Wu xi foreign language school English level assessment test
Part one----Sound Time(10%)
Judge the number of the different pronunciation(A.1 ( )1, A.palace B.magic C.Mary ( )2, A.cereal B.messy C.reuse ( )3, A.April B.medicine C.finally ( )4, A.don’t B.project C.welcome ( )5, A.June B.July C.cut ( )6, A.cow B.out C.down ( )7, A.bread B.weather C.really ( )8, A.birthday B.Monday C.says ( )9, A.warm B.world C.always ( )10, A.danger B.evening C.English B.2 C.3 D,4) D.parent D.protect D.foolish D.honey D.minus D.cloud D.healthy D.again D.small D.finger

Part two--Vocabulary &Crammer Time (40%)
1,Choose the best answer ( )11. Tim didn’t fly the kite high yesterday, ____________________________? A. Was he? B. Cloud he? C. Did he? D. Does he? ( )12. There’s ______ ‘h’and _______ ‘n’ in the word ‘hand’. A. A,an B. A,a, C. An ,a D. An,an ( )13. Come and show me the answer _________ the question. A. To B. Of C. For D. With ( )14.-what’s peter like? -_________________. A. Dancing B. She likes music C. She is like music D. She is nice ( )15.-___________________that brown shirt?

-it’s 115 yuan A. How much B. How many C. How about D. How money ( )16.I don’t like that _______ book. I feel _______. A. Bored ,bored B. Boring,boring C. Boring,bored D. Bored,boring ( )17-whose is this nice bedroom? -it’s __________. A. Tim’s and Jim’s B. Tim and Jim C. Tim’s and Jim D. Tim and Jim’s ( )18.The supermarket isn’t ___________before 9:30 on weekdays. A. Open B. Closing C. Opening D. Close ( )19.________everybody __________ at the birthday party? A. Are ,have a good time B. Does,have a good time C. Do,have fun D. Will, having fun ( )20,There _____ a football match this weekend. A. Will have B. Is going to have C. Will be D. Is going to ( )21,let’s play games, ____first,and _______second. A. Lucy and you ,I and Lily B. I and Lucy, Lucy and you C. I and you, Lucy and Lily D. You and Nancy, Lucy and I ( )22._______there any people here yesterday? No, but there ____ some people here today. A. Are ,are B. Were,are C. Is ,is D. Was,is ( )23,The man in blue is a friend of _______. A. My

B. Me C. Mr.Black D. Mine ( )24.Which cinema do you want to go ______ see the film Snow White. A. For B. To C. To D. \ ( )25.can you tell me ________? A. Way to the zoo B. How to get to the zoo C. How can I get to the zoo D. How I can go to the zoo ( )26.Keven _______to the park on Sundays. A. And his friend often went B. And his friend often goes C. With his friend often goes D. With his friend often go ( )27.look! ________________________________. A. How nice the picture is ! B. What nice picture it is! C. How nice is! D. What nice the picture are! ( )28.There’s very _____milk in the fridge.shall we go and buy some? A. Few B. Little C. A little D. A few ( )29.__________on the desk is David’s A. One of the pencil B. One of the pencils C. A pencil D. Pencil ( )30.it;s 7:30. _________breakfast. A. There’s no time have B. I have no time to go C. There’s no time to go D. I have not time for ( )31.________ of the students go to school by car. A. Two three B. Two third C. Second third

D. Two thirds ( )32.there are _______in ______ hour. A. Sixty seconds,a B. Sixty minutes,a C. Sixty seconds,an D. Sixty minutes,an ( )33,don’t shout ______,please keep ______. A. Loud,quietly B. Loudly,quiet C. Loudly,quietly D. Loud,quiet ( )34,it’s very cold. You’d better _______ today A. Take off B. To taken off C. To put on D. Put on ( )35.she’s very happy,because she has ______today. A. Few homework B. Some homework C. A little homework D. Much homework ( )36.how _____water _____there in the bottle? A. Many,is B. Much,is C. Many,are D. Much ,are ( )37.a word has all the twenty-six letters in it .The word is _______, A. Family B. Pencil-box C. Alphabet D. Book ( )38.Jeff ’s wife is the grandma of my daughter. I am _______. A. Jeff ’s wife B. Jeff ’s daughter C. Jeff ’s mother D. Jeff ’s sister ( )39.my name is Robert. My father and mother have six children.half are boys and half are girls.How many sisters and brothers do I have? I have ____ brothers and ______sisters A. 3,2 B.3,3 C. 2,3

D. 2,4 40._______the ninth letters A. I am B. I’am C. I is D. I’is 2.read and match A ( )41.how many birds can you see? ( )42.here’s a chair for you. ( )43.did you milk the cow? ( )44.where are you going? ( )45.did you watch TV yesterday? ( )46.what are they doing? ( )47.would you like to come? ( )48.how does she spend her weekends? ( )49.what’s in the basket? ( )50.what are those in the bag?

