2014 年全国中考分类汇编短文填空(填词型)
(2014 福建福州) 第三节 短文填词(共 10 个小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下面短文, 根据中文、 首字母、 音标或语境的提示, 在每个空格内填入一个适当的单词。 要求所填的单词意义准确、拼写正确。

China is a country with many colorful and festival. The Dragon Head Raising Day is one of them. This special day is on the second day of the second month in the Chinese lunar calendar. It ___86s_____for the started of spring and farming. The dragon is ___87___[?m'p?( : r) tnt] in Chinese. We Chinese people call 88_______(我们自己)the “descendants (传人)of the dragon”. So people 89______the Dragon Head Raising Day with many customs about dragon. On the day in 90a ________times, people put ashes in the kitchen. This was to “lead the dragon into the house ”. People believed that with the 91_______of the dragon ,they could have a good 92_______(收获)in autumn. Also, people eat special foods on that day. The foods usually named 93a _______dragon. For example ,people eat “dragon whisker ” noodles and dumplings called “dragon teeth ”. Today ,many customs have disappeared. But one that has 94______is the cutting of hair. It was said that a haircut during the first lunar month may bring luck to the 95______of a family –mother’s brothers. So many people have their hair cut on the Dragon Head Raising Day. (2014 广东) 五、短文填空(本大题有 10 小题,每小题 1.5 分,共 15 分) 请用适当的词完成下面的短文, 并把所缺单词填写在答题卡指定的位置上。 每个空只能填写 一个形式正确、意义相符的单词。 I am Jackie Lee, an American Chinese. Let me tell you about my grandfather's life story. My grandfather was 71 in 1932 and grew up in a poor village in Fujian, China. At the age of 14, he first heard of America. It was said to be the land of gold and poor people could easily become America," he told me. "But when I 75 74 72 there. 73 money in So, my grandfather came to America. "I had thought it was easy to

in Los Angeles, I realized it was not true. I couldn't 76 , serving the guests, cleaning up the 77 helpful and honest worker

find a good job because I spoke little English. I wanted to go to a language school to learn English, I couldn't afford it. Later, I worked in a small tables, washing the dishes and sweeping the floors. I was such
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that my boss was pleased with me. I was popular with my workmates, easier and in the end I entered an evening school to learn English." My grandfather kept working hard , and finally made come easily in life. That is what I have learned (2014 重庆 A 卷) VIII. 短文填空。 (每空 2 分,共 16 分) 80 79


. Life became

dream come true. Things do not

my grandfather.

根据下面短文内容,在短文的空格处填上一个恰当的词,使短文完整、通顺。 Holding doors open for people behind you, picking up litter, thanking people … these acts of kindness seem very ___78___. But students at James Middle School know that such small acts make the world a better place. Eighth-graders from James Middle School, took part in the Random Acts of Kindness Week __79__ March 31 to April 4. During the week, they tried their best to do kind things for others. Celeste Murray, an English teacher at the school, started the activity. Since she was little, she has always tried to do small acts of kindness is her daily life. “I believe the world is __80__ by small things,” she told the newspaper The Daily Times. Over the week, to her surprise, Murray also __81__ great changes in her class. Before that, she always needed to ask her ___82___ to push the chairs in or turn off the lights before they leave the classroom. Now, the students do those things by __83___. “The teachers have a lot of work,” said Jordon, one of Murray’s students. He learned to care more about others. Eliza, __84__ student, gave out more praises (赞扬) to others. “It makes them feel happy and successful,” she said. The activity made students feel that they can make a difference. Hailey decides to continue to do at least one act of kindness every week, __85__ busy she is. She believes her acts could encourage others. (2014 重庆 B 卷) VIII. 短文填空。 (每空 2 分,共 16 分) 根据下面短文内容,在短文的空格处填上一个恰当的词,使短文完整、通顺。 If you read a clock, you can know the time of day. But how did the early people know about the time? We cannot see or hear time. We know it only when it’s passing. We know it has passed only when something once 79 78 . In the real world, changes never stop. Some changes happen only 80 others happen again and again. 81 and goes down in the west, causing

In early human history, people found that the changes of “light and darkness” seemed to again and again. The sun rises in the east, producing day.

darkness. This “light and darkness” was the first “time” for the early humans. We now call it one
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People also saw the sun rise in the sky, sometimes


but sometimes lower. They

counted the days that passed from the sun’s highest position (位置) until it returned to that position. That was three hundred and sixty-five days. That’s just one year. Early humans also noticed changes of the moon. how many times the sun appeared know this is one 85 . 84 83
[ 中国#& 教@ 育出^ 版*网]

used the changing faces of the moon

to tell time. The moon was “full” when its face was bright and round. The early humans counted full moons. They learned that this number always remained the same ---about twenty-nine. Twenty-nine suns equaled (等于) one moon. We now
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In this way, we humans get the time of day, month, year and so on.

Key1: 86. stands 91. help Key2: 71 born 76. restaurant Key3: 78. small Key4: 78. changes 82. higher 79. but /while 83. they 80. happen 84. before 81. light 85. month 79. from 80. changed 81. found /saw /discovered 85. however
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87. important 92. harvest 72. rich 77. a

88. ourselves 93. after 73. make 78. too

89. celebrate 94. remained 74. arrived 79. his

90. ancient 95. uncles

75.but 80. from

82. students 83. themselves 84. another

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