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What do you usually eat every day? Do you eat a healthy diet? What will happen if you don’t eat a balanced diet?

What do you usually have for breakfast?

fried dumplings

twisted cruller

steamed dumplings

pan cake

What do you usually have for lunch?

steamed bread




What do you usually have for supper?





Functions of food

Build our body
Prevent diseases

Why do we have to eat every day?

Tell what kind of food they are and how they can help us. Energy-giving foods, They can give us energy.


Body- building foods
They can help us grow bones and muscle

protective foods

They give us fibre for digestion and health.

2.What is a healthy diet ?

What is a healthy/balanced diet? A healthy (balanced) diet =
potatoes cream energy-giving rice food(能量食物) noodles chocolate oils bread butter nuts


meat body-building food(健身食物) eggs milk

cheese tofu


Protective food (保健食物)

Most vegetables fruit

The seven kinds of nutrients(营养物质) needed by human beings(人体所需的七大营养素


Protein蛋白质 Vitamin 维生素 Minerals矿物质 Fibre纤维

mutton spaghetti cucumber mushroom bean pea pepper eggplant

羊肉 意大利式细面条
青瓜 蘑菇 豆 豌豆 辣椒


celery peach lemon carrot fibre

芹菜 桃子 柠檬 胡萝卜


Come and Eat Here

Where will the story happen? What is the passage about?

Fast reading
The main idea of the text is ____
A The two restaurant provided the healthy diet. B The reason why YongHui’s restaurant was so popular with customers. C How the competition take place between Wang Peng and Yonghui.

complete the main idea of the story
The main idea of the passage is that Wang different Peng and Yong Hui serve _________diets in their restaurants . The foods in Wang fat Pengwei’s make people ________ while the foods in Yong Hui’s make people ____________. thin

1 When Wang Peng thought “Nothing could be better”, he means _______ A. His food and drinks were the best. B. His food and drinks were the worst. C. His food should have been improved. D. He could do nothing with his food and drinks.

2. Why did Wang Peng go into the newly-opened restaurant? A. Because he was angry. B. Because he was curious.

C. Because he wanted to blame its owner.
D. Because he wanted to ask for advice.

3. What is Wang Peng’s impression on Yong Hui’s restaurant? A. All the customers in it were very slim. B. It was too small and too noisy. C. The food in it was very nice and better than that in his.

D. There was so limited food but the price was much higher.
4. We can infer from the last sentence that _______ A. Wang Peng would learn from Yong Hui B. Yong Hui would learn from Wang Peng C. The competition had began and would continue

D. The two restaurants would give up the competition

Divide the passage into 3 parts and match the main idea of each part.
Part 1
Wang Peng follows his friend to a newly opened restaurant which is very popular. Wang Peng does some research in the library to win his customers back.





Wang Peng is worried because his restaurant is not full as usual.

Careful reading:
Paragraph I :

1. Who is Wang Peng? He is a restaurant keeper. 2. What happened on that strange morning? There was no customer in his restaurant that morning, which was unnatural. 3. How do you like the food in his restaurant? It is delicious but it can make us get fat quickly.

Paragraph II :
1. What did Wang see when he followed Li Chang? He saw that a new restaurant was opened and there was a sign in its window. 2. What kind of food was served in this restaurant? Only slimming food was served there.

Paragraph III:
1.Who is Yong Hui? She is the owner of the new restaurant. 2.What amazed Wang in Yong Hui’s restaurant? The menu and the price in Yong’s restaurant amazed him very much. 3.What did Wang decide to do after he left there? He decided to go to library to find out whether his restaurant’s food made people fat.

Paragraph IV :
1.What did Wang find out after He found out that Yong Hui’s restaurant reading? was not giving its customers energy-giving food. He wrote a he sign to then win his 2.What did do ? customer back!
3.What happened afterwards? The competition between the two restaurants was on.

1.Usually Wang Peng’s restaurant was full of people. T 2.He provided a balanced diet in his menu. F
didn’t didn’t

3.Yong Hui served a balanced diet.


4.Yong Hui could make people thin in two weeks by giving them a good diet. F
not giving them energy-giving food.

5.Wang Pengwei’s customers often became fat after eating in his restaurant. T

6.Yong Hui’s menu gave them energy foods. F

7.Wang Peng’s menu gave them food containing fibre. energy


8.Wang Peng admired Yong Hui’s restaurant when he saw the menu. F 9.Wang Peng decided to copy Yong Hui’s menu.
rewrite his own sign F

was amazed at


frustrated Wang Pengfelt ___________in an empty restaurant because no customers __________have come to his restaurant ever since he got up early in the morning. He wanted to followed find out why. He hurried out and ________Maochang into a newly-opened restaurant. He found that the owner named Yong Hui was serving slimming/fiber ____________foods to make people thin. Driven forward curiosity Wang Pengcame ________to by________, take a close believe look at the menu. He could not even ________his eyes. amazed He was ________at what he saw. He hurried outside research After library and went to the ________to do some________. realized a lot of reading, he _______that Yong Hui’s food made tired people become ________quickly because it was no energy-giving ___________food. Arriving home Wang Peng rewrote his own sign. The __________between the two competition restaurants was on!

First wealth is health. 健康是人生的第一财富

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


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