Part I Structure 16. Who is responsible for _____ the meeting? A) organize B) organization C) organizing D) organizes 17. The news _____ the Chinese football team had won the match excited all of us. A) that B)what C) which D)as 18.The reason _____ I can't come is that I am having a headache. A) because B)why C)as D)for 19. You can not see the manager _____ you have made an appointment with him. A) if B) except C) unless D)when 20.It's already ten o'clock. It's time we _____ the meeting. A)would start B)start C)will start D)started 21.1 haven t met him _____ the last meeting. A) for B)at C) since D) before 22._____ they talked, _____ encouraged they felt. A)The more.. .the more B)More…more C)The more...more D)More... the more 23. Following the roar, out _____ from the forest. A)a tiger rushed B)rushed a tiger C)did a tiger rush D)a tiger rushes 24. A number of students _____ late for class because of the rain. A)being B)was C)is D)were 25. W are all surprised to know that Mr. Zhang has been _____ in that case. A)involved B)protested C)withdrawn D)recovered Section B 26.Jack must (go)_____ away—we can't find him anywhere in the factory. 27.He makes a note of the assignment lest he (forget)_____ it. 28.Humans are dependent on oxygen and water for (survive)_____. 29.Education is regarded as the key (make)_____ progress. 30. If a word is translated incorrectly, it will lead to (misunderstand)_____. 31. Do you agree that it is important to make yourself (understand)_____? 32. Bill took advantage of Jean's (eager)_____ to please everyone. 33.Yesterday I met Mr. Smith (accident)_____. 34. She was not completely (sincerely)_____ in what she said. 35.Could you go to bed (early)_____ than you usually do? Part II Reading Comprehension (40 minutes) Task l In many countries such as France, Greece, and Japan, it is often more difficult for students to pass the college entrance exams than to do the course work when they are actually in college and students who don't have much money are at a disadvantage. Students prepare for these tests for

years in advance. Often, students attend a private school at night to get ready for them. These private schools are usually expensive. If their families don't have much money, students can't attend and they might not pass the entrance exams without this extra preparation. In contrast, students can easily get into an American or Canadian college—at least more easily than in other countries. American students take an entrance exam called the S. A. T( the Scholastic Aptitude Test(学习能力测验). However, colleges do not consider only S.A.T. scores. They also consider a student's grades and activities throughout high school. A student who has done well in high school will probably get into college. What happens when a student finally enters a college or university? Students in China, Korea or Japan might find their college studies easier than high school work. On the other hand, when American or Canadian students begin college, many of them discover that they need to work very hard and study seriously for the first time in their lives especially if they plan to go to graduate school. 36. In France and Greece, students find that _____. A)they don't have to do extra preparation to pass the entrance exams B)private schools are inexpensive C) course work in college is more difficult D) college entrance exams are more difficult 37. From the first paragraph we can see that before entering college, students must A) pass the entrance exams B) study in private schools C)earn enough money D)do some course work 38. In America, colleges usually take new students according to A)students' grades and activities in high school only B)students' scores of S. A.T. only C)both students' S. A.T. scores and records in high school D)students' objectives of academic study 39. In North America, college students _____. A) study harder than they were in high school B)study as hard as they were in high school C)find college studies easier than high school work D)find it easier to go to graduate school 40. This passage is mainly about _____. A) advantages of college study in North America B)differences in college education in different countries C) American higher education D) higher education in general Task 2