58. A learned B taught C thanked D showed 59. A at first B at last C at most D at least 60. A luck B change C ability D practice 2,read and choose A Exhibition(展览) at the Palace Museum The Palace Museum is a wonderful place to visit. There are lots of fun and interesting things to see. Come to visit the Palace Museum. B A.she always goes shopping. B.yes, I’d love to. C.nine. D.they ‘re drawing pictures. E.no ,I didn’t F.thank you G.yes, I watched a cartoon on TV. H .I’m going to the library. I.They are some apples J.there are some apples Closing Time 10:00 a.m. 10:30 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:40 p.m. 2:30 p.m. 4:00 p.m. Place Taihe Palace Zhonghe Palace Baohe Palace Jingren Palace Yonghe Palace Huangji Palace Fengxian Palace Things to See Golden Throne Works of Art Works of Art Bronzes(青铜器) Pottery(陶器) Chinese Paintings Clocks and watches

Part three--Reading Time (20%)
1,Fill in the blanks. What’ s your idea about success? Some people say that beginners have all the luck, while others believe that success 51 only with practice. In fact, I feel both of these statements (陈述) are not true all the time. Each is true in some ways 52 not in others. For example, I went to a drawing competition many years ago and 53 surprisingly. As a prize, I got a film ticket to see “Titanic”. I was really 54 because it was the first time I had taken part in any competition. Thinking that I might be lucky again, I 55 joining in other art competitions. But the result was that I 56 won again. I accepted the fact that the other people had a 57 artistic ability than I did. Art was not something I was especially interested in and I didn’t practice much. These experiences 58 me a lot. I might be lucky 59 ,but I also need to put in hard work. As we know, 60 makes perfect. So I believe success builds on less luck and chance. 51. A. Move B.comes C.leaves D.brings 52. A. Or B.so C.and D.but 53. A won B began C failed D ended 54. A sorry B lucky C careful D strange 55. A tried B forgot C stopped D remembered 56. A often B always C seldom D never 57. A greater B more C lower D less

Tickets: Adults: ¥50.00 Children: Over 12:¥20.00 Under12: Free Discount: 20% on Saturday Opening Time: 9:00a.m.~ 4:00 p.m. 10:00a.m.~ 3:00p.m. on Saturday Not Open on Sunday Notices(注意事项): Keep quiet. Keep the museum clean. Don’t forget to buy some souvenirs for your friends and family. Do not take any photos. Do not touch anything. 61.When can you see clocks and watches? A.At 1:40 p.m. from Monday to Saturday B.At 4:00 p.m. on Saturday C.At 4:00 p.m. every day D.At 4:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday 62.where can you see Works of Art? A. At taihe palace and zhonghe palace B. At zhonghe palace and jingren palace C. At jingren palace and baohe palace D. At baohe palace and zhonghe palace 63.Mr Green wants to visit the exhibition with his two children this Saturday. His daughter is 15,and his son is only 6.How much are the tickets together? A.¥90.00 B.¥70.00 C.¥56.00 D.¥72.00

64.The Palace Museum opens ________ days a week. A.Five B.Two C.Seven D.Six 65.Which of the following can you do at the exhibition? A.To talk to each other B.To take a few nice photos C.To buy some souvenirs D.To touch golden throne B. There is almost no water in desert,but many animals can live in deserts. How do these animals get water and stay alive? Everything is hot and dry in the daytime, but the nights are cold.Plants often have dew on them in the early morning. This is because clod air can’t hold as much water as hot air. Small insects can drink the dew. And bigger animals eat the plants with the dew on them. Small birds and animals get water from the bodies of insects. Bigger birds and animals get water from the bodies of small birds. Some animals can wait many years for water. When it rains,baby shrimps come out of their eggs. They grow quickly and lay new eggs. Then the water dries up, and the shrimps die. But the new eggs do not die. They wait in the ground for the next rain.they can wait for 50 years. Most big animals can’t live in the desert because they need a few liters of water everyday. They can’t keep water in their bodies for a long time. But camels,the ship of the deserts,are different.they can drink 90 litries of water in ten minutes.,and they drink nothing for a week. ( )66.deserts are places with _______ A. No animals B. A lot of plants C. No people D. Not much water ( )67.it is _______ in the deserts A. Always hot B. Clod at night C. Usually wet in the daytime D. Usually dry at night ( )68.hot air holds more _______ than clod air. A. Water B. Rain C. Dew D. Plants ( )69.small birds can’t get water from ___________ A. The bodies of insects B. The dew C. The plants D. Bigger animals ( )70.______can stay alive for many years without water A. Shrimps B. Shrimps eggs C. Baby shrimps D. Most big animals


