外研版英语必修三课件:Module4 Sandstorms in Asia Introduction Reading vocabulary(共24张PPT)_图文

Vocabulary: Match the words with the definitions ? 1. to ride a bicycle ( cycle ) ? 2. someone who knows a lot about a particular subject ( ) expert ? 3. things that happen one after another ,and have a result ( process ) ? 4. someone who lives in a particular town or country ( citizen ) 1 5. very small bits of dirt or earth, on the ground or in the air ( dust ) 6. to continue to live after a difficult or dangerous situation or event ( survive ) 7. to say what will happen ( forecast ) 8. everything that is happening at a particular time ( situation ) Module Four Sandstorms in Asia Introduction Reading & vocabulary What effects does a sandstorm have on people’s life? Sandstorm ? There is strong, dry wind and the sky is yellow, so it is very hard for us to breathe. ? It’s dangerous for us to go out. ? Cars slow down and have to turn on headlight. Introduction-1: (Page 31) One of the witness describes the sandstorm There had been a sandstorm . It lastedfor ten hours and was very frightening . The wind was blowing the sand high around the houses, and some cars were almost completely buried by the sand . What should you do in a sandstorm to protect yourself? People have to wear hoods, masks and glasses. Where in China do sandstorms begin? Xinjiang, Gansu and Western Inner Mongolia Beijing and Northeast Inner Mongolia 9 Introduction-2 (pair work) 1. Sandstorms begin in desert areas. 2. Deserts are created by climate changes. 3. Deserts are also created because people cut down trees and dig up grass. 4. Sandstorms from Asia have blown across the Pacific Ocean to America. × 5. Sandstorms can’t be prevented. 6. The inland region has more sandstorms than the one near the sea. Prediction What may be covered in this passage? First Reading What are covered in this passage? Para.1 Introduction Para.2 where & experience Para.3 cause Para.4 effect Para.5-6 measures Detailed Reading Para.1 Introduction Para.2 Where do the sandstorms mainly occur? Can you tell the experience of Ren Jianbo? Para.3 What’s the cause of the sandstorm? Para.4 What’s the effect of the sandstorm? Para.5-6 What are measures taken to prevent the sandstorm from coming? strong, dry winds Sandstorms are_________________ sand . that carry________ A Central Asia B North America C Central Africa Australia D B Xinjiang Inner Mongolia C A Gansu The experience of Ren Jianbo in a sandstorm terrible experience, the most It is a ________ frightening ________ and