Part II Structure 16. So many comrades _____ absent, we decided to put the meeting off. A)are B)to be C)being D)be 17. _____ you got up late won't be a sufficient excuse for your being late for class. A)It is B)That C)Because D)What 18. I've got a bottle of orange juice, but I haven't got anything_____ I can open it with. A)where B)what C)which D)that 19.1 like playing football _____ basketball. A) more to play B)more than playing C)than playing D)rather to play 20. Linton looked as though he _____ ill for a long time. A)were B)was C)has been D)had been 21. The sports meeting _____ next Saturday. A)is to hold B)is holding C) holds D)is to be held 22.Cotton output was _____ than last year. A)20 percent high B)20 percent higher C)20 percent highest D)higher 20 higher 23. To the list may _____ some other names. A)be added B)added be C)add D)add be 24. The number of cell phones _____ increased dramatically in the past few years. A)have B)are C)has D)is 25. He was so absorbed _____ his work that he didn' t notice me entering his room. A) at B)on C)for D)in Section B 26.He was told that the stranger (wait)_____ for him for two hours. 27.He ordered that all the books (send)_____ at once. 28.The right side of the brain controls our (imagine)_____, and our understanding of space and color. 29.He was seen (go)_____ out two hours ago. 30.1 remember (see)_____ her once somewhere. 31. (frighten)_____ by the explosion, we all rushed out of the hall. 32.There is a rapid increase in population in that country that has caused a food (short) ______. 33. Since we (computer)_____ the bookkeeping system, no errors have occurred. 34.1 want to thank you for your (kindly)_____ to me. 35.My sister is two years (young)_____ than me. Part III Reading Comprehension

Task l Faces, like fingerprints, are not the same as one another. Did you ever wonder how it is possible for us to recognize people? Even a skilled writer probably could not describe all the characters that make one face different from another. Yet a very young child—even an animal,

such as a bird—can learn to recognize faces. We all take this ability for granted. We also tell people apart by how they behave. When we talk about someone' s personality, we mean the ways in which he or she acts, speaks, thinks, and feels that make him different from others. Like the human face, human personality is very complex. But describing someone' s personality in words is somewhat easier than describing his face. If you were asked to describe what a "nice face" looks like, you would have a difficult time doing so. But if you were asked to describe a "nice person", you might begin to think about someone who was kind, thoughtful, friendly, warm. And so on. There are many words to describe how a person thinks, feels, and acts. Gordon All-port, a U. S. scientist who studies the mind and particular person, found nearly 18,000 English words characterizing differences in person's behavior. And many of us use this information as a standard for describing or typing a person, bookworms, fools, hard-working types—people are described with such term. 36. According to the passage, people have the ability to recognize others by _____. A)their hands B)their names C)their voices D)their faces 37. When you are trying to describe a "nice face",_____. A) you have to refer to a dictionary B)you have to search your mind hard for proper words C)you have to say more than necessary D)you have to compare it with a "nice person" 38. What is the main idea of the passage? A)It is difficult to tell someone's personality. B)It is difficult to describe someone's face. C)It is difficult to recognize fingerprints. D)It is difficult to know what someone else thinks about. 39.By using the terms "bookworms, fools, hard-working types", the author_____. A) wants to tell us people are working hard B)pictures people's fingerprints C)takes for example some terms for people's behavior D) makes fun of others *-* 40.From the passage, we can infer that _____. A) people are different in many ways B)people don't like each other C)people cannot express themselves well D)people cannot understand each other Task 2 Snowflakes seem like white stars falling from the sky. But they don't always look white.

