1. abandon 丢弃 遗弃 放弃 You may think “well, dieting wasn’t that important to me and I won’t make it anyhow.” So you abandon the goal and return to your bad habits. 2. ability 能力 才能 才智 Suppose the company offered you a pay rise of 50%, would you be so determined to leave and look for a job elsewhere? Yes, I’ve set my mind on it, I’d like to find a job with full scope to show my ability. 3. aboard 在船上 在车上 在飞机上 上船 上飞机 上车 An foreign airliner was attempting to land at night in the moutainous area in argentina and flew into the hill. That sounds really terrible, did anyone survive? No, everyone aboard including the crew was killed instantly. 4. absent 缺席的 心不在焉的 In some large American city schools, as many as 20-40% of the students are absent each day. 5. abuse 滥用 妄用 虐待 伤害 辱骂 毁谤 We must cooperate with nature and learn better ways to use, not abuse our enviroment.

6. accelerate 使加快 使加速 With the next decade bringing greater change than the past 50 years, the people who will design the models of tomorrow believe that enviromental problems may well accelerate the pace of the car’s development. 7. accent 口音 强调 Did you know after almost ten years in the united states, Mr Li still speaks English with such a strong accent. Yes, but he is prond of it, he says it is part of his identity. 8. access 接近的机会 靠近的机会 享用的机会 I am frustrated. We’re supposed to do our assignment on the computer, but I have difficulty getting the access to the computers in the library. I understand the way you feel, I’m looking forward to the day when I can afford to get my own. 9. accommodation 住宿 膳食 I’ve just got back from holiday you arranged for me, but I must tell you that the hotel was really awful! it was miles from the sea. The food was awful too, the bedroom was dirty. Sorry about that. But it’s not really our fault, the contract doesn say that the the hotel accommodation is not our responsibility. 10. according 依照 When a highway collapsed in northern California, people were killed in their cars, the highway was not built according to today’s strict standards to resist

earthquakes. 11. account 账户 客户 解释 占 On these online branches, customers will be able to view all their accounts, move money between their accounts, apply for a loan and so on, Although Jhon completed his assignment quickly and successfully, he was furious when he learned that boss had delibrately assigned him a difficult account. 12. accustomed 通常的 习惯的 Both Jane and Bill are tired when they arrive home at 6 P.M, Bill is accustomed to sitting down and reading the paper or watching TV until dinner is ready. 13. achieve 完成 实现 达到 Sherry, how are you doing with your thesis? Oh, My thesis? That’s something I definitely don’t want to talk about right now. I finished my first draft sometime ago, but my supervisor said I should do more research if I want to the quality he except of me. 14. acquire 获得 学到 A patient may also acquire a tolerance for a certain drug, which means the patient has to take even larger doses to produce the desired effect. 15. acquisition 获得 习得 What’s more, the study of language acquisition offers direct insight into how humans learn.

16. action 行动 行为 事件 If the disaster happens, 50 underground stations will be under water. Electricity, gas and phone services would be out of action. 17. adapt 适应 使适应 改编 Will animals and plants be able to adapt that quickly to change in the enviroment? 18. add 添加 把……加起来 This is hopeless, these figures is still don’t add up right. Let do the calculations over again. Yes, but why not do them tomorrow? It is very late now. 19. addition 加法 附加物 加起来 Not longer ago, researchers learned that 4-day-olds could understand additon and subtraction. The first thing is correspondence. We have a lot of standard letters and forms. So I suppose we need some kind of word processor. Right, well, That’s no problem. But it may be possible for you to get a system that doses a lot of other things in addition to word processing. What might suit you is the MR5000. that’s over there! It’s IBM compatible. 20. additional 附加的 追加的 Sue had more difficult time satisfying her first client, and she took severl additional months to actually complete the project. 21. administration 管理 管理部门

After high school, I’d like to go to a college and major in business and administration. I really like power and enjoy telling people what to do. You are very ambitious, but I’d rather spend my college days finding out what children are interested in. Child psychology is for me. 22. admire 钦佩 赞赏 称赞 Polish people are often admired for their immense enjoyment of the arts. 23. admit 承认 I have never seen such an interesting show. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I must admit that I felt sleep during the two hours. 24. adversary 对手 敌手 Drugs often have unwanted side effects. This usually cause miner disconfort such as a skin rash, headache or sleepiness. Certain drugs, however, can produce serious adversary action. 25. advertisement 广告 宣传 I saw your advertisement in the morning paper concerning the x 20 model. The lens seems to be excellent. The flash is not bad. But do you think the prize is a little steep? I think it is a good buy. The price includes the leather case you know. 26. affect 影响 In order for a chemical to be considered a drug, it must have the compacity to affect how the body works.

27. affection 喜爱 感情 The best time to buy a baby dog is when it is between 6 and 8 weeks old so that it can transfer its affection from its mother to its master. 28. afford 担负得起 提供 We’ve lived here in Thornton for 5 years now, and I think it’s the time to have the house painted. You are right. Mr. Jhons, our neighbor, just had his house painted, but we can not afford to do it only if we paint it ourselves. 29. aggressive 侵犯的 挑衅的 有进取心的 You should reflect confidence by speak in a clear voice, loud enough to be heard without being aggressive overpowering. 30. agriculture 农业 农学 Scientists say, low-till agriculture is one of the best examples in the worlds of technologies working for both people and enviroment. 31. ahead 在前面 向前 提前 If the sounds don’t harm the sea animals, then the researchers can go ahead with the plan to transmit sound waves through the pacific ocean to take the earth’s temperature. 32. aim 目的 意图 把……对准 使针对 “Our democracy operates on hope and encouragement”. said the school board member, “why not provide some positive goals for students and teachers to aim at?”

