学 校 班 级 小学英语四年级测试卷 题号 一 二 三 四 五 六 得分 考试时间:40 分钟 B. I ate lots of candies. 七 八 九 IV. 听短文排序。 (10’) ( ) We had a good time. ( ) I fell over, but it didn’t hurt. ( ) The ice was very cold. ( ) I was able to skate. ( ) I wore warm clothes. 笔试部分(58’) Ⅴ、根据提示写出单词,使句子表达准确。 (10’) 1. What did you _______(演奏)yesterday? 2. What_________(发生)to you? I____(割)my finger? 3. Some English children_______ ____(来到)China last week. 4. Did you _______(弄坏)your toy? 5. The bad man _____ Ma Liang ______.(带走) Ⅵ、选择正确的答案。(10’) ( )1.Yesterday_____National Day. A. was B. is C. were ( )2. Last year she____the competition, A. wins B. won C. win ( )3.did they come___the music competition? A. for B. at C. to ( )4. He can play____and she can play_____. A. the footbale,the flute B. football,flute C. football, the flute ( )5. I______go out.I stayed at home. A. did B. didn’t C. am not ( )6. What____he do last Monday? A. does B. is C. did ( )7. Ma Liang painted the food _______ the magic paintbrush. A. and B. for C. with 姓 名 听力部分(42’) Ⅰ、听句子,圈出你所听到的单词或短语。 (10’) 1、went want 2、 thirty hungry 3、bought buy 4、 fell over fell off 5、fell on fell off Ⅱ、按照正确的顺序排一排。(12’)(用 1、2、3、4、5、6 数字) Ⅲ、听句子,选择句子。(10’) ( )1.A. He fell off his bike. B. He fall off his bike. ( )2.A. I went to the Great Wall. B. I want to the Great Wall. ( )3.A. She gets up at seven clock. B. I get up at six clock. ( )4.A. I came last Sunday. B. I came last Wednesday. ( )5.A. I saw lots of mountains. ( )8. We went______a bike ride. A. to B. for C. four ( )9. Sam put the watermelon______his bike. A. to B. off C. on ( )10. Tom is _____. A. cried B. cry C. crying Ⅶ、选择合适的词填空。(18’) 1. What did you_______? I ________some sweets.(buy/bought) 2. What’s the matter? I _______my head.(bump/bumped) 3. Tom usually ______football in the afternoon.(played/plays) 4. Where did you go? I _________go out.(don’t/didn’t) 5. Where does your friend live? My friend _____in England.(live/lives) 6. Do some ______ every day.(exercises/exercise) Ⅷ、根据答句,选词填空(10’) Who What Where When 1. Yesterday was Tim’s birthday.( ) 2. Tom is Tim’s friend.( ) 3. They played basketball together.( ) 4. Tom ate some birthday cakes.( ) 5. Tim had a good time.( ) 1._______ did your mother come back? —— She came last Monday. 2._______ did Tingting go last winter? ——She went to America. 3.________ did you play? —— I played the flute. 4.________ invented paper and printing? —— Chinese people. Ⅸ、阅读理解,判断 T 或 F。(10’) Hi, I’m Tim. Yesterday was my birthday. I went to the park with my m