模块重点小结 重点词汇 重点句型 重点语法 功能 走近高考 拓展阅读 service 1.serve vi. 端上(饭菜),为……服务 n.服务 serve as 充当,担任 serve the people heart and soul 全心全意为人民服务 serve in the army在军队服役 例如:When you sleep in the open,old newspapers can serve as (充当) a blanket. cruelty cruel 2. adj.冷酷的 n.残酷 cruel to 例如:They are (残酷的) animals. eagerly 3. eager adj.渴望的 adv. be eager to do 渴望做 be eager for...渴求…… desperately 4.desperate adj. 绝望的 adv. desperation n. 重点词汇 重点句型 重点语法 功能 走近高考 拓展阅读 healthily 5.healthy adj. 健康的 adv. health n. 例如:Although the old man is over 80,he is still in good health (健康). supportive 6. support n.支撑物 adj.支持的 in support of 支持 support a family养家 in support of 例如:Personally,I’m (支持) your plan. 重点词汇 重点句型 重点语法 功能 走近高考 拓展阅读 rewarding 7.reward n./v. 酬谢,奖赏 adj.值得做的 reward sb with sth用某物回报某人 reward sb for sth 因某事而奖赏某人 as a reward for 作为……报酬 As a reward for 例如: (作为……奖赏) being admitted to college,many students got iPhone 7 as presents. 8.hang v. 绞死,吊死 hang on=hold on 别挂断,坚持 hang up 挂断 hang up 例如:Sorry,I have to (挂断电话了).It’s time for class. 重点词汇 重点句型 重点语法 功能 走近高考 拓展阅读 9. intend vt.打算,计划 intend to do sth打算做某事 intend sb to do sth打算让某人做某事 be intended for为……打算(或)设计的 intended to join 例如:I (打算参加) a Dragon Boat Training Camp. 10.accomplish v. 完成(任务),取得(成功) accomplishment n. amount 11.a huge of 大量的 同义词:a great deal of,a large quantity of accumulation 12. accumulate v.积累 n. 重点词汇 重点句型 重点语法 功能 走近高考 拓展阅读 would sit staring at 1....they the pot with eager eyes,as if they wanted to eat i


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