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Unit 2 How often do you exercise ? (1a—2d) 阜南一职高 -----刘玲 Lead-in play with friends Do the homework Go swimming Exercise Play computer read do some housework What do you do on weekends ? Watch TV Do always do some housework usually you often do shopping sometimes do homework hardly ever read books play computer games ------- We always do the homework. We usually exercise. We often play with friends. We sometimes play computer. We hardly ever swim. We never dance. 100% 80% 60% always usually 40% often sometimes I’m 0 10% Hardly ever 0% never Adverbs of frequency 100% 80% 60% 40% 10% 0% never hardly ever sometimes often usually always 从不 几乎不 有时 常常 通常 总是 Look at the picture. Make a list of the weekend activities. 1a help with house 1. _________________ go shopping 2. _________________ watch TV 3. _________________ read books 4. _________________ exercise 5. _________________ 1b Listen and write the letters from the picture above on the lines below. Always Usually 100% 80% 60% 10% often Hardly ever sometimes 40% never 0% 1c Talk about the people in the picture above. What do they do on weekends? A: What does he do on weekends? B: He usually watches TV. A: Does he go shopping? B: No, he never goes shopping. 2a Listen. Cheng Tao is talking about how often he does these activities. Number the activities you hear[15] . Activities 3 go a.__ How often to the movies every day once a week b. 1 watch TV 5 c. ___ shop 4 d. ___ exercise twice a week three times a week e. 2 read once/ twice a month 2b Listen again. Match the activities in 2a with how often Cheng Tao does them. Activities a. ___ go to the movies b. ___ watch TV c. ___ shop d. ___ exercise week e. ___ read How often every day once a week twice a week three times a once a month twice a month How often do you do these activities? Fill in the chart and then make conversations. 2c Activities watch TV use the Internet read English books go to the movies exercise How often every day A: How often do you watch? B: I watch TV every day. A: What’s your favorite program? B: Animal World. A: How often do you watch it? B: Twice a week. Free talk How often do you …? does he/she…? ? ? ? ? ? every day/night once a week/month twice a week/month three times a week/month once or twice a week/month 每天/每夜 一周/一个月一次 一周/一个月两次 一周/一个月三次 一周/一个月一 次或两次 2d Role-play the conversation. Jack: Hi, Claire, are you free next week? Claire: Hmm…next week is qu

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