Strategies of solving gap filling

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介词 动词

名 词


连 词




1.注意名词的单复数形式或不规则变化。 passenger (乘客)taking the ①One of the passengers plane to Paris is a famous writer. mouse (老鼠), but I failed ②I set a trap for mice to catch any one.

child- children ; leaf- leaves ; tooth- teeth ; play-plays ;

1. Our library is a big one. There are all kinds of _________, books, and even newspapers for us magazines to read. 2. He went to Germany ________(德国)twice on business last year. 3. I have many hobbies,among which collecting stamps _______ (邮票)is my favorite. 4. Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday ________ and I decided to buy a bike as a present. toys (玩具) 5. First of all, I have to share all my _____ with my younger sisters .

①看修饰语: one of the ; a/an; the; many; this; no… ②看主谓语的一致性 ③可数名词前无单数修饰语时要用复数

二、与“时”俱进 考动词

1. 注意时态或语态。 ①Elena didn’t like studying, she always thought about her computer games ______ told ②When I was ________ (告知) that my train would be four hours late, I decided to take a bus instead. ③ A good book is a good teacher that helps ____ you to get over difficulties.

1. Please speak as slowly as you can to make yourself understood(理解). 宾补 living in the country at 3.She is used to ______ present. 宾语 Playing football does good to our body. 4.________ 动名词做主语

动词在句中充当谓语和非谓语,根据所缺 单词在句中充当的成分来判断此处是否为 动词。
1. He was wearing dark glasses to _______his protect eyes from the sun. 2. I stared nervously at Jack, waiting ________for him to come back down safely. Comparing (比较) with many other village 3.___________ children, she was lucky to have got the chance to study here.

三、形容词,副词 莫混淆

1. Unfortunately _____________, we were caught in a terrible storm on our way back home. 2. He is such an outstanding ___________ student as everyone admires(赞赏 v.). dangerous 3. Matches can be very ________ (危险). 4. The whole city was beautifully __________(美丽) lit (light v.) up 照亮 on the mid-autumn night. 5. I like all sorts of vegetables, especially尤其) cabbages. __________( 6. Generally _________ speaking , girls are more careful than boys.

1. I gained so much ___________( confidence 自信)
that I went to school like a completely new person. 2. All in all, I’m quite _________( confident 自信) of my future life.

1. He explained to me the key to patiently 耐心). solve the problem________( patient 2. She is very _________ with young children. (耐心). 3. If you don’t stop making that noise ,I’m going to lose my patience 耐心). _________(

四、连词 (常见从句的
掌握,包括名词性从句, 定语从句和状语从句 )

1. He likes sports, whileI like music. 2. Close the window or the wind will blow away your paper. 3. Peter left home 5 minutes earlier than usual. However ________ , he was late for school again.

1. The number of private cars is which is three times as 51,000, ○________ much as that in 1996. 2. The number of private cars is 51,000. It is three times as ○_____ much as that in 1996.




? 先判断从句的类型,再根 连词 主要考查从句 据所缺成分确定连接词 关系代词 的连接词 ? 判断是否属强调句型或其 关系副词 它固定句型

1.We spend half an hour a day on exercise, _______ which is well worth doing.


与 固定搭配

固定短语 1. I’d like to have a car ___ of my own one day. 2. Tom’s carelessness resulted __ in our failure. 3. The news that she has been married to Mr Brown came to me as a surprise. ___



1. (1)_______ There is no doubt that he stole the money. It (2) _____ seems that he will get the first prize this time. if/whether he will keep his (3)I doubt _________ word. There’s no need to do sth

It is reported that the housing 5. 1)____ price will rise in the next few months. As is reported, the housing price 2)_____ will rise in the next few months. 3)._______ What is obvious is that she has failed the maths exam. A.It B.That C.As D.What

六、数词和星期、月份 易拼写错误的数词,重点是序数词。 ___________________________________ 月份或星期首字母大写。 ___________________________________ ①The twelfth (第十二)man in a football team will play if one of the other players is ill. ②I'll go and see you next Saturday (星期六). ③ January (一月)is the first month of the year. 同时还应注意反身代词的拼写

1.大小写区分 1)专有名词的首字母 国名,节日,月份,星期 2)单词放句首时,首字母要大写。 2. 注意: r与v, u和v, d和cl P--p; S—s; W--w

Have a try !
1.I had desired to buy a pair of Nike shoes sports_________( 鞋). introduction (介绍) to a 2.Here is an _________ school of Chinese. 3. On behalf of all my classmates, I, as chairman (主席) of the students’ union, the _______ express our most sincere pity and care for you.

4.With the gift money, I could afford what I wanted to buy. 5.Their money was not easily (容易) earned. Besides , we m ake a donation of 120 6. B thousand yuan to you. 8. Faced with such a serious illness, you that we remain so calm and strong-willed_____ are all moved to tears.

