flower that can bear fruit. We also have to know that our parents aren?t nuisances, b 75 experienced walnuts, works of nature. 68. share 74. mind 69. who 75. but 70. suggested

【答案】66. everything 67. hearing 71. like 72. silence 73. such

【云南省昆明市 2014 中考英语 4 月模拟】 根据短文内容及首字母提示,补全空格内单词,使短文完整、通顺。 (请在答题卡上写出完 整单词 ) (本大题共 10 小题,满分 10 分) A black boy helped his father look after the barrels (桶).Every morning he cleaned up every barrel

on the farm, and then put them in order. To his anger, the wind blew the barrels here and during the night.



The boy wrote a letter to the wind,??Please don't blow down my barrels. ” After seeing that, his father asked the boy, “Can the wind r have no other choices. ” The next morning, when the little boy ran to see the barrels, he found that the annoying(恼人 的)wind still blew the barrels down again. The little boy couldn't help crying. His father said gently, “Boy, don't be s but we can c 5 3 . We may have no way of how to s 4 the wind from doing that, 2 your letter?” The little boy said,“I don't know, but I

up with our own ways to the barrels.”

Then the little boy stopped crying to think over and over. After thinking half a day, he finally f 6 out a way. He collected some w 7 from the river and poured it into those empty barrels.

O 8

the third morning,the little boy went out, and saw the barrels were in good order.

The little boy told his father calmly, “If we don't want the barrels blown down by the wind, we have no way to the wind, b 9 we have ways to the barrels. It's a very simple w 10 ,

that is, to add weight to the barrels. ”??You are a young adult now,” said his father happily. 【答案】 1. there 6. found 2. read 7. water 3. sad 8. On 4. stop 9. but 5. come 10. way

【2014 郑州九年级第一次模拟】 阅读短文,用方框中所给词的适当形式填空,使文章通顺、完整。每空限填一词,每词限用 一次。方框中有两个词是多余的。 shoe,he,have,happy,for,outside,hear,what,sad,feel,so,which It was Christmas Day.Tina was alone in the great city house.Her parents went to the hospital because their oldest boy was ill. "What a boring Christmas!" Tina thought to herself. At that moment,she street. She ran to the window and saw a little boy drum.Tina saw that he wore no "Are you cold?" asked Tina. The little boy smiled,but she couldn't hear 69 he said.So she told him to come in. He 68 . 66 music in the

67 .He was singing and beating a

was a little nervous,but the carpet (地毯) felt warm to name was Guido.And he was very poor, house for some money to buy his dinner. "My mama is away,and I am nice 73 72 71


poor feet.He told Tina that his

poor that he had to go singing from house to

a sad Christmas.But I'll try to make it

you," said Tina.They played games and Guido sang to her.Then they

had a big dinner. Guido was very happy. That night,Tina told her mother, " Now I know something.Whenever you sad and lonely,find somebody 75 74

and lonelier than yourself and cheer them

up.It will make you feel all right. " 【答案】 66. heard 71.so 67. outside 72. having 68. shoes 73. for 69. what 74. feel 70. his 75. sadder

【重庆市育才成功学校 2014 届九年级下学期第一次诊断】 根据下面短文内容,在短文的空格处填上一个恰当的词,使短文完整、通顺。 People usually check whether their keys wallets and phones are with them___78___ going out But many people in Chain now have one more important thing to take a face mask(面罩) They hope that it ___79____ protect them from polluted air Since January many cities in China have seen a lot of hazy( 雾 蒙 蒙 的 )days In Beijing ____80___five days in January were free of smog(雾霾) People in Xi?an only saw a blue sky on one day in February Smog is dirty air that ___81___like fog and smoke An official for the Ministry of Environmental Protection told Beijing News that PM25 pollution is the main problem with air pollution PM25 refers to pollution with small particles(颗粒) of 25 micrometers(微米) or less in diameter(直径) According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences ___82_____cars and burning coal(煤) are two major factors(原因) for PM25 Poor air is___83___ for people?s health especially for children and the elderly A report from Beijing Children?s Hospital shows that from Jan 5 to 11 half of the patients in the internal medicine department(内科门诊) are there for respiratory(呼吸) problems Air problems and environmental protection have become a concern(关切的事) for the whole nation Premier Wen Jiabao___84____ his last Government Work Report on March 5 the report

said that the government should work hard to prevent pollution and give people a ____85____living environment It calls on people to make full use of energy and resources and cut down on energy use 【答案】 78 before good 79 can 80 only 81 looks 82 driving 83 bad 84 made 85 healthy /



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