Reading and Vocabulary

Please look at these pictures.
How beautiful they are !

But one day something happened .

What natural disaster it is ?
It is a sandstorm . It is very frightening .

bury The sand almost buries the house .


Inner Mongolia has many sandstorms

every year . It is far away from the sea , so it is
an inland region .

Look at the picture below .Complete the sentences using the correct form of these words .


bury frightening sandstorm

last (v)

There has been a sandstorm . It has lasted for ten hours and was very frightening . The wind was blowing the sand high around the houses , and some cars were almost completely buried by the sand .

The day before yesterday


Look at these pictures .Now work in pairs . Discuss the following statements and decide which statement is false .


1. Sandstorms begin in desert areas . 2. Deserts are created by climate changes .

( \/ ) ( \/ )

3. Deserts are also created because people cut down trees and dig up grass . 4. Sandstorms from Asia have blown across the Pacific Ocean to American .
5. Sandstorms can’t be prevented . 6. The inland region has more sandstorms than the one near the sea .

( \/ ) ( \/ ) (×)

( \/ )

Reading and vocabulary
Look up these words in a dictionary . Then match the words with their definition .


cycle (v)



forecast 1. to ride a bicycle

process situation


2. someone who knows a lot about a particular subject expert 3. things that happen one after another , and have a result process 4. someone who lives in a particular town or country citizen 5. very small bits of dirt or earth , on the ground or in the air dust 6. to continue to live after a difficult or dangerous survive situation or event forcast 7. to say what will probably happen 8. everything that is happening at a particular time situation

fast reading :
Look at the photos . Read the text quickly and answer the questions .

1. What is happening ?
2. What is the cyclists wearing

and why ?
3. What do you think happen to traffic in this situation ? Why ? 4. What do you think experts advise people to do in this situation ?

( answers ) ? 1) There is a sandstorm blowing. ? 2) They`re wearing hoods, masks and glasses to protect themselves. ? 3) It moves very slowly. Because it is not clear to see everything on the road and people must take great care. ? 4) Stay at home.

Read again and try to find the answer to the question .
How many parts can this article be divided into ?
Part I (para 1) : major disaster in Asia- standstorm Part II (para2-5) : discription cause influence suggestion Part Ⅲ (para6): measures

Sandstorms in Asia
Phenomena places causes
strong,dry winds that carry sand, terrible, the most frightening, dangerous North America Australia Desertification, climate changes cut down trees, dig up grass strong winds an orange sky, cover … in a thick, brown-yellow dust move slowly,difficult to see,breathe,ill not to go out , wear a mast Central Asia Central Africa

influence suggestion measure

plant trees

4, Complete these sentences
1) ..prevent you from seeing the sun. ? 2) ..he experienced a terrible sandstorm. ? 3) ..because of desertification. ? 4) ..cause deserts and sandstorms to increase. ? 5) ..the drivers cannot see. ? 6) ..prevent the desert coming nearer.

5, Complete the sentence using the words from the text.
? 1,

forecast (ed) ? 2, frightening ? 3, survived ? 4, dust ? 5, process ? 6, cyclists / citizens


What can we do to
stop the sandstorm?

Protect our environment


Sorted Collection and Charging


Save water

We should be more careful with our water, try to use less and recycle as much water as possible.

Plant more trees

Save our earth!
Give some GREEN to the earth!

Designing a poster that encourages people

to look after the


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