Sometimes they appear to have other colors. Some are red, green, yellow, or black. There have been snowflakes of almost every shade. Think how it would seem to have these coming down all around you. Wouldn' t they look pretty? Black snow came down in France one year. Another year gray snow fell in Japan. It was found that such snow was mixed with ashes. This made it seem dark. Red snow has come down in other countries. When this happened, it was mixed with red dust. That's why it looked different. Most snow looks white, but it is really the color of ice. It is ice that comes from snow clouds. Each snowflake begins with a small drop of water. Move water forms around this drop. The way the water freezes gives the snowflake its shape. No two snowflakes are ever just of the same size or shape. All start out flat and have six sides. Some snowflakes are broken when they hit the ground. Others melt as they fall. When air is cold and dry, the falling snowflakes are small and hard. If the air is wet and warmer, the snowflakes are big and soft. Would you be surprised to see snowflakes as big as your head falling from the sky? It happened once in our country. It could occur again. 41. What is the color of snow fell in Japan one year? A)White. B)Red. C)Gray. D)Black. 42. Snowflakes come in different shapes as _____ different. A) the ways they form are B)the speed they fall is C)the weather is D)the amount of water in them is 43.According to the passage, if the snowflakes are hard and small, the weather should be A) cold and wet B)dry and wet C)wet and warm D)cold and dry 44. We can infer from the last paragraph that very large snowflakes _____. A) occur regularly B) will never occur C)occur once a year D)don't often occur 45.To snowflakes, which of the following statements is TRUE? A)Color snowflakes look so because they are mixed with dust of different colors. B)Most snowflakes look white, and they are the color of water. C)Probably there are two snowflakes of the same size and shape. D)Most snowflakes are made from water and dust. Task 3 Think about texture and color when choosing lipstick. A single shade can look very different in different textures. Matte means dense color, no shine, little if any moisture. Cream, such as Avon's Beyond Color Triple Benefit Lipstick, delivers strong color with moisture. Gloss is translucent color, moist and shiny. Stain looks very dark in the tube but goes on sheer. Frosted colors contain sparkly white and are generally more suited to youthful complexions (肤色). Long-wearing or "transfer-resistant" lipsticks, such as Avon's PERFECT WEAR Double

Performance Lipstick, are specially formulated with a bonding complex so rich, high-volume color stays on, even while kissing. Added sunscreen, available in both Avon' s BEYOND COLOR Triple Benefit Lipstick and ULTRA COLOR RICH Renewable Sheer Lipstick with SPF 15, protects lips from damaging rays, important because they' re even more sun-sensitive than the rest of your face. How to Choose Lipstick Think about 46 when choosing lipstick And there are 5 different shades such as matte, cream, gloss, 47 colors Among the five shades, frosted colors are more suited to youth because of 48 Various benefits: To 49 or "transfer-resistant" lipstick, color will stay on even while kissing The lipsticks added sunscreen can protect lips from 50 Task 4 A) central processing unit B)computer-aided design (CAD) C)data processing D) desktop operating system E) dialogue boxes F)disk drive G) download H)drag and drop I) electronic commerce J) floppy disk K)home page L)host computer M) ink-jet printer N) laser jet printer O) office automation 51.( 52.( 53.( 54.( 55.( )主机 )办公自动化 )数据处理 )拖放 )软磁盘 ( ( ( ( ( )喷墨打印机 )对话框 )电子商务 )激光打印机 )磁盘驱动器 Task 5 September 15, 2002 Dear Ms Cao,

I am pleased to inform you that you are the successful applicant for the post of clerk in the Li Seng Office of our company, starting on Monday, 17 September. This offer is subject to receiving good references concerning your previous employment. I should be grateful, therefore, if you could kindly send me as soon as possible the names and addresses of three people who have known you for at least one year. One of the referees should be your present employer. The position is also subject to probationary (见习的)period of six months. At the end of this time, we have the right to terminate your contract after giving you one week's notice. If you perform satisfactorily during this initial period, however, your post will become permanent with annual increments (增额)in salary. You will also be eligible for promotion to Senior Clerk after five years. We shall also require you to undergo a period of training for the first month. This will take place in our Branch Office for the first two weeks and in our Head Office for the second two weeks. Please note that the Head Office is situated near the airport about 5 kilometers from our Branch Office. I look forward to seeing you in my office at 8:00 a.m. on 17 September. I shall contact you again, however, as soon as I have received your references. Yours sincerely, Deng Guofeng Manager, Li Seng Branch Office 56. What position did Ms Cao apply for? She applied for _____. 57. When will Ms Cao become a permanent member of staff? After _____ of six months. 58. What will Ms Cao be expected to do before she starts her work as a clerk? To undergo _____ in two different offices of the company. 59. Where is the Head Office located? It's located near _____ about 5 kilometers from the Branch Office. 60. Who is the writer of the letter? Deng Guofeng, _____ of the Branch Office. Part IV Translation 61 .You can insure all your property against loss by theft or fire during your stay in Canada. A)你可以在加拿大为你个人的财产投保偷盗险和火险。 B)在加拿大逗留期间,为使你的个人财产不遭偷盗和火灾,可以进行保险。 C)在加拿大逗留期间,你的全部个人财产都可以投保盗窃险和火险。 D)如果你在加拿大,个人财产一定要保证防止发生火灾和偷盗。 62. These reports provide information on your courses and activity planning for the year. A)本年的课程与活动计划为这些报告提供了信息。 B)这些报告提供的信息有助于你了解本年的课程与活动计划。 C)本年的活动计划可以在这些报告中找到。 D)这些报告为你提供本年度的课程与活动计划的信息。

