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【英语】Unit 20 《 lesson1Futurology》课 件PPT(北师大版选修7)

Unit 20 lesson1 Futurology


Warm up
? Are you interested in thinking about the future? ? What do you think the future will be like? Predict it.

Car will fly in the sky

Robots will work for us even take place of our human beings.

We will travel to the moon or live there .

Even to other planets.

Read the text and choose the best title :
a) From the Past to the Future

b) The Future Business
c) Tomorrow's World

d) A Perfect Future?

We are interested in predicting
future, and so does Hannah Jones. Read the text again and

find out why the writer is
interested in futurology?

How many predictions did the writer find? Read the text and

complete the table.


What are the predictions?

Very soon

Use our voice to give
instructions to computers

By the year 2015

Produce a new type of clothing
material that will remain

stainless and never get old and

When? By the year 2025 By the year 2030

What are the predictions? No one will die of starvation

and people will live in peace
We may live for at least 150 years


What are the predictions?

By the Human being will be linking their middle of brain to computer, a new type of the century human might have developed By the end of the century We will find other places for living

Language points
1. latter (1). adj. : near to the end of a period eg: She spent the latter part of her life alone. 他孤独地度过了她的后半生。 (2). the latter pron. : the second of two things or people already mentioned 已提及的两者中的后者 Many support the former alternative, but personally I favor the latter. 很多人赞成前一种方法,但我个人喜欢后一种

Latter 和later很容易混淆。later 可以 作形容词用,意思是“以后的,较晚 的时候”或“更新的” The launch was postponed to a later date. 发射延迟了。 In his later years of life, he devoted himself to the career of charity. 晚年,他投身于慈善事业 later 还可以作副词,意思是“以后,后来” eg: Two years later he became a soldier. 两年后他当兵了. Later, his theory proved to be right. 后来,结果证明他的理论是正确的。

2. In terms of 就……来说,从……的角度 ① In terms of money, we’re quite rich, but not in terms of happiness. ? 就钱而言,我们很富有,但就幸福而言就不了。 poorest countries in Western Europe. 从资源的角度来说,它是西欧最贫乏的国家之 一。

② In terms of natural resources it is one of the

3. amount 量,数量(可数,多和不可数名词一 起用) A large amount of damage was done in a very short time. ? 片刻时间就造成了大量损失。 Large amounts of money were spent on the bridge ? 很多钱都花在这座桥上。

die of + 内因 die from + 外因

疾病,cancer, illness, disease

1. die of + joy, fear, disappointment, grief, old age, hunger, cold
2. die from + accident, wound, disease, overwork, carelessness, some unknown cause

? carry


? They swore an oath to carry out their duties

faithfully. ? We’ll carry out the investigation as soon as possible. ? Custom officers carry out spot check on incoming car.

5. develop ① 发展,壮大 She developed the company from nothing. 她白手起家办起了这个公司。


② 研制, 开发 The company develops and markets new soft ware. ? 这个公司开发并销售新软件。 ③ 加强, 增强, 发挥 Their relationship has developed over a number of years. ? 多年来他们的友谊日益深厚。

④ 修建, 开发
The site is being developed by a French company. ? 这块地正由一家法国公司开发利用。 I had the film developed yesterday. ? 我昨天把胶片拿去冲洗了。

⑤ 冲洗胶片

6. beat ① 赢,打败 He beat me at chess. ? 他下棋赢了我。 ② 避免,逃避 If we go early we should beat the traffic. ? 我们早点出发就会避开交通拥挤。


③ 碰撞,击打 At that time, children were regularly beaten for making mistakes. ? 那个时候,孩子们经常因为犯错误挨打。 ④ 更好 Nothing beats home cooking. ? 什么也比不上家里做的饭好吃。

7. instructions 指示, 命令(多作复数) They had received instructions to watch him. ? 他们已经接到监视 他的命令。 Very soon all of us are going to use our voices to give instructions to computers. 不久以后我们所有人就能通过说话对计算 机发号施令。

8. dawn ? (1). n. time of day when light first appears ? 黎明,破晓 ? We talked almost until dawn.

? (2). v. begin to grow light 破晓 ? eg: It was dawning as we left. ? 我们离开时天就亮了。

Grammar ---- future perfect & future continuous

a) Future Perfect By the end of the century, we will have discovered other places in our solar systems. b) Future Continuous At nine o’clock on Saturday morning, I will be sitting in the front row and listening to the great Professor Willard.

为止已有若干时间, 谓语动词常用延续性

动词, 并常伴有for引导的时间段。
By the end of next year I will have lived

here for ten years.


The film will begin at 8:00. It will have

been shown for half an hour when you
arrive at 8:30.

When you come back, I will have been
here for half an hour.


表示将来某个时间之前或另一个将来动作之前 已经完成的动作, 常与by the time, when, before 等 连用。谓语动词常用非延续性动词。 I shall have graduated from university by this time next year. I guess you will have finished your homework when I come to see you.
When you return here, the new building will have been finished.

表示说话人对某一已经完成动作的推测。 The students will have finished reading the article now. I think he will have got home so far.



进行时态的用法:某一时间点正在发生 的动作;或者某一段时间内一直发生的动作。 将来进行时态只不过把时间放在了将 来, 所以将来进行时态表示将来某个时间 点正在发生的动作或者将来某一段时间内 一直在进行的动作。

I will be taking a shower at 9 o’clock
tomorrow morning. Catharine will be taking a part-time job in the next summer vocation.


Complete these predictions about the

world in 2020 by putting the verbs in
brackets either in the Future Perfect or the Future Continuous.
will be using solar energy 1. People (use) ____________
every day

2. People (use) ____________ will have used up all natural sources of oil. 3. People (travel) ______________ will be traveling into space on a regular basis. 4. People (eat) ____________ will be eating only food created by specialists. 5. Traditional farms (disappear) ___________________ will have disappeared

6. Many new galaxies (discover) ______________________ will have been discovered 7. Mars and Venus (explore) would have ____________and been explored __________ (describe) ________ described in detail be studying the 8. Scientists (study) will _____________ chance of people setting in other galaxies

Look at the programme of the futurologists' conference and the

cues below(1-7). Write full

using the Future Perfect or the
Future Continuous.

1. 5 p.m. on Friday- Prof Howard

Green gives a lecture on alternative
sources of energy. At 5 p.m. on Friday, Prof Howard

Green will be giving a lecture on
alternative sources of energy.

2. Saturday Lunchtime- the participants listen to two lectures. By Saturday lunchtime, they will have listened to two lectures. 3. 2:30 p.m. on Saturday – everyone has lunch. At 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, everyone will be having lunch.

4. Saturday night- the participants have a reception. On Saturday might, they will be having a reception. 5. Sunday morning- they identify a few problems of the future. On Sunday morning, the participants will be identifying a few problems of the future.

6. Sunday noon- the
participants attend

the closing
ceremony. At noon on Sunday they will be attending the closing ceremony.

7. The end of the seminar –the

futurologists discuss many
important issues. By the end of the conference, the

futurologists will have discussed
many important issues.

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