Confuxius (KongZi), styled Zhong Ni, is one of China’s greatest thinkers and educationists. His teachings have become known as Confucianism and they continue to influence today’s Chinese and Chinese communities all over the world. Confucius was the first to start a private school which accepted students from all classes of the country. He stimulated his students to think by posing questions. Confucius spent his whole life trying to restore peace and harmony in society by emphasizing moral virtues and values.


He who learns but does not think is lost; he who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.


Exploring the old and deducing the new makes a teacher. To learn and at due times to repeat what one has learnt, is that not after all a pleasure?


Light in My Darkness

Hellen Keller Ann Sullivan

Tao Xingzhi was born in She County of Anhui Province in 1891. He is a great Chinese educationalist. He devoted all his life to the cause of education until his death. He went to study in the US under an American educator, Dewey in 1914 and came back to China in 1917. He founded the theory of “Life Education”, laying the spiritual foundation for the reform and development of the Chinese people’s education.

When he passed away in 1946, Mrs. Song Qingling eulogized him as “the model of teachers for ever (万世师表)”, and Mr Guo Moruo praised him “Two thousand years ago, we had Confucius, and now two thousand years later, we have Mr Tao Xing zhi”

? 1.load, workload ? 2.strict be strict with/in ? 3.compulsory compulsory education ? 4.promise commitment ? 5.to begin/ start with first of all ? 6.tend tendency ? 7.absence absent ? 8.leave school drop out

? 9.expand enlarge ? 10.lead to result in lie in result from ? 11.donate ? 12.ministry the Ministry of Education ? 13.charity ? 14. worldwide ? 15.asprct


? Fast reading
What are the problems with Chinese education?
A shortage of teachers; large class sizes; teachers have mixed grade classes

Read through the whole text quickly, then choose the best heading for each paragraph. G ____Education for all children worldwide will be difficult to achieve F ____Solving the problem of teaching quality in remote areas A ____Compulsory education for all Chinese children ____Problems of number and location D C ____Encouraging people in rural areas to accept education E ____Meeting the cost B ____Education for all----an international target

用所给动词的适当形式填空: In 1986, the Chinese government introduced a law ____(state) that by the year 2000, every Chinese child would have nine years of compulsory education. It ____(report) 99% of school-age children in China attended primary school by 2004. In china, as in other countries, the government realizes that the future welfare of its citizens _____(link) to education closely. It has to _____(explain) how the child, the family and the community can benefit. There has been a ____(short) of teaching staff in the remote areas of many ______(develop) countries. ____(solve) this, Australia uses “distance learning” methods, where the students have lessons by two-way radio and mail. _____(provide) them with a full curriculum is difficult. In these countries, where some people don’t even have fresh water or basic health care, ____(reach) the target of “education for All” will be a huge task, despite help from the international community.

短语: 1.To begin with 2.education of high quality 3. attach importance to education 4. make a commitment to do.. 5. have a tendency to do .. 6. rely on ..depend on.. 7.adopt distance learning methods 词:target / welfare/ calculate/ accomplish/ remote/rural/community/ available

1.to begin/start with…, secondly …, finally
1). I don`t agree with you. To begin with , we don`t have enough time; secondly, we are not experienced . 2. drop out ( of ) 退出,辍学 e.g. To our great surprise , he decided to drop out of politics. What do you think we should do to prevent the children from dropping out of school ?

“ drop” phrases

drop behind drop in on sb. drop in at sw. drop into …

落后, 落伍 顺便走访 跌入,落入, 不知不觉

drop in on 1. If I have time , I am sure to_______________ you. 2. With the meeting going on, most of them dropped into sleep. _____________ dropped 3.During the journey , Tom and Tim _________ behind the rest of the teammates.

expand v.

expand reproduction
1.The bird expanded his wings into the blue sky. 2.This factory has expanded to the river. 3. Metals expand when they are heated.

4. The flowers expand in the sunshine.

donate vt.

1.Many more warm-hearted people donated blood to the poor girl.
2. In his will , he volunteered to donate his body to medicine.

result in----- lead to

result from------- lie in
As we all know, diligence ____________ results in results from success while failure_____________ laziness. Firemen said the fire was under control , but they warned that the change in the weather might __________ new fires. C

A. result from
C. lead to

B. bring in
D. break out

advocate vt.

