1. — Why were you not at the concert last night? — I ______ a close game between Seattle Sonnies and Miami Bucks. A. watched B. was watching C. have watched D. had watched

选B。本题考查时态。过去进行时表示过去某段时间正在进行的动作。 2. Some college students are see doing work they ca find to support themselves. A. that B. which C. whatever D. no matter what

选C。此题考查whatever=anything that,相当于一个定语从句。选项A需在 3. that I can’t find my watch. I must have it in the hotel. 前加 anything ,其他选项均不符合题意。 A. lost B. missed C. left D. forgotten

选C。D较有一定的干扰性。按照汉语习惯“我一定是把它忘在宾馆了”,但 forget 意思是“忘记”,表示没有记住,因此应用表示“遗留在”的 “leave”。选项A、B有一定干扰性,lose和miss表示“丢失;不见了”,因 此不合题意。

4. It is thought that one billion people I the world, is half the word’s workers, earn their living by farming. A. if B. that C. which D. what
选B。句中“half the world’s workers”是对“one billion people in the world” 的补充说明, “that is”是 “that is to say”的省略说法,是插入语, that 并不是引导非限制性定语从句的,如果在 “that is”后加个逗号则更清楚, 应选B。

5. The editor’s job is to keep the newspaper to the readers. A. balanced; interested B. balancing; interesting C. balanced; interesting D. balancing; interested


选C。balanced 在此是过去分作宾补,意为“平衡的”;interesting 作形容词 修饰物,interested 修饰人。

6. The river, A. whose

the bank are covered with trees, is very long. B. which C. of which D. which of

选C。名词或代词+关系代词whom / which可以引导非限定性定语从句。 表示部分与整体的关系,作用相当于whose+名词,of which the bank =the bank of which = whose bank, 因此答案为C。 7. —Your name again, please? . —It’s Bell Green. A. I didn’t quite catch you B. I couldn’t quite catch you C. I don’t hear you D. It’s your name 选A。让对方重复其姓名,是因为没有听清(表示事实)。catch此处意为“听 清”。B项是干扰项,说话人要表述的是“刚才没有听清”,而不是“不能听 清”。 8. In my opinion, what he told us just now about the affair simply doesn’t make any . A. idea B. meaning C. sense D. point 选C。make sense是习语,意为“有道理”、“意义清楚”。

9. I am in charge of the class which was in charge of my wife. A. 不填;the B. 不填;不填 C. the; 不填

D. the; the

选A。in charge of 的意思是“负责”、“管理”,其主语通常是人;in the charge of 的意思是“由……负责或管理”,其主语通常是物。 10. —Shall I sit at this end of the boat or the other end? —If you keep still, you can sit at end. A. neither B. each C. either D. any 选C。either 表示二者选一;each表二者或二者以上的每一个;neither表示 两者都不,也不;any 表示任何一个。 11.After the new technique was introduced the factory produced 1994 as the year before. A. as twice many B. as many twice C. twice as many D. twice as cars in

选C。倍数表达式:A+ be+倍数+ as +adj. / adv. (原级)+as +B。又如:The book is ten times as thick as that one。

12. I think whoever makes contributions to the company than the others should get income. A. greater; a highest B. more greater; a higher C. greater; the highest D. more greater; the higher 选C。more 不可修饰级,排除B和D。greater … than the others 是最高级 意义,后面也用最高级,且最高前要用定冠词the。

13. Terribly sorry, I came home at last. I of the supermarket crowded. A. should have thought; being B. should think; being C. could have thought; was D. could think; was


选A。think of的宾语应为动词,排除C、D两项;由一个句子可知,事情发生 过去,后悔自己不该去超市,因为人太多,故应选择should have done 结构, 表示对过去事情的虚拟。

14. Reading the lines, I would say that the government are more worried than they will admit. A. behind B. between C. along D. among

选B。read between the lines为习语,指读出字里行间言外之意。
15. At that time, he spent as much time as he can the ancient status which would be sank in the river. A. paint B. to paint C. painting D. painted 选C。spend as…as one can doing sth. “花可能多的时间来某事”。

16. —What were you doing when I phoned you last night? —I my painting and was starting to take a bath. A. have already finished B. was finishing C. had just finished D. was going to finish 选C。由“我要 洗澡”可知昨天你打电话时“我刚刚画完”,“画完”在 “打电话前”之前,即过去的过去,故用过去完成。

17. I’m afraid nobody but his parents or Jim, his best friend, _____ the secret. A. are going to tell B. have told C. has told D. have been told

选C。该题涉及到主谓一致的问题。 当主语是单数形式时,后面跟 (together) with, as well as ,but, except, rather than等词语,无论这些 词语后面带复数形式还是单数形式,谓语动词仍然用单数,故正确答案为C. nobody是不定代词,应该看作单数。本句可以理解为“除了他父母或Jim, 没有人说出这个秘密”。
18. ______ won’t be long ______ National Day comes. A. There…since B. This…ago C. It…before D. That…after 选C。It won’t be long before… 意思是“不过多久就……”,是一个固定 短语。

19. I wonder ______ you were doing last night. A. it was what that B. what was it that C. that what it was D. what it was that
选D。 本题强调特殊疑问词。宾语从句用陈述句语序。其中特殊疑问词 在句中做宾语从句的宾语。

20. He said it was _____ impossible to buy the novel which was _____ worth reading. A. very…very B. very…quite C. much…much D. quite…well 选D。 impossible, right, wrong等无等级形容词只能用quite /completely修饰。

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