作业名称:2012 年春季大学英语(3) (本)网上作业 1 出 卷 人:SA 作业总分:100 通过分数:60 起止时间: 2012-4-12 10:56:35 至 2012-4-12 12:08:44 学员姓名:hj0055 学员成绩:100 标准题总分:100 标准题得分:100 详细信息: 题号:1 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: —Excuse me, how much is the jacket? —It’s 499 Yuan. ____________. A、Oh, no. That’s OK! B、How do you like it? C、Which do you prefer? D、Would you like to try it on? 标准答案:D 学员答案:D 本题得分:5 题号:2 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: —Haven’t seen you for ages! What are you busy doing now? —____________ A、I hate the weather here. B、My hair is getting a bit longer. C、Yeah, thanks for coming. D、I am working part time in a bookshop, you know. 标准答案:D 学员答案:D 本题得分:5 题号:3 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: John’s father ______ mathematics in this school ever since he graduated from Harvard University. A、taught B、teaches C、has taught D、is teaching 标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5 题号:4 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: —Paul, ____________?—Oh, that’s my father! And beside him, my mother. A、what is the person over there B、who’s talking over there

C、what are they doing D、which is that 标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5 题号:5 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: —____________—Well, they got there last Wednesday. So about a week. A、When did your parents arrive at Paris? B、How long have your parents been in Paris? C、Did your parents arrive at Paris last Wednesday? D、When will your parents go to Paris? 标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5 题号:6 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: —Hi, welcome back! Had a nice trip?—____________ A、Oh, fantastic! Fresh air, and sunshine every day. B、Come on, I’ve got lots of fun. C、By the way, I don’t like Saturdays. D、Well, I’ll look forward to your phone call. 标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5 题号:7 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: Eggs, though rich in nourishments, have ______ of fat. A、a large number B、the large number C、a large amount D、the large amount 标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5 题号:8 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: —How about going to dinner at the Mexican restaurant tonight?—____________ A、Forget it. B、Sorry, I like Mexican food.

C、That’s great! D、Glad you like it. 标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5 题号:9 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: Although he did not know London well, he made his way ______ to the airport. A、easy enough B、enough C、easily enough D、enough easily 标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5 题号:10 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: With his work completed, the manager stepped back to his seat, feeling pleased ______ he was a man of action. A、which B、that C、what D、whether 标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5 题号:11 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: —I’m sorry. I lost the key.—____________ A、Well, it’s OK. B、No, it’s all right. C、You are welcome. D、You are wrong. 标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5 题号:12 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: It is said that ______ boys in your school like playing football in their spare time, though others prefer basketball.

A、quite a lot B、quite a few C、quite a bit D、quite a little 标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5 题号:13 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: Had you come five minutes earlier, you ______ the train to Birmingham. But now you missed it. A、would catch B、would have caught C、could catch D、should catch 标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5 题号:14 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: If she wants to stay thin, she must make a ______ in her diet. A、change B、turn C、run D、go 标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5 题号:15 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: —______?— She’s our history teacher. A、What’s she B、 Where does the woman work C、Who is she D、How is the woman 标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5 题号:16 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: —How are you, Bob?—____________ Ted.

A、How are you? B、I’m fine. Thank you. C、How do you do? D、Nice to meet you. 标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5 题号:17 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: —____________—He teaches physics in a school. A、What does your father want to do? B、Who is your father? C、What is your father? D、Where is your father now? 标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5 题号:18 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: Tom, what did you do with my documents? I have never seen such a ______ and disorder! A、mass B、mess C、guess D、bus 标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5 题号:19 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: The baby is hungry, but there’s ______ milk in the bottle. A、little B、a little C、few D、a few 标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5 题号:20 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: —Hi, Tom, how’s everything with you? —____________, and how are you?

A、Don’t mention it B、Hm, not too bad C、Thanks D、Pretty fast 标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5


作业名称:2012 年春季大学英语(3) (本)网上作业 1 出卷人:SA 作业


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