33. air-conditioning 空调设备 空调系统 Excuse me, Madam, is the air-conditioning on? This room is getting as hot as a furnace. Sorry, sir. A new epidemic called sars is threating us right now. As a prevented measure, we are told to let in fresh air by opening the windows, and not to use the air-conditioning. 34. alcohol 含酒精的饮料 酒精 乙醇 Well, I didn’t drink alcohol or coffee, and I didn’t eat any meats and rich food. I drink a lot of water and fresh juice, and I ate the noodles on the well-being menu. 35. alternative 选择 可供选择的 供替代的 The factories here employ 17,000 people in an area where there is very little alternative employment. Good negotiators made lots of suggestions and considered twice the number of the alternatives. 36. altitude 海拔 高度 So the pilots did descend to the wrong altitude then, because they were following the air controllers instruction. 37. amateur 业余爱好者 业余爱好的 业余身份的 These theatres are amateur orgnizations and are different from professional theatre companies. 38. ambitious 雄心勃勃的 有野心的

Aiming for a post google web-search based on P2P paradigm is a very ambitious goal. 39. ankle 踝 踝关节 Hello, this is Dr. rita, from emergency department. I have a 70-year-old patient with a fractured ankle. Ok, send him toward 3. 40. announcement 宣告 发表 Where is the announcement made? 41. annual 每年的 年度的 The number of the biramichi fishing cooperative say they have already reduced their annual catch by 70%. 42. apart 除去 分离的 分隔的 Ground shaffer found that nine-month-old infants Could be taught through repeated show and tell to recognize the names of objects that were foreign to them. A result that the challenge in some ways, the received wisdom that apart from learning to identify things common to their daily lives. children don’t begin to build vocabulary until well into their second year. 43. apologize 道歉 谢罪 认错 Hi, Jhon, I wonder if you will do me a favor and tell the professor I’ve lost my voice, so I can’t attend this morning class. I need the time to study for tomorrow exam. I don’t think it’s wise to say so. Since you are not going to the lecture, you

might as well simply skip the class and apologize to the professor later. 44. applicant 申请人 Later, I found out that less than 15% of the applicants had been offered positions that year. 45. application 申请 申请书 应用软件 I wonder if you find my experience relevant to the job. Yes, certainly. But if only you had sent in your application letter a week earlier. 46. apply 申请 应用 Did you see Mary somewhere around? Yes, she is in a campus bank, applying for a student loan. 47. appreciate 欣赏 感激 Jean really lost her temper in Dr. Brown’s class this morning. Oh? Did she? But I think her frankness is really something to be appreciated. 48. approach 靠近 方式 方法 Now, we are trying the positive approach to the problem. 49. architecture 建筑学 建筑业 Hi, janet, I hear you just returned from a tour of Australia, did you get a choice to visit sydney opera house? Of course I did, it would be a shame for anyone visiting Australia not to see this unique creation in architecture. its magnificent beauty is simply beyond discription.

50.arrange 安排 布置 Jean was worried about her children’s adjustment to this new situation. But she arranged for them to go stay with the woman nearby after school each afternoon. How do you like the way I arranged the furniture in my living room? Fine, but I think the walls could do with a few paitings.

1. ascend 渐渐上升 升高 The pilots were told to descend to 2-2000 feet. The instruction actually meant 22000 feet. But they thought they heard descend to 2000 feet. That’s a huge difference, and it should have been confirmed but it was not. Unfortuanately, the terrain of mountain in that region ascend to 2000 feet. 2. aspect 方面 The next three questions were all concerned with aspects of marriage. No.3 looked at the ideal age to get married, No.4 examined the qualities looked for in a partner and No.5 are asked about the ideal number of children. 3. assess 评价 评论 评估 As nurses, we are licensed to provide nursing care only, we provide health teaching assess with physical as well as emotional problems, and coordinate patient related sevices. 4. assistance 协助 帮助

I couldn’t have won the award without your assistance, thank you very much! You’ve been working so hard. You deserve the honor. 5. atmosphere 大气 大气层 空气 气氛 The wakeup-wakeup call by loudspeaker at seven o’clock every morning is followed by a music program which creates atmosphere of a holiday camp. 6. attach 系上 贴上 附上 使喜爱 认为有重要性 责任等 Radio transmitters attached to some of sea animals help researches keep track of the animals’ movements. 7. attack 攻击 抨击 攻击 突然发作 疾病等突然发作 The doctor said if I kept smoking, I would increase the chance of having a heart attack. Did he suggest reducing weight, too? 8. attend 出席 上 上学等 照料 专心于 Dunant gathered together the number of women who attended hundreds of wounded soldiers of all nationalities and helped the surgeons as best as they could. Can you tell me when I can leave here, docotor? I have some important business to attend to? That depends on how your condition reacts to our treatment. You may leave as soon as the bleeding stops. I think that will take a couple of days. 9. attendance 出席人数 出席 The pupils with a good attendance have been given free hamburgers, toys and

T-shirts. 10. attention 注意 留心 So, you’re just back from the trip to India, what were you doing there? The trip was intended to bring to the world’s attention. The fact that AIDS is not just an african disease it’s also endangering other countries, notably, India and Thailand. 11. attitude 态度 看法 姿态 姿势 According to their fans, insects are not only high in protein and low in fat, but also very tasty. But until our attitude to food chang fundamentally, it seems that insect eaters will remain a select few. 12. attraction 吸引 吸引力 具有吸引力的事物 具有吸引力的人 Women’s liberaration groups in Britainand have used graffiti to show their anger at the sex discrimination of many advertisements where women’body are used to show goods, yesterday’s graffiti can be today’s tourist attraction. 13. attribute 把…归功于 属性 品质 Thinness is currently an attribute that female desire highly. 14. authority 权利 管辖权 I mean I hope I’ll be able to choose the kind of job I do and who I work for. Of course, I’d like to have more money and more authority than I have now. 15. automatic 自动的 机械的 Can you show me how to use this, Jhon? It is fully automatic, all you have to do is focus on the scene and press the

button here. 16. available 现获得的 可用的 可会见的 Could I speak to Doctor Chen? She told me to call her today. She is not available right now. Would you like to try around 3? 17. average 平均的 普通的 Between 1969 and 1989, employed Americans add an average of 138 hours to their yearly work schedules. Nilrikman and others of the harvard research group have done some research into the differences between average and good negotiators. 18. avoid 避免 避开 Mr wilson, you said you saw the bus crash into the truck. Do you know what caused the accident? I saw a boy riding his bicycle in the street, the bus driver tried to avoid hitting him. He made a sudden turn and lost control of the bus. 19. award 授予 给予 奖品 In 1931 Jane Adams was awarded the Nobel Prize for what she had done for society. 20. balance 均衡 使均衡 Sometimes the overall energy balance is upset. and your normal body weight may either fall or increase. To maintain a given body weight, your energy input must balance your energy output.

