外研版高中英语必修3 Module 4《Sandstorms in Asia》(ReadingandVocabulary(II))ppt课件_图文

Module 4 Sandstorms in Asia Reading and Vocabulary (Ⅱ) Learning aims 1. Learn some language points about sandstorms. 2. Improve the ability to solve problems. Leading - in Language points 1.major adj.主要的, 多数的 Sandstorms have been a major disaster for many Asian countries for centuries. 几个世纪以来沙尘暴一直是许多亚洲国家面临的 主要灾害。 I don’t think that is a major problem. 我认为那不是一个主要问题。 【知识拓展】 major n.专业 major in 主修 majority n.多数,大部分 the majority of=most of=the mass of vi. 主修,专攻 a majority of ……的大多数 I majored in English in the university. 我在大学主修英语。 She was elected by a majority of 3,749. 她以3,749票的多数票当选。 【即学即练】 判断下列句子中major的词性并翻译整个句子。 1). There are a lot of students majoring in psychology now. 动词的非谓语形式 现在有很多学生主修心理学。 2). Exercise plays a major part in preventing disease. 形容词 在预防疾病方面,锻炼起着重要的作用。 2. A mass campaign has been started to help solve it. 一场大规模的解决(沙尘暴)问题的行动已经开始了。 1)mass adj. 大量的;大规模的 a mass of =masses of=plenty of 一大堆的,一大团的,许多的,大量的 (可用来修饰可数名词,也可用来修饰不可数名词) The sky was full of dark masses of clouds. 天空乌云密布。 His heart is linked with the hearts of the masses. 他和群众心连心。 the masses 群众 2)campaign n. 战役;活动 an anti-smoking campaign 禁烟运动 an advertising campaign 广告宣传活动 We are going to begin a campaign against the pollution of the environment. 我们准备开展一场反对环境污染的活动。 【即学即练】 He has ______ letters to answer. He has to work from morning to night. A. much C. masses of B. a great deal of D. the number of 【解题关键】句意:他有大量的信要回复,他不 得不从早忙到晚。 letter 为可数名词,排除 A 、 B 两项。D项应为a number of,故只有C项正确。 3. so +adj./adv. +that … 如此……以至于…… They are often so thick that you cannot see the sun. 沙尘常常很厚以至于你连太阳都看不见。 【知识拓展】 so +many/much/little/few + n. +that… so + adj. +a /an + n. +that… such +a/an + adj. +n. + that… such + adj. + n.(复数)+that… such +adj. + n.(不可数)+that… 【辨析】 such/so …that 引导的是状语从句 such/so …as 引导的是定语从句 She is such a charming girl that we all love her. 她是如此有魅力的女孩以至于我们都喜欢她。 She is such a charming girl as we all love. 她是如此有魅力的女孩,我们都喜欢她。 【即学即练】 Jack knows ______ little English that he has never found an ______ job. A. such; exciting C. such; excited B. so; exciting D. so; excited 【解题关键】句意:杰克懂得如此少的英语以至于 他从来没有找到令人高兴的工作。考查so...that和 such...that的用法,many, much, few和little前只能用 so。excited 高兴的,exciting令人高兴的。故选B。 4. be caught in 突然遭遇(风暴等) To have been caught in a sandstorm was a terrible experience. 遇上沙尘暴是一次可怕的经历。 to have been caught in a sandstorm 不定式的完成式作主语,表示已经发生的动作。例如: To have been bitten by a dog was not a delightful experience. 被狗咬不是一次愉快的经历。 【知识拓展】catch 构成的常见短语: 1. catc