The Future of Cyberspace_图文

Warming-up How did Internet change our lives ?

Communicating by E-mail ? Chatting Online ? Shopping Online ? Distance Education ? Online dating

Unit 4

Learning vocabulary
Read the article and match the vocabulary from the text below with the definitions

hacker, chaos, terrorist, the Net (Internet), virtual reality, crash

1、a person who enters other people’s computer programmes in secret hacker

2. The use of computers to make situations feel and look real
virtual reality

3. have an accident by violently hitting something

4. someone who does terrible things to harm countries, governments and people terrorist

5. computer system that allows millions of people around the world to share information the Net 6. A terrible situation in which everything goes wrong chaos

Listen to the tape and match the paragraphs with these headings .

a) Pessimistic opinions 2 b) Seeing the future 4 c) Optimistic opinions 3 d) The Internet growth 1

Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions. 1.Why are some experts pessimistic about the future? 2. What possible changes do some experts believe the Internet can bring to our lives?

? One worry is crime in cyberspace. ? Young hackers can get into the computers of banks and governments. ? Terrorists “attack” the world’s computers,cause chaos,and make plane and trains crash.

2. At present : Users can buy books, find

out about holiday offers, book tickets and get all sorts of information from the Internet .

In the next few years :

We are going to see a huge growth in shopping on the Internet . We will get entertainment from the Net .TV and mail service may disappear.



1.affect our lives


2.connect to 连接到 3.be pessimistic about 对……悲观 4.be optimistic about 对……乐观 5.find out holiday offers 查找节日特惠价 6.all sorts of 各种各样的

7.a huge growth of
shopping on the Net 8.get entertainment 9.mail service 10.as if
网上购物大增长 进行娱乐活动 邮政服务 似乎,好像

vt. 1.影响 The amount of rain affects the growth of crops. 2.使……感动 The music affected her deeply.

vt. 1.连接,连结 The two cities are connected by a railway. 2.联想[(+with)] We connect the word "blue" with the color of the sky. 3.给...接通电话[(+with)] Connect me with Mr. Wang, please.

3.adj.悲观的,悲观主义的 This is too pessimistic a view. 4.adj.乐观的,乐观主义的 It is because that I always enjoy my life and I have an optimistic heart .

1.找出;发现 The police found the murderer out. 2.查明 Please find out when the train starts.

各种各样的 (=all kinds of) In the street, you can see all sorts of (all kinds of) fried food.

adj. 1.庞大的 She spent a huge amount of money on that coat. 2.巨大的 I have a huge pile of letters to deal with.

n.娱乐,消遣[U][C] This law applies to all places of public entertainment.

犹如;好像 (=as though) She treats him as if he were a stranger.

? Affect ? Connect ? Pessimistic ? Optimistic
? Find out ? All sorts of ? Huge
? Entertainment

? As if

2. Remember the new words and expressions. 3. Pre-view the Grammar of Lesson 1

1. Retell the text .

Thank you

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