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Unit4 Making the news

edition department task accurate employ polish note

a. give work to, use for payment
b. improve in behavior, intellectual interests, etc; making refined or elegant c. notice; pay attention to d. piece of work to be done, especially hard work e. one of several divisions of a government, business, shop etc. f. first in rank g. confirm; agree to h. careful and exact; free from error i. series of operations j. one printing of a book, newspaper etc.

approve process

When you read a newspaper, which news do you prefer to read as early as possible?

What should you do to get the “scoop”?

Read the text and try to get the main idea of it.
The passage tells us the process of writing and printing for a newspaper article.

Read the text and answer the following questions.

How many people read the article before it came out? What should be done before the scoop appear in the newspaper? How should be a good article like?

Different roles in a publishing house!
Zhou Yang: Get and write the story A senior editor: check…read…pass it to… The copy-editor: edit … and design…

A native speaker: polish the style
The chief editor: read and approve

The news desk editor: work on…

1. You go to an interview get the information to _________________for your story. 2. You ________________to do some research see if the story is true or not.

4. You give the article 3. You begin to write the story using _______from notes to the copy-editor the interview. to_______. design

5. The article is given to a native polish the style speaker to __________________

6. The last stage the article is checked /approved _________________ by the chief editor. 7. All the stories and photos are color set and ________ negatives _________ for the printing are made 8. The first edition of a ready. news paper is made.

What are the difficulties of interviewing somebody famous?
*** he is too busy
*** he doesn’t want to be interviewed for a newspaper *** he is too sensitive to the questions *** he is away *** he will be abroad …

China Daily
professional tennis in person 亲自地 what if have no intention of 没有…意图

Listen to Part 1 & 2

A. This is about a young man who is refused an interview with Liu Ming.

B. This is about a young man who is trying to arrange an interview with Liu Ming.
C. This is about a young man who wants to ask Liu Ming about how to work abroad.

Listen to Part 1
1.Why does Zhou Yang want to interview Liu Ming? To interview him about his decision to plan to go abroad to work. 2. When does Liu Ming plan to leave Beijing? At the end of this week. 3. What is Liu Ming doing on Wednesday? In the morning: Talk to some students. At four: Go to a special party. 4. When does Lily Wong suggest they meet? In the early afternoon.

Listen to Part 2
Many fans are sorry not to see him play in person __________ and watching him on TVis not ________________ quite the same. And they are afraid Liu Ming comes home never __________________.However, Liu Ming develop goes abroad just to ___________his skills. They are going to conduct the interview at the _________________ at 12 o’clock. Garden Hotel

1.He would have to be _________. Concise too! accurate an accurate description/account/calculation to be accurate 正确地说 ( to be frank/brief/concise…) accurate His information is __________. (他的信息准确.) What were the _____ words he used ? exact (他确切的话是怎么说的?) His _____ height is 1.79 meters. exact ( 他的精确身高是1.79米.) accurate 精确的,正确的,强调忠实于事实真相的准
确性,要求 “ 与事实本身无出入”. exact 则要求 “丝毫不差”, 强调一定数量和质量方面的 准确,力求各细节均与事实或范例完全符合.

2. Then as the article was going to be written in English Zhou Yang also took a copy to the native speaker __________ by the newspaper employed to polish the style. e.g. We employ her as an advisor. 雇佣 The report examines teaching methods employed in the classroom. 使用/利用

be employed in doing sth.
从事于/忙于做某事 employment employer 老板/雇主 employee 雇员

3. Last of all, the chief editor read it and approved _________ it. approve vi. 同意/ 赞成 接介词of vt. 批准/通过 (plan, proposal, demand…) approval n. 赞成, 认可,满意,同意

approved e.g. The minister _________the building plan 部长已批准了建筑计划. approve of I don’t ___________his behavior. 我认为他的行为不好.

4. All the information was then ready to processed be____________ into film negatives. v. 加工;处理; 冲印
Your application for a permit is being processed.

n. 过程, 程序, 步骤

the process of …的过程 in the process of 在..的过程中

The house is in the process of being built. The house is under construction.

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