21. bald 秃头的 秃的 American national symbol-the bald eagle, almost went extinct twenty years ago, but it has made a comeback. 22. bargain 便宜的东西 交易 I know it’s the end of the season, but those peaches are such a bargain that I could’t help buying them, have one, please. Thank you, actually they seem past their prime. 23. battle 战斗 战役 斗争 On 24th June 1859, while on his way from Juniva to France, Dunant witnessed the battle between Franch and Austrilia armies. 24. behavior 行为 举止 表现 By comparison, Americans are often frank to explain both positive and negative emotions on the street and in other public places. Americans visiting Asia should keep in mind that such a behavior may cause offence. 25. believe 相信 认为 相信 Lots of people enjoy dancing, do you? Believe it or not. that’s the last thing I’d ever want to do. 26. benefit 好处 利益 有利于 得益 For them, the economic benefit they reap surpasses the risk of dying or losing property in one of volcano’s frequent eruption. Who will benefit from the scheme being tried in Florida? 27. bias 偏见 使有偏见

Earlier studies indicated that very young school children aged between 5 and 7 showed no bias in choosing musical instruments, but their tasts become more clear between 8 and 10. 28. blame 指责 责备 Plowing is blaming for causing severe damage to top soil by removing plants that protect soil from being blown or washed away. 29. blunt 钝的 率直的 直言不讳的 Many East Asians prefer to hold their emotions in check and instead express themself with great politeness. They try not to be blunt and avoid making direct criticism. 30. booth 公用电话亭 摊位 Well, several coutries are displaying electronic products. China selection is very large this year. You might well go to the east wing first take a look of chinese booth. 31. border 边缘 边界 边境 In July 1990, a british wildlife group uncovered a blank market in elephant’s skin. Elephants are shot in the forests along the border between Thailand and Burma. And their skins are sold to factories in Bangkok. 32. brake 闸 制动器 刹车 Good morning, what can I do for you? I’d like to have my emergency brake fixed. The car rolls when I parke on the hill. the

33. brand 商标 牌子 商品的牌子 Isn’t that a new brand of typewriter you are working at? Oh, Bill, that is not the first time you asked me about it. 34. break 毁坏 弄坏 破坏 This machine has so many buttons. I can’t figure out which one makes it run. You’d better read the instructions first, pressing the buttons randomly may cause the machine to break down. 35. breathe 呼吸 I wonder if our children will still be able to breath the clear air, drink clear water and see the blue sky. I agree with you, I think it’s time man learned to living in harmony with the earth instead of just exploiting it. 36. breed 种 品种 类型 Specialist advice is available to help you choose the most suitable breed of dog. 37. brighten 变亮 使变亮 In New York, graffiti pictures have been sold for hundreds of thousands dollars. Graffiti artists have been paid to use their art to brighten up dull enviroments. 38. bring 带来 使发生 A trivial thing sometimes bring about undesired consequences. The new year always brings with the culture tradition of new possiblities.

39. broad There was broad agreement between boys and girls on which instruments each sex should play and reasons varied. 40. brush 刷子 擦及 Take every precaution to prevent the national flag from being soiled. It should not be allowed to touch the ground or floor, nor to brush against objects. 41. budget 预算 规划 安排 I certainly would like to buy the fur coat I saw in the department store, but I don’t have enough money Well, if you had budgeted your money better, you’d be able to buy it now. 42. bulletin(报纸、电台等)简明新闻;公告 Susan, have you read the notice on the bulletin board? I’ve won the scholarship for the next semester. I knew you would, you certainly deserve it. 43. business 交易 生意 工商企业 Tom must be joking. When he said he plans to sell his shop and go to medical school. You’re quite right. He’s just kidding. He’s also told me time time again, he wished to study for some profession instead of going to business. 44. cabinet Mr Jhonson, have you heard the morning newsreport? Mill has resigned his post as prime minister

I didn’t turn on the radio this morning, but I did see the headlines. If you remember, he threatened to leave master office at the last cabinet meeting. 45. cafeteria 自助餐厅 自助食堂 The cafeteria provided many kinds of dishes for us today, did you notice that? Yes, kind of rare, isn’t it? 46. campaign You are my campaign manager. What do you think we should do to win the election. I’m convienced I am the best candidate for the chairman of the Student Union. We won’t be able to win unless we get the majority of votes from the women students. 47. candidate 申请求职者 候选人 The Dean just announced that Dr. Holden is going to take over as chairman of the history department. I knew it all along. he is the obvious choice. All the other candidates are no match for him. 48. capacity 容量 能力 People who got hurt in the accident may develop psychical guards that have significant impact upon their capacity to enjoy stable, fulfilling lives. 49. capture 俘获 捕获 Asian elephants live in the remote forest of southern Asia. and therefore it’s very difficult to study them. Most knowledge about Asian elephants is from

those have been captured or tamed. 50. career 生涯 职业 事业 During the final years in his career, Wilt Chamberlain drew a large salary and became very wealthy. 51. cause 原因 使发生 引起 How could a misunderstanding like that cause such a serious accident?

1. cavity 洞 穴 I’m afraid there won’t be time to do aother tooth today, make sure you don’t eat anything like steaks for the next few hours,and we’ll fill the other cavity tomorrow. All right. Actually, I must hurry to the library to return some books. 2. ceremony 典礼 仪式 If the flag just display on such occasions, do not allow the flag to fall to the ground. But let it be carried high up in the air to form a feature of the ceremony. 3. cetainly 必定 当然 Your dog certainly seems to know you’re his master. Did you have to punish him very often when you trained him? I found it’s better to praise him when you obeys and not to be so fussy when he makes mistakes.