Filling in company application forms can become a boring and repetitive (It Yet any carelessness on an applicant's part can draw a negative reaction from readers. Each company or organization usually uses its own specially designed form that, although it generally asks for the same basic information, may vary in detail. Consequently the suggestions below apply mainly to the approach you should take rather than suggest what you should write. ? When visiting future employers, always carry your personal data record with you so that you can readily search for details such as dates, telephone numbers, and other useful information. ? Treat every application form as though it is the first one you are completing—write carefully and neatly. ? Use words that describe the responsibility and different aspects of each job you have held rather than list only the duties you performed. ? Particularly describe social activities that show your involvement in the community, or activities in which you held a teaching or coaching role. ? Pay particular attention if there is a section on the form that asks you to comment on how your education and past experience have especially prepared you for the position. Think this through very carefully before you write so that what you say shows a natural progression (进展)from past experience to the job you are applying for. If you can, and if they fit naturally, add a few words to demonstrate how the position fits your overall career plan. 41 .The first sentence of the passage means that_____. A) you may have to fill in a long application form B)the filling up of an application form takes much time C) one may have to fill in many application forms before one gets a job D)application forms should be filled carefully, with no misleading 42. Although all application forms demand the same basic information, _____. A) different companies may have different requirements B) different companies may take the same attitude towards them C)application may be required to answer all the questions in detail D) application may have to send in the forms by person 43. Which of the following statements is TRUE? A) Your personal data record is more important than the interview itself. B)You should put all your personal data record in the application form. C)Your personal data record will be of much help to your interview. D)You should write your personal data as clearly and neatly as possible. 44. When writing about the duties you have been engaged in, you should _____. A) put down the names of your colleagues B) describe the nature of the duties C) relate them to other major duties D) describe what responsible positions you have held 45. Which of the following would be the best TITLE of the passage?

A) Importance of Application Forms B)How to Fill in an Application Form C)Job and Its Application D) Nature of Application Forms Task 3 Break out of the everyday routine and come alive again with a trip to Florida. Whether you're looking for a quiet escape or an action packed trip, Florida's spectacular (壮观的) natural beauty and varied attractions let you create your dream escape. Nature lovers can explore vast lakes, forests and wetlands filled with native birds, fish and wildlife. Florida is an athlete's paradise (运动员的乐园)as well, with plenty of opportunities for tennis, golf and water sports lovers to engage in their favorite form of recreation every day of the year. Florida is the nation's top golf and tennis destination, offering more golf courses than any other states plus over 7,700 tennis facilities. With thousands of crystal clear rivers and lakes, plus over 1,000 miles of beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf (海湾)of Mexico, Florida is a water sports wonderland. Florida is also home to some of the best attractions in the United States, from technologically advanced parks to historic museums. So relax and return to your senses in Florida! Florida 47 Most attractive to tourists who are 46 Its length of beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico is 48 A wonderful place for 49 . . Offers opportunities for tourists to rest and 50 Task 4 A)Do not block ventilation holes. B)The amplifier should not be exposed to direct sunlight. C)The amplifier should not be placed areas with high humidity or dust levels. D)The amplifier should not be placed areas susceptible to vibration. E)Make sure the power outlet conforms to the plug of the unit. F)Do not use this unit if the electrical power cord is frayed or broken. G)If an alarm rings while power has been turned on and signal has been fed, please turn it off and correct the trouble. 51.( 52.( 53.( 54.( 55.( )功放不应放在多尘、潮湿处。 ‘ )确保电源插座与插头相符。 )当接通电源并输入信号后,如果听到报警声,应切断电源,排除故障。 )切勿堵塞通风口。 )电源如有破损,应立即停止使用。

