高考英语二轮复习 第3部分 阅读理解 完形填空 语法填空 短文改错限时规范训练1


训练 1 2 阅读理解+阅读填空+语法填空

(建议用时 30 分钟)



Economists have studied how markets work for a long time.Generally,they work

well.But markets do not always perform as expected.Jean Tirole of France won the

Nobel Prize in Economics for studying why markets are imperfect,or inefficient,

and what governments can do to regulate them.

The Nobel prize committee announced the $1.1 million prize in Stockholm to Jean

Tirole.It called Mr.Tirole“one of the most influential economists of our time”.The

organization said he had done important research in a number of areas.But it said,

“most of all he has clarified how to understand and regulate industries with only

a few powerful firms”.

Mr.Tirole works at the Toulouse School of Economics in Toulouse,France.He is

61 years old.For about 30 years,Mr.Tirole has researched periods when markets

failed,that is,when they did not provide good results in price and competition.He

looked at how a small number of large companies,or even a single company,can strongly

influence industries.Banking and telecommunications were among the industries he


The Nobel committee said that unregulated markets often produce socially

undesirable results.They can result in higher prices or companies that use their

market position to block others.The committee said it chose Mr.Tirole because he

thought about how best to regulate markets.For example,Tore Ellingsen,Chairman

of the committee that awards the economics prize,says Mr.Tirole showed the need

to develop better rules for the banking industry.This became urgent after the world

financial crisis of 2008-2009.

The economics Drize is called the Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in

Memory of Alflred Nobel.Alfred Nobel did not establish the prize.It was first

presented in 1969.

1.The passage tells us that Jean Tirole

A.has studied the economics in Sweden


B.is the first to win the Nobel Prize in Economics

C.is highly praised by Chairman of the committee

D.has made regulations for large companies

2.We can learn from the passage that

A.Jean Tirole's research made the markets imperfect or inefficient

B.banking and telecommunications are strongly influential industries

C.the world financial crisis of 2008-2009 regulated the markets

D.Alfred Nobel was unwilling to establish economics prize

3.The underlined word “undesirable” in Paragraph 4 can best be replaced




C.beneficial D.convincing

4.What is the article mainly about?

A.The life of Jean Tirole.

B.The research of Jean Tirole.

C.The history of Nobel Prize in Economics.

D.Jean Tirole wins Nobel Economics Prize.

【解题导语】 本文是一篇记叙文,属于社会类短文阅读。文章讲述了法国的 Jean

Tirole 赢得 Nobel 经济学奖的事。Jean Tirole 获得诺贝尔经济学奖是因为他研究了市场不


1.解析:选 C。细节理解题。根据第四段中的“Tore Ellingsen,Chairman of the

committee that awards the economics prize,says Mr.Tirole showed the need to develop

better rules for the banking industry.”可知,诺贝尔委员会主席亲自颁发这一奖项给

Jean Tirole,Mr.Tirole 表明需要为银行业制定更好的规则,说明主席非常赞赏他。法国

的 Jean Tirole 获得诺贝尔经济奖是因为他研究发现了市场不完美、无效的原因及政府如何

做来调整市场。故选 C。

2.解析:选 B。推理判断题。根据第三段中的“Banking and telecommunications were

among the industries he studied.”可知,银行和电信是他研究的产业,说明银行和电信

是最受影响的行业。2008-2009 世界经济危机后银行业需要规范的情况最紧急;D 项由

Alfred Nobel did not establish the prize.可知没有说不愿意。故选 B。

3.解析:选 A。词义推测题。harmful“有害的”;unbelievable“不可信的”;

beneficial“有益的”;convincing“有信服力的”。undesirable 所在的句子的意思是:


的公司利用其市场地位来阻止其他的公司。故选 A。


4.解析:选 D。主旨大意题。本文主要讲了 Jean Tirole 赢得诺贝尔经济学奖的事。 故选 D。
B English Conversation Leader:Mandi Ashmore english@iwc?lausanne.org We meet on Mondays at 14∶30 at the IWC clubhouse.We chat for about an hour and discuss everything.Mandi asks “students” to contact her on Monday to confirm the class as sometimes she needs to cancel for various reasons or occasionally she may choose to hold the class at a different venue (举办地点) or at an earlier time for us to be able to have lunch together. French Conversation,Advanced Beginner Leader: Marielle Sulmoni frenchconvo@ iwc?lausanne,org I'm French (born in Bordeaux) and Swiss by marriage.I hold an advanced beginners' French conversation class on Tuesday afternoons from 14:30 -16:00.We meet weekly at the clubhouse in a friendly atmosphere.I hope to help you use your knowledge of French,allowing you to speak with no fear of making mistakes,which in time will become fewer and fewer. French Language Lab,Beginner Leader: Maija Remlinger frenchlab@ iwc?lausanne.org The group meets on Thursday afternoons from 15:00 - 16:30 at the clubhouse.The first half of the class is devoted to reading out loud from the book “Easy French Reader”,working on proper pronunciation and phrasing.During the second half, we listen to audio recordings from “New French with Ease” and work on oral comprehension. French Conversation,Advanced Leader: Juliette Brull french@ iwc?lausanne.org We meet every Tuesday at the IWC clubhouse from 9:30-11:00. Most of our time is devoted to very lively discussions about current events and various topics.We also read a book written by a French author and sometimes we see a French movie. 5.Why are you advised to contact Mandi?

A.To check the arrangement.

B.To exchange ideas.

C.To decide the topics.

D.To ask for leave.

6.Which of the clubs focuses mainly on the basic knowledge of language?

A.English Conversation.

B.French Conversation,Advanced.

C.French Language Lab,Beginner.

D.French Conversation,Advanced Beginner.