It is teaching reform that our headmaster advocate in our school. select vt.----- choose
1.In choosing friends , we should take every possible care. 2. I can not select one from these good toys, as they are wonderful. “Selected Works of Mao Tsetung”

Choose, select, pick out
Choose通常指在所提供的对象中,凭个人的判 断力进行选择

Select 指有目的地仔细认真地选择,有“精选” 的含义。
Pick out 比较通俗, 指按个人的喜好或希望进 行挑选,多用于有形的东西(人或物) Pick out your new bicycle. 1. You can ______

2. He looked through the suits and _________the cheapest one for me . selected Choose 3. _________ the best answers.

Fit, suit, match Match 和….相配; 和….相称; 使较量, 一般指两样东西互相匹配或两人的能力势 均力敌,互为对手 Fit 指大小,,尺寸合体。

Suit 指颜色,花样或款式食物,设计适合。 This hat matches ________your jacket perfectly.
suits The color of the cloth ________ a woman at my wife’s age. fit These shoes don’t _________ me----------- have you got a large size? suit

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爷用心,他调用官兵方便。二老爷领了老太太的命,又同大哥、大侄儿寒暄了几句,出来,一路斟详此事如何办理,迎头听见个娇嗲嗲 的声音:“哟,老爷!”却是刘四姨娘,满脸热乎乎的笑,给他深深的道了个万福,那腰身还是跟少年时一样,绵软得紧。二老爷心里 就一动??不过,还是正事要紧。他“嗯”了一声,自顾往前走。刘四姨娘小碎步跟上,粘着他不放,还老问些有的没有的,二老爷就 有些烦了。刘四姨娘又问:“老爷哪儿去?”二老爷回答:“到你们太太那里去。”刘四姨娘顿时就有点僵。众姨娘们都陪着二太太, 只有她溜出来逮巧宗儿,结果直接跟到二太太那里,像什么样?二太太会不会剥了她的皮!她她她??她要不要尿遁?在进二太太屋门 之前,刘四姨娘到底找了个机会,溜开了,晃荡半圈再回来,自以为遮人耳目。二太太怒从心起,很想当场好好教训她一顿,碍着二老 爷的面子,忍了,先服侍二老爷用了顿简单的中饭,含蓄的问二老爷,大少爷仕进了,是不是他们云书的地位会下降。二老爷很不含蓄 的告诉她,与其担心这个,不如把柯儿的学业抓上去。院子里多出几个读书人,对谁都有好处。二太太当时脸色就红一阵白一阵的。明 柯的生母、卓二姨娘赶紧在旁道:“奶奶平日总关心柯儿功课,为柯儿伤了不少神,实在是柯儿自己太不争气。”二老爷咕哝了一句: “这样顽劣,不知像谁。”没人敢答腔了。二老爷扒拉完饭菜,去安排送银子的事。嘉颜已经把银两筹措到位了,都是毫无花假的现银, 交割于二老爷,便回内院,途中经过一处小桥。这小桥下倒是没水,旁边原是一座小丘,能工巧匠将假山石铺设于小丘上,天衣无缝, 曲意玲珑,小丘下是片洼地,便植了片绿得发蓝的蔓草,草上贴着丘石架座弯弯的小桥,嘉颜就从那儿走,听得有人问好:“嘉颜姐 姐。”循声低头看,桥那边,蔓草到了尽头的拐角处,是个小池塘,苏家八 明波原蹲在那儿以手掬水,见嘉颜走来,起身拘谨的打招 呼,脸憋得红红的。第五十一章 水上失银斗巧智(3)嘉颜忙施礼。这时候明波立得低,嘉颜立得高。她觉得不太合适,想折路下来跟 明波说话,明波已经自己低着头走了。其实再低头,也遮不住她下巴上的疤痕,但她自卑惯了,只索低着。嘉颜隔着衣袖,抚着老太太 赐她的珍珠底镶宝金钑花钏。服侍好主子,是有好处的啊??瞧她比这家子里什么庶出 都得意多了!奴婢作到这地步,是不该有什么 别的要求,只管一昧忠肝赤胆、肝脑涂地便是。嘉颜一路思忖,一路往柳少姨娘那边。柳少姨娘和宝音都已经午憩起来,可以安排搬屋 子了。嘉颜盯着那些丫头们。一个 起居,索索细细,有不少东西,乐韵愿意表现,指挥得不错,然总嫩些,要嘉颜提着大领子。宝音 对住