4. challenge 挑战 向…挑战 对……质疑 The assignment on physics is a real challenge, I don’t think I can finish it on time all by myself. Why don’t we join in our feet together? It may be easier then. 5. chamber 室 会所 The local chamber of commerce, which represents the industry in the area, hired me as a consultant to do a one-year study on fishing in the Biramichi river and write report for them. 6. champaign 香槟酒 Ann, how much champaign did they drink? A lot, it was more popular than mineral water. 7. champion 冠军 捍卫者 拥护者 Though we didn’t win the game, we were satisfied with our performance You did a great job, you almost beat the world champion. It was a real surprise to many people. 8. championship 锦标赛 冠军 His teams often won enough games to qualify for the final rounds, but they almost aways lost in the finals. As a result, Wilt chamberlain became determined to win one more championship before he retired. 9. chance 可能性 机会 机遇 When dos the football team have the best chance to win the World Cup? 10. change 改变 变更 变化 零钱

Susan, I’m going to change the light bulb above dining table, will you hold the ladder for me? No problem. But be careful while you’re up here. Change the part of life, but rapid change, said scientist Georgy Woodwill, is the enemy of life. 11. character 性格 特性 人物 Hollywood films generally have one thing in common conflict. The main character wants something very badly and will do anything to get it. The opponent tries to stop the main character from achieving the goal. 12. characteristic 典型的 特性 特征 Sue accepted each assignment cheerfully, and when problems arose, she responded with his characteristic,’No problem, I can handle it.” 13. charge 价钱 管理 指控 Mary is in charge of the art and music section, and charles the post page, what about you? I’m responsible for the editorials. 14. charity 慈善 慈善团体 We need to let everyone know about the charity concert, but we don’t have enough money for advertising. How about using the school radio station? They broadcast free public service announcements. 15. check 检查 支票 账单

I wonder whether it would be possible to change this double room to two single rooms. Sorry, sir. All the single rooms are occupied. If you like I can check with imperial hotel to see if they have any. Many people dislike walking into the banks, standing in long lines and running out of checks. They’re dissatisfied with the bank’s limited hours, too. 16. chemical 化学的 化学制品 Low-till farming increases harvests and reduces water use, and this method reduced the need for chemical products. because they are few unwanted plants. 19. chief 主要的 首要的 首领 长官 Once more than fifty hundred pairs of bald eagles nested across the country, but by 1960, that number had fallen below four hundred. the chief killer was the wildly used DDT. 20. choice 选择 选择权 There was no real significance in the choice of lucky number. 21. choke(使)窒息 呛 Enviromental scientist praises the teenages for removing garbage that can harm wildlife, waterbirds, for example, can choke on plastic bottle rings, and get cut by scrap metal. 22. choose 选择 决定 I’m looking for a department with a monthly rent to around 200 dollars in his

neighborhood, can you give me some advice on that? It is rather hard to find anything for less than 300 dollars around here. Rents are often lower in the suburbs. But you will need transportation if you choose live here. 23. circle 圆圈 圈子 界 Graffidy is also a popular art form, graffiti pictures have gained respect in artistic circles. 24. circumstance 环境 条件 境况 If in any circumstance, we feel that a physician’s order is inappropriate or unsafte, we have the legal responsiblity to question that order or refuse to carry it out. 25. cite 引用 引证 Why did the speaker cite the example of graffiti in the london underground? 26. cling 紧紧抓住 黏着 坚持 墨守 The newcomers moved into the poorest neighborhoods of the larger cities, they tended to stay together and cling to their old ways. 27. clumsy 笨拙 粗陋的 I just made a jar for jam this morning, and now I can’t find it anywhere. Do you know what happenen to him? Did you hear crash? That was it. I’m just as clumsy as ever. 28. cognitive 认知的 认知能力的 Language is a test case for human cognitive development.

29. collapse 倒坍 塌下 Why did the highway in northern Califorlia collapse? 30. collect 收集 接 收(帐、税等) To collect the data for my report, I need to talk someone who knows that small city very well. I was told that you lived there for quite a long time. Oh, I wish I could help, but I was only a child then. 31. collision 碰撞 冲突 抵触 25 years ago, Ray Anderson, a single parent with a one-year-old son witnessed a terrible accident which took place when the driver of a truck ran a ren light and collided with the car of Sandra. The impact of coolision killed Sandra instantly. 32. combination 结合(体) 联合(体) 化合 Oh, Dad you are wearing a black jacket but yellow trousers. It’s the strangest combination I’ve ever seen. I know, I got up late and dress in a hurry, I didn’t realize my mistake until I entered the office. 33. comeback 恢复 复原 International health official have expressed fears at SARS may make a comeback later in the year, with the return of northern hemisphere winter. 34. comedy 喜剧 戏剧性(事件) Well, What do think of the movie? I don’t know why I let you talk me into going. I just don’t like violence, next

time you’d better choose a comedy. 35. comment 评论 意见 评论 Writing on walls is a way to comment the worlds we live in. 36. commerce 商业 贸易 The local chamber of commerce, which represents the industries in the area, hired me as a consultant, to do a one-year study on fishing in the Biramichi river and write a report for them. 37. commit 犯(错误、罪行等) 干(蠢事、坏事等) Why are you so sure tha Ann didn’t commit the crime. She couldn’t have commited that crime, because I was with her, and we were all out of town on that day. 38. committee 委员会 全体委员 Was Robert elected to the committee? Yes, In fact he was made chairman, but he only agreed to take the job if they let him have the final say. 39. common 平常的 共同的 公共的 Experts say plants under climate stress will be very open to disease and fire, forests fire may become more common. 40. communicate 交流 通讯 传达 传染 Sadly enough it was a really bad mistake, many people died as a result simply understanding. Wow, that’s a powerful lesson on how important it can be to accurately

comminicate to each other. 41. community 社区 社会 界 I’d like to sign up for some voluntary work with the enviroment council, I hear it is a great way to connect with the community. It sure is, but you’ll have to put in a lot of hours, So you scheduling your time. 42. companion 伴侣 共事者 Most people have had a dog or wanted one as their companion at some time in their lives. 43. compare 比较 把…比作 Researchers compared good negotiators with another group of average negotiators, and found there was no difference in the time that two groups spent on planning their strategy. 44. comparison 比较 比拟 A cash-and-carry market is by comparison much more capable of self-policing. 45. compatible 兼容的 能和睦共处的 You don’t need any Ethernet card with this modem which is compatible with windows desktop machines. 46. compensation 补偿(或赔偿)的款物 补偿 I have a complain to make, sir. I waited ten minites at the table before the waiter showed up, and when I finally got serviced I found it was not what I

ordered. I’m terribly sorry, Madam. It has been unusually busy tonight, as a compensation, your meal will be free. 47. compete 竞争 比赛 Banks are creating on-line services for several reasons. one reason is that banks must compete for customers who will switch to another bank if they dissatisfied with the service they received. 48. competition 竞争 比赛 The universities are going to hold interesting competitons on computer programming, many of my friends have signed up for it, how about you/ Do you think I could ever win anything if I took part in it? 49. complaint 抱怨 投诉 Your complaint will be acknowledged within one working day, and you will receive a full reply in 10 working days. 50. complete 全部的 完成 结束 The serve was conducted by means of questionaire given to the student completely. 51. comprehensive 广泛的 综合的 全面的 It’s quite clear from my visit. This is a full size, comprehensive university, why is it still called a college? The college of william and Mary is the second oldest institution of High learning in this country. We have nurtured great minds, like Thomas Jefferson

and we’re proud of our name. 52. concentrate 全神贯注 集中 The people next door are making so much noise, I just can’t concentrate, Tom. Why don’t you stay at the library, it’s much quieter there. 53. concentration 专心 集中 浓缩 Jim lawson said minor mental mistakes can be regarded as evidence of lack of concentration