7.Who will you get in touch with if you like watching French films?

A.Mandi Ashmore.

B.Marielle Sulmoni.

C.Maija Remlinger.

D.Juliette Brull.

【解题导语】 本文为应用文,主要介绍了四个语言学习俱乐部,内容包括俱乐部的负


5.解析:选 A。细节理解题。根据 English Conversation 中的“contact her on Monday

to confirm the class ...”可知,与 Mandi 联系是为了确认俱乐部的课程安排。

6.解析:选 C。细节理解题。根据 French Language Lab,Beginner 中的“working on

proper pronunciation and phrasing”和“work on oral comprehension”可知,该俱乐


7.解析:选 D。细节理解题。根据 French Conversation,Advanced 中的“sometimes

we see a French movie”以及“Leader:Juliette Brull”可知,该俱乐部有时会观看法

国电影,其负责人为 Juliette Brull。


Why does gratitude matter?

Gratitude doesn't just feel good.1.

Like other positive emotions,

feeling grateful on a regular basis can have a big effect on our lives.Brain Research

shows that positive emotions are good for our bodies,minds,and brains.

Positive emotions help us see more possibilities and take in more information.

They increase our ability to develop skills.2.

Positive emotions balance negative emotions out. People who often feel grateful

and appreciative are happier,less stressed,and less depressed.Gratitude is like

a U?turn on complaining or thinking about what we don't have.3.



we feel grateful,we might also feel happy,calm,joyful,or glad.

Gratitude can lead to positive actions. When we feel grateful for someone's

kindness toward us , we may be more likely to do a kindness in return. 4.

Thanking people can make it more likely that they'll do a kindness again.


When we feel and express heart?felt gratitude and appreciation

to people in our lives,it creates loving bonds,builds trust,and helps you feel


When we make it a habit to feel grateful and appreciative,it increases our

awareness of good things as they happen.That set of attitude of gratitude has

positive effects on our mood.

A.It might make you suffer a lot.

B.One positive emotion often leads to another.

C.Gratitude helps us build better relationships.

D.Making a habit of gratitude can also be good for us.

E.In addition,they help us to learn and make good decisions.

F.Find out who you appreciate and what the reasons might be.

G.Your gratitude also can have a positive effect on someone else's actions.

【解题导语】 本文是一篇议论文。感恩是一种心态,感恩能够带给我们很多好处。只


1.解析:选 D。上下文过渡句。根据空格前面的“Gratitude doesn't just feel good.”

与后面的“feeling grateful on a regular basis can have a big effect on our lives”

可判断 D 项符合语境,此处表示养成感恩的习惯对我们有好处。

2.解析:选 E。细节支撑句。前面提到了 positive emotions 的好处,特别是“They

increase our ability to develop skills.”,故可判断 E 项恰当。此处表示除此之外,


3.解析:选 B。段落主旨句。根据空格后面的句子“When we feel grateful,we might

also feel happy,calm,joyful,or glad”(当我们满怀感恩时,我们可能也会感到高兴、

平静、喜悦或开心)判断 B 项恰当。下文中的“Gratitude can lead to positive actions”(感


4.解析:选 G。上下文过渡句。根据空格后面的“Thanking people can make it more

likely that they'll do a kindness again”(向人们表达感恩可以促使他们再次行善)可

判断 G 项恰当。此处表示你的感恩也可以对别人的行为产生积极的影响。

5.解析:选 C。段落主旨句。根据空格后面的“it creates loving bonds,builds trust,

and helps you feel closer”可知,感恩帮助我们建立更好的关系,故可判断 C 项恰当。



Do you have sleeping problems? If so,then these tips may help you fall asleep


Set aside the thought 1.

you have to fall asleep.The more you think


it,the harder you will fall asleep.

The foods you eat also play 3.

important part.Avoid eating or

drinking things like chocolates,coffee,tea and energy drinks.If you have to,

then have them in the morning and never in the afternoon,4.


before going to bed.Don't eat too much at night.A full stomach will make it more

difficult for you 5.

(fall) asleep because your body is working more time

to digest the food you eat.

Make a 6.

(fix) time to go to bed.For example,by 9 o' clock in the

evening you should already be in bed.Do this even if you're not sleepy yet.Once 7.

(follow) this routine,you will gradually see that you feel 8.


when it' s 9 o' clock.

Make your room comfortable for sleeping.You should also take note that the

sleeping environment also affects your sleep.It must be in the room 9.


' s not noisy.Otherwise,you will find 10.

difficult to fall asleep

again after waking up.

【解题导语】 文章介绍了几种有助于快速进入睡眠的方法。

1.解析:that。考查同位语从句。设空处引导同位语从句,对 thought 进行解释说明,

从句中不缺少成分,故用 that 引导。

2.解析:of/about。考查动词短语。think of/about 意为“考虑”,符合语境。

3.解析:an。考查冠词。play an important part 意为“起重要作用,扮演重要角色”。

4.解析:especially。考查副词。由语境和句子结构可知应填副词 especially。

5.解析:to fall。考查非谓语动词。make it+difficult,easy etc.+for sb.+to

do sth.中 it 为形式宾语,真正的宾语为后面的不定式短语。

6.解析:fixed。考查形容词。设空处作定语修饰 time,fixed 意为“固定的,不变的”,



己在 9 点的时候就觉得困了。根据语境可知应用 following。

8.解析:sleepy。考查形容词。feel 为系动词,后接形容词。sleepy 困的。

9.解析:where。考查定语从句。设空处引导定语从句,修饰先行词 the room,从句

中缺少地点状语,故填关系副词 where。


10.解析:it。考查代词 it。find it difficult to do sth.,其中 it 为形式宾语, 真正的宾语为后面的不定式短语。