剑桥雅思 雅思阅读话题汇总 雅思 2010-06-07 01:20 剑桥雅思 1 雅思 Test 1 A spark, a flint: How fire leapt to life Zoo conservation programmes ARCHITECTURE–reaching for the sky Test 2 Right and left-handedness in humans MIGRATORY BEEKEEPING TOURISM Test 3 SPOKEN CORPUS COMES TO LIFE Moles happy as homes go underground A Workaholic Economy Test 4 GLASS CAPTURING THE DANCE OF LIGHT Why some women cross the finish line ahead of men Population viability analysis

剑桥雅思 2 雅思 Test 1 AIRPORTS ON WATER Changing our Understanding of Health CHILDREN’S THINKING Test 2 Implementing the cycle of success: a case study NO TITLE (Language barriers) What is a Port City? Test 3 Absenteeism in nursing: a longitudinal study THE MOTOR CAR THE KEYLESS SOCIETY Test 4 Green Wave Washes Over Mainstream Shopping NO TITLE (The harm that picture books can cause) IN SEARCH OF THE HOLY GRAIL 剑桥雅思 3 雅思

Test 1 THE ROCKET–FROM EAST TO WEST The Risk of Cigarette Smoke THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD Test 2 A Remarkable Beetle NO TITLE (Environmental management) THE CONCEPT OF ROLE THEORY Test 3 THE DEPARTMENT OF ETHNOGRAPHY Secrets of the Forest Highs and lows Test 4 NO TITLE (Air pollution and motor vehicles) VOTES FOR WOMEN MEASURING ORGANISATIONAL PERFORMANCE 剑桥雅思 4 雅思 Test 1 NO TITLE (Children’s ideas–rainforests) What Do Whales Feel? Visual Symbols and the Blind Test 2 Lost for Words (Endangered languages) ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE IN AUSTRALIA PLAY IS A SERIOUS BUSINESS Test 3 Micro-enterprise Credit for Street Youth Volcanoes–earth-shattering news Obtaining Linguistic Data Test 4 How much higher? How much faster? The nature and aims of archaeology The Problem of Scarce Resources 剑桥雅思 5 雅思 Test 1 Johnson’s Dictionary Nature or Nurture?

The Truth about the Environment Test 2 BAKELITE The birth of modern plastics What’s so Funny? (On humour) The Birth of Scientific English Test 3 Early Child Education Disappearing Delta The Return of Artificial intelligence Test 4 The Impact of Wilderness Tourism Flawed Beauty: the problem with toughened glass The effects of light on plant and animal species 剑桥雅思 6 雅思 Test 1 Australia’s Sporting Success Delivering the Goods Climate Change and the Inuit Test 2 Advantages of Public Transport Greying Population Stays in the Pink Numeration Test 3 NO TITLE (Cinematography) Motivating Employees under Adverse Conditions The Search for the Anti-aging Pill Test 4 Doctoring Sales Do literate women make better mothers? NO TITLE (School bullying) 剑桥雅思 7 雅思 Test 1 Let's go bats Making every drop count Educating psyche Test 2 Why pagodas don't fall down The true cost of food Makete Inregrated Rural Transport Project

Test 3 Ant intelligence Population movements and genetics No title(European forests protection) Test 4 Pulling strings to build pyramids Endless harvest Effects of noise


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仔细阅读题目要求、选项集合和题目集合, 找出两者之间的关系。 三、从属关系搭配题举例(剑桥雅思8 t2 p1) Classify the following events as occurring during the ...