1. concept 概念 观念 设想 Do you think home video players would replace movie theaters and force them out of the entertainment businesses? We certainly face to the great challenge from the DVD industry, that’s why I think we have to revolution our concept about the movie showing. As I said, the movie theater should not just be a place to watch a film, but place to meet people. 2. concerning 关于 You must be familiar with all safety preceduling operation and maitainment this equipment. 3. concert 音乐会 演奏会 Did you see just now, I want to ask her to go with us to the concert tonight.

She must be around somewhere. You might still be able to catch her. 4. conduct 进行 管理 举止 行为 What’s considered typical popular conduct in one country maybe regarded as odd, inproper or even rude in the other. 5. conference 会议 正式会议 讨论会 I thought you are going to call me last night about the plans for the conference on language teaching. Sorry, I should have. But tom and Jane stopped by, and stayed until midnight. 6. confidence 信任 信赖 信心 自信 I’ve never seen you have such confidence before in the exam. It’s more than confidence! Right now I feel if I got less than A, it will be the fault of the exam itself. 7. confirm 证实 肯定 确认 When the docotor examed Wilt, the docotor confirmed Wilt’s fears. The doctor told Wilt that he had a broken bone in the wirst, and he couldn’t play anymore. 8. consequently 所以 因此 因而 Fishes are caught when they are on the way upstream to lay eggs, Consequently, not enough fished are left to reproduce in large numbers. 9. consider 考虑 认为 把…看作 Most Americans are consider to success when they make a name for themselves.

10. constitude 构成 形成 建立 Professor Stevenson, as a economist, how do you look upon the surging chinese ecnomy? does it constitude a threat to the rest of the world? I believe china’s economics success should be seen more as an opportunity than a threat, those who look upon it as a threat overlooked the benefit of china’s growth to the world economy, they also lack the understanding of elementary economics. 11. constitutional 宪法的 宪法规定的 As ambassador to France, Benjamin Franklin encouraged the french to help Georgy Washingdon. After the war, he attended the American Constitutional Congress. 12. consultant 顾问 专科医生 By the way, Jane, did you talk to the consultant about our new health program? I contacted his office, but his secrectary said he would be out for lunch until 2. 13. consume 消耗 喝光 The human body is a remarkable food processer. as a adult, you can consume over a ton of food per year, and still not gain or lose a pound of body weight. 14. contact 接触 联系 与…取得联系 The virus can be highly infectious. If you come in contact with a victim’s blood or other body fluids, you can get sick, too.

Mary, could you please tell thomas to contact to me, I was hoping him would be able to help me out with the freshmen orientation program next week. I would certainly tell him If I saw him, but I haven’t see him around for quite a few days. 15. continue 继续 延续 Until marriage again become a serious important part of people’s lives, we’ll probably continue to see a high rate of divorce. 16. contract 合同 契约 You have the right to cancel the contract at anytime up to 7 working days after the date you send your acceptance form to us. 17. contribute 作出贡献 有助于 When her youngest child reach the school age, jane decided to go back to work, she felt she should contribute to the household finances. 18. contribution 共线 促成作用 As ambassador to France, Benjamin Franklin encouraged the French to help Georgy washington. After the war, he attended the American Constitutional Congress. This was his last contribution for he died later that year. 19. conrol 控制 International rescue works brought equipment to Zaire soon after the outbreak occurred, now the disease appears to be under control. 20. convention 习俗 公约 大会 定期大会 Many Europeans states supported Dunant and on 22th August 1864 the first

Geneva convention was signed. 21. cooperate 合作 协作 配合 As an open and cooperative art, the network art enables artists to cooperate and intercommunicate with IT experts. 22. cooperative 合作的 合作组织 Another problem is that the members of the fishing cooperative are over-fishing. 23. coordinate 调节 协调 As nurses, we are licensed to provide nursing care only, we provid health teaching, assess with physical as well as emotional prolems, and coordinate patient related services. 24. cope(成功地)应付 (妥善地)处理 With support from the united nations, coutries will be encouraged to share information about the disaster reduction, for instance, information about how to plan for and cope with hurricanes, earthquakes and other nature disasters. 25. corporate 法人团体的 公司的 The president says many of the Philadelphia summit’s corporate sponsors will recruit tutors. 26. correspondence 信件 函件 The first thing is correspondence. We have a lot of standard letters and forms, so I suppose we need some kind of processor. 27. cost 费用 代价 (使)花费

There is also the open yellow bus number 300 to the city at a cost of 3 dollars for adults or 1 dollars 50 cents for a children. 28. costume 服装 服饰 Do not use the flag as a part of costume or athletic uniform. 29. court 法庭 球场 You son’s certainly shows a lot of enthusiasm on the tennis court. I only wish he’d show as much for his studies. 30. cover 盖 覆盖 The sea dragon is covered with skin that looks like leaves. 31. crash 碰撞 坠毁 破裂声 Cars will be automatically controlled by a computer, all the driver will have to do is say where to go and the computer will do the rest. It will become possible for cars to crash into one another. Did you hear about the air crash that occurred in southern American recently? It was quite a tragic accident. No, I didn’t see anything in the news about it, what happened? 32. create 创造 创作 To be successful in the job interview, you should demonstrate certain personal and professional qualities, you need to create a good image in the limited time available. 33. creative 创造(性)的 有创造力的 Many people join in community theatres, because they want to perform or

