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Unit Three Job Interview
? Applicant : a person who applies for sth., esp. a post ? Graduate schools generally require applicants to submit scores on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). ? With admission criteria ranking among the most selective in the United States, Harvard accepts less than 20 percent of all applicants.

? Question to decide if sb. is right for a job ? We’re going to interview six candidates this afternoon. ? John is being interviewed next week for the Chief Executive’s job.

? (informal) question intensely; cook under or over direct heat (used in the pattern: grill sb. about/on sth.) ? Tom was grilled by customs/Customs officers for several hours. ? The senior detective grilled the young suspect about the robbery case. ? We could grill the chops on the barbecue.

Follow up
? Take additional steps to further (a previous action) followed by with ) ? If you make a hotel booking by phone, follow it up with written confirmation. ? We are worried that terrorists will follow up their threats with bomb attacks.

In sb’s hands
? In sb’s possession ? All the relevant facts are in my solicitor’s hands. ? His father’s company has been in his hands for some years. ? The other phrases of hand (in hand ,have an open hand (be generous ),lift a hand to do sth., lend sb. a hand , off hand ,…)

? Likely to become or be ? The college had applications from nearly 200 prospective students. ? The chief function of direct-mail advertising is to familiarize prospective buyers with a product. ? Perspective ? Respective

As I see it
? In my opinion ? As I see it, this is the best book on the subject. ? As I see it, this press conference is the most successful one we have ever had. ? The other ways to express “在我看来”

(as) the saying goes
? Used to introduce a particular phrase that people often say ? As an old English saying goes, “If you want to live and thrive, let a spider run alive!” ? As the saying goes, “He who laughs last laughs longest (best).”

? An effort or attempt to do sth.; try to do sth. ? The government has endeavored to forbid the employment of children under the age of 16. ? The company endeavors to deal with clients’ complaints as promptly as possible.

? An occupation, esp. regular paid work ? Minorities often face barriers in education and employment. ? The automobile industry continues to be an important source of employment in that country.

Do one’s homework
? Make preparations beforehand ? Before you go near a stockbroker (证券纪 经人), do your homework. ? He had done his homework before he delivered the speech.

Go after
? Try hard to obtain ? Are you planning to go after Peter’s job when he leaves? ? He went after the first prize in the English speech contest. ? The other phrases of go

? By the way/by the by (e) ? Incidentally, this wine goes particularly well with cheese. ? Incidentally, if you want to see her again, let me know.

? One of a pair or team in a sport or game; person who takes part in an activity with another or others ? She is one of the five partners in the firm of lawyers. ? He didn’t take part in the contest because his partner was ill.

? Laugh quietly ? She sat reading the comic, chuckling to herself. ? The professor chuckled when we told her that we were afraid of her. ? Tackle

? A group or category that has a particular range; pieces of metal, wood, or plastic that are fastened to a wall in order to support something such as a shelf ? This new car is out of my price bracket. ? Women outnumbered men three to two in the over-65 age bracket. ? We need some adjustable wall brackets.

? Of or concerning the body; of or concerning the laws of nature ? It is a physical impossibility to be in two places at once. ? Regular exercise enhances people’s sense of mental well being along with their general physical health.

? the way in which sth. is organized, built or put together ? The structure of the family varies from society to society. ? The house was handsome four-story brick structure. ? Morphology (词法) is concerned with the structure of words, syntax with the structure of phrases and sentences.

take/have a crack (at)
? Try to do sth. ? They have decided to have a crack at the doubles championship. ? I would like to take a crack at the Olympic title again before I retire.

? A time limit by which sth. must be done ? April 15 is the deadline for tax forms to be mailed. ? Tomorrow is the deadline for the students to hand in their term paper.

Make a difference
? Change the situation or outlook; have an effect ? Having a good teacher has made all the difference for Tom. ? Where you live can make such a difference to the way you feel.

? A thin wall or screen that divides a room or other indoor space ? Glass partitions divided the room into individual offices. ? Her taxicab has a thick Perspex (有机玻 璃) partition between the passengers’ seats and the driver.

? Utter abruptly and thoughtlessly ? Peter blurted the secret (out) before we could stop him. ? As soon as the teacher put forward the question, he blurted the answer out.

? Try to look into private facts about a person (used in the pattern: pry (into sth.) ? We don’t want people prying into our affairs. ? Some reporters like to pry into film stars’ private life. ? Pry the lid off a tin ? Pry the tin open ? Pry information out of sb.

In the neighborhood of
? About /approximately ? He has an annual salary in the neighborhood of $40,000. ? I am hoping to buy an apartment in the neighborhood of 200,000 yuan .

? Giving or ready to give freely ? It was generous of you to share your food with me. ? Peter is very generous to his friends. ? The company announced a generous, unprecedented $20 per day wage for new workers. ? Be generous with sth.; be generous in doing sth.

? An aircraft with one or more jet engines ? British jet fighters have joined the UN forces. ? Commercial air transport has experienced massive growth with the advent of jet airliners.

As we were taxiing down it
? As the jet moved slowly on a runway. Here “taxi” is used as a verb.

Beyond anyone’s/one’s wildest dreams
? More than anyone/one can ever imagine ? Ten years ago it was beyond my wildest dreams that I could afford a car. ? Scientists have made an invention which is to change our lives beyond our wildest dreams.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? Shine in small bright flashes The stone sparkles when properly cut. The diamond ring sparkled in the sunlight. Park Trickle Tackle Spectacle

From one’s/the standpoint (of)
? From a human standpoint, all of the world’s physical resources are in finite supply. ? In recent years, some psychologists have tried to explain intelligence from a biological standpoint.

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