Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips

Job interviewing never seems to get any easier - even when you have gone on more interviews than you cancount [kaunt](数). You are meeting new people, selling yourself and your skills, and often getting the third degree about what you know or don't know. Here are job interview tips(建议) to help prepare you to interview effectively [? ? fekt? vli](有效的). Proper preparation [?prep rei? ?n](准备) which help alleviate ?? [?? li:vieit](减轻) some of thestress [stres](压力) involved in job interviews. Job Interview Tips


Practice answering interview questions and practice your responses(反应) to the typical job interview questions and answers most employers(雇佣者) ask. Think of actual [??kt u?l](真实的)examples you ? can use to describe your skills. Providing evidence of your successes is a great way to promote your candidacy(候选资格).


Prepare a response so you are ready for the question "What do you know about our company. Know the interviewer [? nt?vju? ? ?(r)](面试官)'s name and use it during the job interview. If you're not sure of the name, call and ask prior [?prai ](先前的) to the interview. Try to relate [ri?leit]( 述)what you know about ? 表 the company when answering questions.


Take a look at my Job Interview Tips Videos, so you'll be sure to dazzle [?d?zl]( 服) a potential 征 employer and leave the right impression [im?pre ?n](印象). ?

Get Ready(做好准备)

Make sure your interview attire [?? ?](服装) is neat [ni:t](干净), tidy and appropriate [?? ta? pr?? pri?t](得 体的) for the type of firm you are interviewing with. Bring a nice portfolio [p? :t?f ? li:? , p?? rt-](文件夹) ? ?? with copies of your resume. Include a pen and paper for note taking.

Be On Time(准时)

Be on time for the interview. On time means five to ten minutes early. If need be, take some time to drive to the office ahead of time so you know exactly where you are going and how long it will take to get there.

Stay Calm(保持平静)

During the job interview try to relax and stay as calm possible. Take a moment to regroup(调整). Maintain(保持) eye contact with the interviewer. Listen to the entire question before you answer and pay attention - you will be embarrassed [? m?b?r st] ? (尴尬)if you forget the question!

Show What You Know(展现你所知道的)

Try to relate [ri?leit]( 达) what you know about the company when answering questions. When 表 discussing your career accomplishments(才艺) match them to what the company is looking for.