动词替换 做:do=exercise, practice, perform (做法:behavior=exercise, practice, performance) 对…有益处:be good for.=do good to=be beneficial to =be advantageous to=be conducive to 对…有害处:be harmful/bad for=be detrimental to =be disadvantageous to=be pernicious to 集中精力于:focus on=A =B 认为:think devote oneself to=dedicate oneself to= commit oneself to engage oneself in= employ oneself in

assert, contend, claim, maintain, note, believe, deem, insist, argue hold the viewpoint that= hold the standpoint that= hold the perspective that harbor an idea/opinion that = embrace a view that Be convinced that = be firmly convinced that = be fully convinced that

(观点:viewpoint, standpoint,perspective ) 反对:be against=reject, object, oppose=be opposed to= become hostile to 支持:support=take sides with= side with =advocate=incline towards =lend support to=sing high praise of =in favor of 导致:lead to=trigger=spark=provoke=result in, bring about, contribute to =give rise to, give birth to, be responsible for (归咎于:be ascribed to=be attributed to) 看到(see) ,读到(read),学到(learn)=接触到 make contact with=have access to=be accessible to =暴露于 be exposed to=gain exposure to =获得 obtain=attain=acquire 发展(develop),提高(increase),改善(improve) =A 及物动词组 promote, 名词 =B 不及物动词 rocket, 有:负面含义:suffer, run high risk of 正面含义:boast, embrace 中性含义:face=be faced with=be possessed of 面临,面对:be faced with=be encountered with 破坏:destroy, damage=A decompose, destruct =B =C 阻碍:limit= = endanger, threaten impair, decimate, deteriorate advance, boom, enhance, flourish, reinforce prosper promotion, advancement, enhancement, reinforcement

=D exercise/practice/perform damage/danger…upon restrict, restrain, constrict, constrain, obstacle, barricade smother, curb, hinder, impede

下结论:make a conclusion= draw a conclusion that= reach a conclusion that arrive at a conclusion that = hammer a conclusion that= crystallize a conclusion that 使用:use=employ, apply, adopt,=resort to 解决:solve= address=handle=tackle=combat = deal with = cope with

1. Nothing has received more praise and abuse than sth… 没有任何一样东西能像互联网这样毁誉参半。 2. An advantage of…is that… 孩子参加一些有偿劳动的好处就是通过这种做法可以培养他们的独立性、自主性以及责任 感。 3. The reason why…is that… 广告之所以盛行主要在于他们的信息容量很大。 4. so + adj. + be + subject + that + 句子 互联网是如此盛行,以至于没有人可以免受它的影响。 5. adj. + as + subject + be, 句子 虽然宠物很可爱,但对于城市居民来说在家里养宠物是不合适的。 6. It is high/ about time that… 现在市政府下定决心对违反交通规则的人施以重罚的时候了。 7. It is conceivable/ obvious/ apparent that… 可想而知,知识在我们的一生中扮演一个重要的角色。 8. due to/ owing to / thanks to 由于不成熟和没有经验,未成年人容易受到节目中的暴力和色情的误导。 9. Only…can/do/does 只有在城市里孩子们才能为他们将来的生活做好充分的准备并且赶上世界的潮流。 Only when all of us join in the efforts of eliminating cheating at all levels can we expect to have a cleaner society and a more beautiful future. 10.插 入 语 大 都 是 对 一 句 话 进 行 附 加 说 明 或 解 释 , 通 常 由 一 个 词 、 一 个 短 语 或 一 个句子构成,常置于句首、句中或句末,一般用逗号或破折号与句子隔开。 常用作插入语的副词或副词短语有: indeed , surely , however , frankly , obviously , naturally , luckily for sb , fortunately , strangely , briefly. 常 用 作 插 入 语 的 介 词 短 语 有 : in conclusion , in a word , in short , in general , in a sense , in my view , in his opinion , in fact , at first , in addition , of course , to my surprise , for example. 用 简 短 的 句 子 结 构 作 插 入 语 , 它 们 常 置 于 句 中 或 句 末 。 这 类 简 短 的 句 子 有 : it is said , I suppose , what’s more , what’s worse , that is , what is important, needless to say , most important of all , worse still, even better. Jinan, the Spring City, is a famous tourist city. Other people may give us instrumental support—financial aid, material resources, and needed services—that reduces stress by helping us resolve and cope with our problems. He, who would like to play basketball, is a good student. People, especially students, should work hard. 11. it is + 强调部分 + who/that + 句子剩余成分 正是北京的传统吸引了许多外国人。 12. No one can deny the fact that… 没有人能否认,教育在这样一个充满竞争的世界里扮演了一个不可或缺的角色。 13. Given the seriousness of sth, we have no alternative but to think up some practical

solutions to resolve it. 14. It is universally/ generally/ commonly acknowledged/ held that As is widely-accepted, … 众所周知,竞争和合作是当代社会的一个热点话题。 15. A is to B what C is to D. 文化多元化对人类文明而言就如同空气对于地球一样。 16. with + 名词+ doing/done, s+v+o 随着国际旅游业的蓬勃发展,…的问题成了公众注意的焦点。 所有因素考虑在内,我们能够得出结论: 17. 副词前置 fortunately, frankly, obviously, similarly, conversely Fortunately, human beings realize the importance of environmental preservation. Just like the movie stars, they live extravagant lifestyles with huge houses and cars. 18. 虚拟语气 如果所有的计算机都取代了老师,那么学校将看起来非常没有人情味。 19. Whether 引导的主语从句 是否鼓励年轻人穿校服已经变成了一个具有争议性的话题。 20. Never has…failed to fascinate us in modern society. 在当代社会,环境污染总是能够引起我们的关注。


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