浙江大学远程教育英语(2)6 主观题

Unit Six
1. Translation. 1) Take this empty box away and bring me a full one. 把这个空盒子拿走,然后给我一个慢的。 2) I prefer tea to coffee. 我喜欢茶胜于咖啡。 3) He was satisfied with his new car, and drove to work in it the very next day. 他对自己的新车很满意,并在第二天就开着它去上班了。 4) A good memory is a great help in learning a language. 好记性对学习语言很有帮助。 5) Go down this street until you reach the second traffic lights. 沿着这条路一直走到第二个交通灯处。 6) Fires may do more damage than the earthquakes. 火灾造成的损失可能比地震还大。 7) The whole process required a great deal of effort, skill and luck. 整个过程需要巨大的努力,技巧和运气。 8) Jane has told me a lot about her trip in South Africa. 简告诉我了很多关于她在南非的旅行。 9) Who can help me clean the room? 谁能帮助我打扫这个房间? 10) We should encourage him to have confidence in himself. 我们应该鼓励他对自己有信心。

2. Composition

分钟内, 根据下面所给的题目和中文提纲用英语写出一篇不少于 目和中文提纲用英语写出一篇 要求在 30 分钟内, 根据下面所给的题目和中文提纲用英语写出一篇不少于 80 词的 短文。 短文。 Bad Manners in Public 1. 列举人们在公共场所的不良现象。 2. 对其中某一种现象陈述你的看法,并简单说明理由。
Bad manners can be found here and there in our city, Such as the ringtone of sb's cell phone makes noise in the meeting;Some walker spit on the street;Some audience talk loudly in the cinema;Some cyclists run the red traffic ligts;Some women makeup on in public places,and so on。 Personally, somking in crowded place annoys me the most. As we know, smoking is harmful to one's health, It contributes a lot of lung cancer. Scientific research shows that smoking is not only harmful to smokers themselves, but also a threat to public health,especially to women and children. These bad manners upst the other person's health and mood,hope our citizen refrain from I

these bad manners in public.