Task5 This autumn term, spring term, or academic year program offers advanced students an opportunity to improve their spoken and written Chinese, and to be familiar with a range of people and organizations that are helping to shape China's relationship with the United States and the world. All students who take intermediate or advanced Chinese language may make a choice to participate in the Professional Development Program that includes guest lectures by Chinese and foreign professionals on areas such as politics, foreign affairs, economics, trade, media, art, and culture. This program is supplemented (补充)by field trips and short journeys in and around Beijing. Housing and meals: Students live in the foreign student dormitories and take meals in the dormitory dining hall or local restaurants. Requirements: Two years of college-level Chinese and one Chinese studies course; graduate students accepted. Program Fee: 1998 Autumn Term: $ 6,995; 1999 Spring Term: $ 6,995. Fees include tuition, housing and all meals, cultural activities, local journeys and field trips, insurance, and the International Student Identity Card. 56. What language abilities will be unproved if advanced students take part in the program? _____ Chinese. 57. Who will be guest speakers in the Professional Development Program? Both_____. 58. Where will the foreign students stay when they are in China? In_____. 59. Apart from academic activities, what else will the foreign students do in this program? They will take _____ and tour around Beijing. 60.How many requirements are there for one who wants to be accepted to the program? Part IV Translation (25 minutes) 61.The increase in international business has created a need for managers with skills in cross— culture communication. A)国际贸易增加了跨国文化交流的机会,也提高了经理的技能。 B)国际贸易提高了对经理掌握跨国文化交流技能的要求。 C)国际贸易的增加需要具有跨国文化交流技能的经理。 D)国际贸易增加了对经理文化交际能力的需求 o 62.Today’s young people generally have more purchasing power than their parents,and they are more prepped to use it. A)如今年轻人的购买能力一般都超过他们父母,而且更乐意消费。 B)总体上今天的年轻人赚的钱比父母多,而且他们时刻准备消费掉。 C)如今年轻人在消费上大都比父母大方,而且他们更做好了花钱的准备。 D)今天的年轻人大都认为他们需要比父母多买东西,而且时刻准备这么做。 63.Learning how to use the Internet effectively as a marketing tool means that you need to

learn two different but related bodies of knowledge. A)要学习将因特网这一销售工具作为手段,你需要学会两种彼此之间不相关联的知识。 B)学习有效使用因特网和营销工具,得学习互相关联但却各不相同的两大块知识。 C)如果你学会了这两大块不相关联的知识,就等于学会了有效地在因特网上搞推销的 工具。 D)学习有效地利用因特网作为营销工具,就意味着要学习两类互不相同却又相互关联 的知识。 64.Every employer wants and needs employees who can suggest improvements in an honest and constructive manner. A)每位雇主都希望能有以诚实积极的态度提出改进意见的雇员。 B)每位雇主都以诚实和建设性的方法要求雇员提出改进意见。 C)每位雇主都要求雇员能够提出诚实积极的改进意见。 D)每位雇主都需要他们的雇员能够诚实而富有建设性。 65.The goods you shipped by steamship“Hai Nan”on 14th last month arrived here yesterday.On examination,we have found that many of the desk lamps are severely damaged, though the cases themselves show no trace of damage. Part V Writing (15minutes) 陶氏(Dow)化学公司是全球第五大化学公司,年销售额达 200 亿美元。陶氏为 164 个国 家的客户生产和供应化工、塑料和农用产品。陶氏在世界各地拥有员工 43 000 人。现诚聘 秘书 1 人。 条件: ·英语或秘书专业大专学历 ·至少两年秘书工作经验 ·熟练掌握英语(写和说)以及计算机技能 Words for reference:聘请 seek for;大专学历 college diploma;资历(条件)qualifications


答案 16~25


cAB DA 27. (should) forget 32. eagerness 28. survival 29. to make 30. misunderstanding 33. accidentally 34. sincere 35. earlier

26 have gone 31. understood

36 ~ 40 D A C A B 46. nature lovers 49. water sports 51 ~ 55 CEGAF

41~45 C A C D B 47. athletes/ sports lovers 50. return to their senses 48. over 1,000 miles

56. Spoken and written 57. Chinese and foreign professionals 58. the foreign student dormitories 59. field trips 60. 2 (requirements) 2-1.5-1-0 61. C-B-D-A 62. A-C-B-D 63.D-B-A-C 64. A-D-C-B 65. 贵方上月 14 日由“海南”号货轮运来的货物已于昨日到达。我方验货时发现,尽管货 箱并无损坏的痕迹,但许多台灯却受损严重。 The Dow Chemical Company is the fifth largest chemical company in the world with yearly sales of US $20 billion. Dow manufactures and supplies chemicals, plastics and agricultural products for customers in 164 countries. There are 43,000 staff in the Dow distributed all over the world. Now the Dow is sincerely seeking for a secretary. Qualifications: Having college diploma and major in English or Secretary Secretary working experience for at least two years Skilled in using English (writing and speaking) and computer




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