63. This book is divided into sixteen units that deal with topics of everyday conversation. A)本书共分为十六个单元,内容涉及日常生活会话。 B)十六个单元的内容解决了日常生活会话中的难题。 C)在十六个单元里包括的内容是日常生活会话。 D)本书由十六个单元构成,内容回答的是日常生活会话问题。 64.The successful completion of the book is the result of the cooperation and confidence of many people. A)本书的写作很成功,是因为许多人互相合作、互相信任。 B)成功地完成本书的写作是许多人互相合作、坚信不疑的结果。 C)这本书成功了,结果使许多人更加合作,更加信任。 D)许多人的合作和信任导致了这本书的成功。 65.Dear Mark, New York is finally getting a real sales manager. Congratulations on your new promotions. Your marketing ability has put you well above everyone else in the company, and probably everyone else in the industry. The company will benefit from the enthusiasm and intelligence you' ve always shown, and I imagine that before long you’ll be moving the whole firm into the number-one position. Part V Writing 说明:根据下列信息以公关部的名义给所有员工写一份公告,邀请他们为公司庆祝活 动 献计献策。 1.历史与现状:成立十五年,在规模和效益方面现处于同行业五强之一; 2.庆祝活动:举行一系列活动,庆祝取得的成就; 3.欢迎献计献策:被采用者有奖,所提建议送往本部门办公室。 Words for reference :规模 scope; 经济效益 economic benefits ;同行业 the same industry; 同仁 colleague;献计献策 make proposals


Part II Section A 16 ~ 25 C B D B D


Section B 26. had been waiting 27. (should) be sent 29. to go 30. seeing 31. frightened 33. computerized 34. kindness 35. younger Part III Task 1 Task 2 Task 3

28. Imagination 32. shortage

36 ~40 D B B C A 41 ~45 C A D D A 46. texture and color 49. long-wearing 51. L M 52. O E

47. stain and frosted 50. damaging rays 53. C I 54. H N

48. sparkly white

Task 4 Task 5

55. J F

56. the post of clerk 57. a probationary period 58. a monthly-long training 59. the airport 60. the manager

Part IV 61. C-A-B-D 62. D-B-C-A 63. A-C-D-B 64. A-D-B-C 65. 亲爱的马克: 纽约方面最终得到一位的销售经理。对你的新升迁,表示衷心祝贺。你的营销能力 已使你在公司里脱颖而出,独占鳌头。也许你与同行中其他人相比,有过之而无不及。 你一贯的热忱及才思将使公司受益非浅。我认为不久之后,你定能让整个公司的销售 处于第一位。 Part V Notice In the celebration of the 15 anniversary of founding our joint-venture, a series of activities will be held to celebrate the great achievements we have obtained, because our scope and economic benefits belong to one of the five excellent industries in the same industry. In order to make this celebration rich, colorful and successful we decided to collect suggestions or proposals from all the members of the joint-venture. All the staff are welcome to send your proposals to the office in your department. Any proposals adopted will be awarded. The Public Relations Department July 16, 2002




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