After the final examination, I got a letter from my best friend, who was living on the farm together with his parents _______.They invited me to stay with _______ them for a few weeks. Hearing excited that I the news, I was so ______ couldn’t sleep all night. After I got to their home, they welcomed me warmly and arranged for me to live ________ in a nice room.

I enjoyed the life in the countryside _________ very much. Every morning we got up early where we could and walked on the farm ______ enjoy the beautiful scenery, breathing ________ the picked fresh air. At times we ______some wild flowers here and there, and I found it ____ full of fun. In the afternoon we did our so interesting homework. The life was ___ that I would never forget it.

More progress

1.Hundreds of millions of students from primary, middle schools and universities _______ all over China joined in a national student sports program.

3. For us Chinese ____ ,we should never give up Chinese traditional festival in every family of China.
graduation毕业) 4. He worked as a teacher after ________(

5.Spring has come, and the trees are thick with leaves green ___________ (叶子).

技巧点拨:动词 1. Letting the water run while you brush your teeth _______ wastes water. speaking in a very low voice 2.The boy ________ admitted he had broken the glass. swimming 游泳)is 3. Do you think____________( allowed in the canal .

技巧点拨:vt. & vi happened 1.Many accidents _______ caused were_______ by careless drivers last year. 2. Usually John _______ goes is _______ taken to school in his father’s car.

技巧点拨:vt. & vi bought a new i-Touch, 3. I heard you ________ may I _______ borrow (借) your i-Touch? How long could I ____________ keep/have (借)the i-Touch ? --About 2 weeks. 4. Yesterday I had a competition with Jack, unluckily, I _____ lost to him. unluckily, he _____ beat me. he _____ the game. won

技巧点拨:vt. & vi grows 5. In China, rice usually _____ is______ planted

in the south.
6. I’m sorry for being late, my watch ________ stopped was ________ broken didn’t _______ work this morning

1.Rice is grown in China, Japan and other Asian ___________ countries. Australian European 2. The story is written by an ____________ engineer. southern 3.This plant is found in the ____________( 南 部)parts of the country

技巧点拨:adv. Actually / In ________ fact 1.__________ , parents care more about their children's health than about their own. sadly 2.He looked __________ at the children. He looked _________after hearing the news. sad 5.There are only five minutes left. We’ll have quickly to walk __________ to get there on time. fast

形容词作定语和表语;比较级和最高级。 名词 ;________ 形容词修饰________ 修饰adj./ v. 副词 或整个句子; 1. When we got there, to our disappointment, we found the situation was much ______ worse than expected. 2. Of the MP3 we bought, mine is the cheapest It only cost me 100 yuan. __________.

代词考点: 人称代词(主/宾),(形容词/ 名词 性)物主代词, 反身代词,替代词, it的用法 等,可在句中充当主宾,同位语等。 1. Let’s start not to eat snake any more, because ourselves “to protect the snake is to protect_________”. It is amazing that I won the first prize in the 2. ___ competition. 3. Get in the habit of remembering people’s names and using _____ them often. 4. I want to find a house with a beautiful garden, but I still haven’t found one ___ I like yet.

介词考点:固定搭配及在语境中的活用 1)With _____ a lot of work to do, he left school very early. 2) In fact, choosing eco-fashion can also to our personal health… contribute ___ of great use to 3) In short, I believe that it is ___ keep a diary in English.


wh- 连接词及其他各大从句引导词(从属连词) 1) See ______ what your son has done. 2) I’ll never forget the days _____ when I lived in the factory with the workers, ______ which is a great help to my article. 3) After the war, a new school building was set where up ______ there has once been a theatre. If 4) _______ this is included in good education, the children will surely have a bright future.

连词考点2:牢记特殊句式, 把握语境特征, 利用关键词提示解题。
so 1. I was___upset that I violently ripped (撕破) it from my chest! 2. It was only then that ____ he realized his own mistake. when it rained. 3. I was on the point of leaving _____ As far as … / As long as As is known to all/ As is (often) the case As everyone can see

1. All roads leads ____ to Room. 条条道路通罗马 2. Stick to it, and you’ll 坚持就是胜利。 succeed ______. 良药苦口 tastes 3. A good medicine _____ bitter. 世上无难事, difficult 4. Nothing is _______ to the 只要肯登攀。 man who will try. 不劳无获。 gains 5. No pains, no ____. 有志者,事竟成 will 6. Where there is a ____, there is a way.

7. God helps those who help 天助自助者 themselves ______. 8. Failure _______ is the mother of 失败是成功之母 success. 今日事今日完 off 9. Never put ____ till tomorrow 活到老,学到老 what you can do today. old to learn 10.One is never too ____ lasts laughs 12.He who laughs ____ 谁笑到最后笑的 best.. 好



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