to be creative. 34. credit 信贷 学分 Professor Smith, I really need the credits to graduate this summer. Here in this school, the credits are earned not given. 35. crew 全体机组人员 一队工作人员 Is the resuce crew still looking for survivors of the plane scrash? Yes, they have been searching the area for hours, but they haven’t found anybody else. They will keep searching until night falls. 36. criminal 罪犯 犯人 刑事犯 Cotton Ville is a new prison, specially designed for women criminals in Scotland 37. critical 关键性的 批评的 Cosumes of medically related services have evidently not been affected enough yet, to demand changes in our medical system. But if trends continue as predicted, they will find that most critical hospital care will be provided by new, inexperienced,and sometime inadequately trained nurses. 38. criticism 批评 批判 指责 评论 评论文章 The modernity of literature is the sort of criticism, which embodies the critiques both in the tradition and the modern civilization. 39. cupboard 食橱 碗橱 Say your goal is to lose weight by dieting and cutting off sweets, but one

night you just have to have a cookie and you know there’s a bag of your favorites in the cupboard. 40. current 当前的 (空气、水、电等的)流 Research has revealed that about 40 percent of the adult man and 55 percent of the adult women are dissatisfied with their current body weight. 41. curriculum 课程 (学校等的)全部课程 I have flown from San Francisco to Virginia to attend a conference on multiculturalism. Hundreds of educations from across the country were meeting to discuss the need for greater culture diversity in the school curriculum. 42. custom 风俗 海关 American visitors to East Asia are often surprised and puzzled by how Asian cultures and customs differ from those in the United States. 43. daily 日常的 天天 日报 Do you let people know when you are taking pictures of them? I try not to, I don’t like pictures of people who pose for the camera. I like people who are going about their daily business without being aware of the camera. 44. dealine 最后期限 The deadline for the sociology and computer courses is the day after tomorrow.

But I haven’t decided which courses to take yet. 45. deadly 致死的 致命的 非常、极度地 A deadly infectious outbreak swept though a small city in Zaire, Africa last Spring, killing more than 100 people. 46. deal 处理 交易 协议 You take the benefits of the apple tree, but refused to deal the bad side of it. Mr.Deley, I’ve just checked my new apartment, the kitchen sink is leaking! Ok, madam. That’s not a big deal, I have a maintenance man come over and fix it right away. 47. dean 主任牧师 (大学的)学院院长 系主任 After 8 challenging and successful years, Brian Land resigned as dean in June 1972. 48. decay 腐烂 衰落 Doctor.Faustick conducted a 2-year survey to find out how to prevent or reduce dental decay. 49. decide 决定 对…作出判断 拿定主意 How did you go to Canada, jane? did you fly? I was planning to, because it’s such a long trip by bus or by train, but Fred decided to drive and invited me to join him, it took us two days and a night.


1. decision 决定 Specilist advice is available to help you choose the most suitable breed of dog, but in part, the decision depends on common sense. 2. decline 下降 减少 衰退 谢绝 拒绝 The major for the decline of Asian elephants is the loss of their forests. 3. decorate 装饰 装潢 修饰 It is better to reside in a bad part of town, I think, than not to live the house at all, or buy an old house,and redesign it, then decorate it with old style furniture. 4. decrease 减少 (减少)量 Schools that show a decrease in deliberate destruction of property can receive the amount of money, that would be spent on repairs and replacements. 5. definite 明确的 确切的 一定的 肯定的 I am sorry, madam, the plane is somewhat behind the schedule, take a seat, I will inform you as soon as we know something definite. Thank you, I’d rather look around, and I will be back in several minutes. 6. definitely 明确地 肯定地 [口]的确 You’re a fantastic teacher that definitely tought me a lot about reasoning. 7. deliberate 故意的 深思熟虑的 仔细考虑 A chemical attack is the deliberate release of toxic gas, liquid or solid that can

poison people and the enviroment. 8. demand 要求 强令 The strike of the porters has held up export orders for two weeks, Do you think it will end soon? So far as I know, the management side has made an improved pay offer, but the unions are just holding out for the original demands. 9. demanding 费力的 过分要求的 Susan brown found that a night nurse’s work is physically less demanding than a clearner’s, and she can sleep 8 hours during the day. Dogs are demanding pets, whereas cats identify with the house and so are content of if their place there is secure.a dog identify with its master and consequently wants him to show proof of his affection. 10. democracy 民主(制) 民主国家 You have got to do far more to take the leadership role in protecting the freedoms, and the democracy, and the citizens of your country. 11. demonstrate 证明 显示 展示 Drugs are approved only after tests have demonstrated that they are relatively

safe when use as directed, and when their benefits outweigh their risks. 12. dental 牙齿的 牙科的 What kind of food is most likely to cause dental decay? 13. dentist 牙科医生 I need to find a dentist; you said you know Doctor Smith Well, do you recommend her? Well, I had to see her a few times, but what impressed me most is the magzines in her waiting room. 14. depart 离去 出发 背离 违反 Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve commenced our descent in the Sydney Airport and we will depart the terminal building about 30 minutes from now. 15. department 部 部门 系 The report says all the departments are making a profit except the Asian Department. Well, Mr.smith seems to be the wrong person to head that department, One more step wrong, and he would be removed from that office. 16. departure 离开 出发 背离 违反 I’d like to remind you when you leave Sydeny airport on the next international flight, you will berequired to pay a departure tax of 10 dollars. 17. depend 依赖 决定于 If the earth gets hotter in new century, what will happen to animals and the plants which animals depend on for survival?

18. deputy 副职 副手 Just the deputy governor of the prison said, we try to preserve the prisoners respect as much as possible by imaging ourselves in their prison. His words explained why this new prison is run in unique way. 19. descend 下来 下降 So the pilot did descend to the wrong altitude then, because they were following the air controllers’ instructions. 20. description 描写 形容 种类 性质 Your description is to be no more than 1 A4 page in length. 21. deserve 应收 应得 值得 Congratulations, you certainly did quite well, and I must say you deserve that grade. Well, I really studied hard for that exam, I’ve been preparing for it for more than a month. Now I can relax for a while. 22. design 设计 构想 In the past, it was believed that left-handers tended to have more accidents largely because most equipment was designed for right-handers. 23. desire 渴望 欲望 At the college level, a study found 85% of both male and female first-year students desired to change their body weight. 24. despite 不管 不顾 尽管 Psychologists find that despite the best efforts of teachers, these ideas have

changed very little over the past decade. 25. destruction 破坏 毁灭 消灭 The huge increase in human population has caused the destruction of Asian forests for human occupation. 26. detail 细节 详述 We have to make our intentions manageable by detailing the specific steps that will carry us to the goal. 27. determine 下决心 决意 This experience left a deep impression on Dunant, and made him determine to do something for convicts and slaves and for who were oppressed and deprived of their liberty. 28. devote 把…专用 将…奉献给 For 18 years, Gabriella devoted her life to the poor farm children of Chile’s northern valleys. 29. diet(病人或减肥者)的特种饮食 节食 When I go on a diet, I eat only fruit, and that takes off weight quickly. I prefer to eat whatever I eat, and then run regularly to lose weight. 30. differ 不同 相异 In what way, do Columbia students differ from Japanese students? 31. difference 差别 差异 (意见的)分歧 Jane Brown thought her salary could make a difference between the financial struggle, and secure financial situation for her family.

