九年级英语全册 Unit 4 What would you do Section A练习(无答案) 人教新目标版

二、复习巩固 section A 将下列短语或句子译成英语 1. 把它给慈善机构 ______________________2. 把它存入银行 ___________________ 3.一百万美元 _____________________ 4. 医学研究 _________________________

5. 如果…将会…. _____________________ 6. 看起来友 好______________________ 7. 像一条金鱼 _____________________8. 很多麻烦 _________________________ 9. 如果你有一百万美元,你会做什么?______________________________________________ ?

10 . 如果我是你,我会带一份小礼物。__________________________________________________. 11. 我太累了而不能做好。 ________________________________________________.12. 我不知道说 什么或做什么。_______________________________________________. 13. 他不知道是否他应该带一份礼物。________________________________________________. 14. 如果其它每个人带了一份礼物会怎么样?_________________________________________? 三、重点解析: 1.hundred百/thousand千/million 百万/billion十亿 注:前面与具体数字one,two或many,some,several等连用时要用单数形式。 加s必加of,表概数;如:millions of 千千万万,几百万 2.medicine n.药 ;医学 v.给……用药 medical adj.医学的;医疗的 他是个医科学生。He is a student. 吃药 3.tie n. 领带 v.系 tie sth to sth 把……系在什么上 4.what if 如果……将会怎么样 What if everyone else brings a present? 5.get pimples起粉刺 6.energy n.精力;活力;能量 energetic adj.有活力的;精力充沛的 7. confident adj.自信的;有把握的 be confident of sth \ be confident that 对……有信心 confidence n. 自信 have confidence in… 对…有信心 四.练习:1)If I ______(be) a bird, I _ __________(fly) in t he blue sky. 2)If I _________(run) faste r than Liu Xiang, I _______ (take) part in the 2008 Olympic Games 3)If you __ _____(have) somethi ng important, you ___________( can go) now. 4)If he ________(have) no time, let’s ask Tom instead. 5)If she ________(come), please tell me.

6)If I ________(be) you, I __________(choose) this one. 单选题 1. He is too young. He doesn’t know ______ by himself. A. what to do things C. how to do 2. B. how to do things D. what to be done

Those boys _____ English at the English corner now. A. practice speaking C. are practicing speaking B. practicing spoken D. are practicing to speak


Don’t spend much time _______ and doing nothing. A. chatting B. to chat C. chating D. of

chatting 4. I like _______ TV these days because there are _______ advertisements. A. seeing, fewer C. watching, less 5. B. looking at, fewer D. watching, fewer

I don’t know _______ by myself _______ I am alone at home. A. how to do, when C. how to do things, but B. what to d o, when D. what to do things, because


Taking a car is always ______ than _______ a bus. A. faster, take B. fast, to take C. faster, taking D. more faster,

tak ing 7. John enjoys reading storybooks, and Nancy enjoys ________. A. also 8. B. two C. either D. as well

Last week, they had a great time ________ Qingdao. A. to visit B. to visiting C. for visiting D.

visiting 答案分别是:

1---5 : B CADB 6--8 C DD