In fact, many East Asians often keep their difference of opinion to themselves, and merely smile and remain silent rather than engage in the confrontation. 32. difficult 困难的 难懂的 Some critics say the Poe’s work is difficult to understand, and most of their writing describes many unpleasant situations and events. 33. difficulty 困难 费劲 难事 Americans have great difficulty understanding foreigners who always want to be with another person and who dislike being alone. 34. digest 消化 领悟 文摘 We heard that when you were a kid, you submitted a story to Reader’s Digest. Well, I don’t remember the story exactly, but my idea of great time then was a pad of lined paper and a new blue pen. I thought of myself as a Readers’ Digest member at the age of six. 35. digital 数字的 数字显示的 Could you tell me where digital electronic products are displayed? I want to see some TVs, digital video cameras, DVD players, that sort of thing. 36. dignity 庄严 端庄 尊严 高贵 The protection of human dignity inclines to core spirits of modern law on which the basis of modern law should be placed. 37. directly 直接地 径直地 正好地 Benjamin Franklin was deeply interested in science and natural history, and his experiments of electricity and lightening led directly to the invention of

lightening rod. 38. disaster 灾难 天灾 The decade for natural disaster reduction is a program designed to reduce the impact of natural disasters throughout the world. 39. discharge 释放 解雇 排出 放出 Many scientists, therefore, believe that crying somehow helps us cope with emotional situations. Tear researcher, Winifred, is trying to figure out how it happens. One possibility, he says, is that tears discharge certain chemicals from your body, chemicals that build up during stress. 40. discount(价格、债款等)折扣 把…打折 漠视 I’ve been waiting all week for the concert, the performance is said to be excellent, and with our student discount, the tickets will be really cheap. Ah-ha, I’m afraid I left my student ID-card in the dorm. To protect your sense of self, you begin to discount the goal. You may think “well, dieting wasn’t that important to me, and I won’t make it anyhow”, so you abandon the goal and return to your bad habits. 41. discrimination 歧视 辨别 识别力 10.97% people kept the attitude of discrimination and avoiding Aids infector. 42. disguise 伪装 掩饰 Some animals hide by looking like the places where they live, to see how this works, let’s see the sea dragon, it is a master of disguise. 43. display 陈列 展示 显示 表现

All the armed services have precise regulation on how to play the national flag. 44. diverse 不同的 相异的 多种多样的 Race has functioned as something necessary to the construction of American character and quality in the creation of our national identity-American has been defined white. But America has been racially diverse since our very beginning on the Virginia shore, where the first group of Englishmen and Africans arrived in the 17th century. 45. drag 拖 拉 迫使 硬拉 Well, it’s easier to pick up apples than to drag tree branches all the way to the curb. My kids pick up the apples, and the branches are just too big for them to drag. Well, I guess you’ll just have to do for yourself, Jane. 46. draw 画 拉 提取 推断出 I’ve just got a statement from the bank, it says that I’ve drawn 300 dollars more than I have in my account. Well, we did spend a lot on our vacation. In fact, we didn’t know exactly how much was in our bank. You want one, you eat two, you check the bag and find out you just shot 132 calories, we said to yourself “what the hell?”, and polish off the whole bag, the you begin to draw all kinds of unpleasant conclusions about yourself. 47. dress 服装 穿衣 给…穿衣

Hi, Michael, I can hardly recognize you, why are you dressed up today? Are you going to the theatre? No, actually, I just had an interview at a photo studio this morning. 48. drive 驱赶 驾驶 If another animal has made a kill, lions will drive it off and take the dead animals for themselves. 49. drop(使)落下 (使)降低 (使)停止 (一)滴 Friday is a public holiday. Shall we spend our weekend in New York? we could leave on Thursday night. I’d rather go on Friday, My uncle will drop in on Thursday evening, I haven’t met him for several years, you know. 50. due 预定(应到)的 应给的 到期的 When are we supposed to submit our project proposals? Jane. They’re due by the end of this week, we’ve only two days left, and we’ll just have to hurry. The emotional and physical stress that occurs due to odd working-hours is a prime reason for a lot of career dissatisfaction.

1. dump 倾倒 倾销 This chemical pollution has two sources: the factories, which dump polluted water directly into the river, and the local community, which dumps untreated

human wastes into the river. 2. earn 赚得 挣得 获得 Yuppies are young people who earn a lot of money and live in a style that is too expensive for most of people. 3. ease 不费力 安适 自在 Have you heard about the plane crash yesterday? It caused 120 deaths. I’m never at ease when taking a flight. Though we often hear about the air crashes and serious casualties, flying is still one of the safest ways to travel. 4. economic 经济的 经济学的 经济学 For them, the economic benefit they reap surpasses the risk of dying or losing property in one of the volcano’s frequent eruptions. 5.edition 版 版本 Hi, Louise, I’ve got a used copy of our chemistry textbook for half price. I’m afraid you wasted your money, yours is the first edition, but we’re supposed to be using is the third edition. 6. electricity 电 Benjamin Franklin’s Experiments with electricity and lightening led directly to the invention of the lightening rod. 7. electronic 电子的 电子学 电子设备 I’m told Alice is trying to find a job in an electronic company. As far as I know, she is good at anything but electronic.

8. elementary 基本的 初级的 基础的 小学的 Youth in elementary school sites completed one version of the survey, while youth in junior high site completed a different version. 9. embarrassed 尴尬的 窘迫的 Boys, for example, cry only about a quarter as oftener as girls when they reach the teenage years, and we all cried a lot less now than we did as babies, could it possibly be that we face less stress? Maybe we found other ways to deal with it, or maybe we just feel embarrassed. 10. emergency 紧急情况 突然事件 A few months ago, millions of people in London heard alarms all over the town. The Emergency Services, the Fire Departments, the Police, hospitals and ambulances stood by, ready to go into action. 11. employ 雇佣 使用 利用 The factories here employ 3000 people in the area where there is very little alternative employment. 12. employment 工作 职业雇佣 After the earlier period of settlement, the first sharp increase in immigration took place in the 1830s and 1840s, this brought to American crafts people from northern Europe who lose employment in the industrial Revolution. 13. enable 使能够 使可能 使可行 Benjamin Franklin worked hard to enable the American colonies to gain independence from Britain.

14. encourage 鼓励 支持 The program will encourage governments to establish building standards, emergency response plants and training programs. 15. engage 占用 使从事于 雇 使订婚 参加 Young children should be not allowed to engage in activities at the same time that they eat. 16. engine 发动机 引擎 机车 In the earlier days, horses pulled the trains. The train had no engine and no power of their own. 17. enjoy 享受 喜爱 享有 During the summer, people started work very early in morning, so they can finish early and enjoy a leisure afternoon. 18. ensure 保证 担保 确保 Laws have been written to govern the use American national flag and to ensure proper respect for the flag. 19. entertain 招待 款待 给…娱乐 Good movies not only entertain us, they also help us understand a little more about life. 20. entertainment 娱乐 文娱节目 款待 Movies are the most popular form of entertainment for millions of Americans. 21. enthusiasm 热情 巨大兴趣 Your son certainly shows a lot of enthusiasm on the tennis court.

I only wish he’d show much for his studies. 22. enthusiastic 满腔热情的 热心的 倍感兴趣的 You didn’t seem to be terribly enthusiastic about the performance. You must be kidding. I couldn’t have clapped any harder. My hands are still hurting. 23. environment 环境 周围状况 自然环境 Yoga is a corporeal practice which emphasizes on a work on a body in a specific environment. 24. epidemic 流行病 Some people believe that the obesity epidemic is a result of a more evolutionary development of the sedentary life-style in modern society. 25. erupt(火山、喷泉等)喷发 (危机、问题等)爆发 Mount Etna does erupt frequently, but those eruptions are usually minor, So the overall risk for people living nearby is relatively small. 26. especially 特别 尤其 格外 As immigrants were accustomed to poverty, they were willing to work for very lower wages. This made other workers, especially those in Lab unions, afraid that immigrants would thus lower wage levers and take job away from them. 27. establish 建立 创办 确立 Asians like Koreans and Vietnamese then began to arrive, many of these new comers have worked very hard to establish themselves in their new land.

28. estimate 估计 估量 In lower paid occupations, where paid wages have been reduced, workers have added hours in over-time or extra job to preserve their living standards. The government estimates that more than 7 million people hold a second job. 29. eventually 终于 最后 Miss Susan Brown felt she needed to change for one thing, and for another, she hoped to eventually become a head nurse. 30. evidence 根据 证据 迹象 The comparatively mild effects of the northern California earthquake in 1999 are good evidence that we do have the technology to prevent vast destruction. 31. evidently 明显地 显然 As we mentioned earlier, the relations between firms and their stakeholders are evidently not all of the same kind. 32. excellent 优秀的 卓越的 杰出的 I’ve read the newspaper, that the novels you are reading is excellent. I’ve also read some negative reviews. 33. except 除了 要不是 It’s nice and quiet here, away from the dust and noise city. And our departments are new and well furnished. It’s a good place except it’s a bit far away from where we work. Anyway, I’ll talk with my husband tonight, and give you a call tomorrow. 34. excess 过量 过量的 额外的

The vast majority of the individuals who want to change their body weight do it for the sake of appearance. Most want to lose excess body fat, while a smaller percentage of individuals actually want to gain weight. 35. exchange 交换 兑换 调换 交流 Gabriella Mistral tried to break through the national barriers that hindered the exchange of ideas among the Spanish speaking people of South America. 36. executive 执行者 行政官 For example, in the media industry, successful executives are often seen to eat fried and boiled insects from time to time while working at their desks. 37. exercise 锻炼 练习 演习 锻炼 行使 This exercise Flood call didn’t cause panic in London. Most people knew it was just warning. one lady said,’ it’s a flood warning, isn’t it?” the water doesn’t look high to me. 38. existence 存在 生存 生活(方式) Americans go to the movies to escape their normal everyday existence and to experience a life more exciting than their own. 39. exotic 奇异的 外(国)来的 异国情调的 These safe-to-eat insects can be found and ordered on the internet, and young people are logging on to exotic websites and ordering samples of prepared insects to serve at their dinner parties. 40. expect 预料 期望 盼望 How do you do on your on the maths exam? John.

I barely made it, it was just a passing score but better than I had expected. 41. experience 经历 经验 经历 As corporations have experienced stiff competitions and slow in growth of productivity, they have pressed employees to work longer. 42. expertise 专门知识(或技能等) 专长 Who do you think should get the job? How about Mr. Becket? Mr. Becket? I am not sure, he is a nice fellow, of course, and easy to get along with. But I doubt his professional expertise. I want someone to get the job done. 43. explain 讲解 解释 说明 “It’s no secret that the children learn words, but the words they tend to know are linked to the specific situations in the home,” explained Shaffer. 44. explanation 解释 说明 阐述 What was the traditional explanation of left-handers having more accidents? 45. export 出口(物) 出口 You can use to close all windows to close the active window or to export the current window to excel. 46. express 表示 表达 陈述 I don’t agree with on Mr. Johnson on his views about social welfare. He seems to suggest the poor are robbing the rich. He might have used better words to express his ideas, but I find what he said made a lot of sense.

47. extend 延伸 扩展 伸展 延伸 The farmers were forced to leave their lands when Lord Chestfield, their landlord, refused to renew their traditional lease last year in order to extend the reservation area for birds. 48. extinct 灭绝的 绝种的 All the traditional banking will be coming extinct in the 21th century. Just like the dinosaur, if they cannot suit to the electronic development properly. 49. extra 额外的 外加的 特别的 We should take extra time and spent extra money to build disaster safety into our lives. 50. factor 因素 要素 Which according can most seriously endanger airplane according to this passage? 51. failure 失败 失败的人或事 失灵 故障 What were the circumstances? Were they bad weather, a fire, or engine failure? Apparently, there were some lower clouds in area, but mostly it was just miscommunication between the pilots and the traffic controllers.