11. C 句意:Tim 昨天放的风筝不高,是吗? 本题考查反意疑问句。根据前否后肯的原则,由 Tim didn’t 可知疑 问部分用肯定的形式 did he. 故选 C. 12. D 句意: 有一个字母“h”和字母“a”在“hand”这个单词中。本题考查冠词,根据 h 和 a 都是以元音音素 开头,故用不定冠词 an. 13. A 句意: 来给我展示一下这个问题的答案。本题考查介词。根据固定搭配 the answer to the question,表示“问 题的答案”,故选 A. 14. D 句意:---Peter 这个人怎么样?---她很友好。本题考查情景交际。 What is sb like?句型表达的是“sb 为人怎 么样?”而不是表达 sb 喜欢什么。 根据语境选 D. 15. A 句意: --那件棕色的衬衫多少钱? ---115 元。 本题考查特殊疑问词。 根据句意可知对价格提问, 用 how much. 故选 A. 16.C 句意:我不喜欢那本无聊的书,我感到无聊。本题考查形容词词义辨析。boring 令人无聊的;bored 感到 无聊的。第一空修饰 book,用 boring.第二空我感到无聊的,用 bored.故选 C. 17.D 句意:--这间漂亮的卧室是谁的? —是 Tim 和 Jim 的。本题考查名词所有格。只在人名 Jim 后面加’s,表 示“Tim 和 Jim 的卧室”,即两人合用一间。而在两个人名后都加’s,则表示两个人各自的房间,即两个房间。 根据问句可知是一间房,故选 D. 18.A 句意:这家超市在工作日 9:30 前不营业。本题考查形容词辨析。open 营业着的。 19.B 句意:每个人在生日聚会上都玩得开心吗? 本题考查时态和不定代词的用法。根据时态排除 AD.不定代词 做主语时,谓语动词用单数,故选 B. 20.C 句意: 这周末将有一场足球比赛。本题考查 there be 句型。 某地有?用 there be 句型;某人有?用 sb have?. 不存在 there have 的用法.故根据句意选 C. 21.D 句意:让我们一起玩游戏吧!Nancy 和你先上,我和 Lucy 随后。本题考查人称代词的语序。几个人称代词 并列充当主语时,它们的顺序是单数形式:二、三、一。 22.B 句意: --昨天这有人吗?--没有,但是今天这有一些人。本题考查 there be 句型的时态。根据 yesterday 用一般过去时,any people 表示一些人,故 be 选 were.选 B. 23.D 句意:穿蓝衣服的那个人是我的一个朋友。本题考查代词。由句意及设空后没有名词可知应用名词性物主 代词,故答案为 D 项。 24.C 句意:你想去哪个电影院看这部电影? 本题考查非谓语动词。“去看电影”是“去电影院”的目的,不定 式作目的状语,故选 C. 25.D 句意:你能告诉我如何去动物园吗? 本题考查宾语从句。根据问句 Could tell me ____?可知,后面的特 殊疑问句作 tell 的宾语,宾语从句应用陈述句语序,排除 AC.到达应该是 get to,排除 B 项,故选 D. 26.C 句意:Kevis 和他的朋友经常周末去公园。本题考查主谓一致。and 表示并列,谓语动词用复数;with 表 示伴随,遵循就远原则。根据语境,选 C. 27.A.句意:看!多漂亮的画啊!本题考查感叹句。感叹句结构之一是:How+形容词或副词+主语+谓语!故选 A. 28.B 句意: 冰箱里几乎没什么牛奶了, 我们去买一些, 怎么样? 本题考查代词。 根据句意表示否定, 排除 CD.milk

为不可数名词,故选 B. 29.B 句意:桌上的一支铅笔是 David 的。本题考查名词。根据 on the desk 是特指,故排除 CD.one of+可数名 词复数,可知选 B. 30.C 句意:现在 7:30 了,我们没时间吃早饭了。 本题考查固定句型。没时间吃早餐,应为 There is no time to do sth,排除 A; I have no time for/to do sth.故选 C. 31.D.句意:三分之二的学生坐小汽车去上学。本题考查分数表达法。分子用基数词,分母用序数词。当分子大 于一时,分母用复数形式。故选 D. 32.D. 句意:一个小时有六十分钟。本题考查数词和冠词。minute 分;second 秒。Hour 以元音音素开头,选 an.故选 D. 33.B 句意:不要大声叫,保持安静。本题考查副词和形容词。第一空前为 shout,后用副词 loudly,表示大声喊 叫。第二空前为 keep,是系动词,后加形容词 quiet.故选 B. 34.D 句意:外面很冷,你最好穿上外套。本题考查固定搭配。had better do sth 最好做某事。故选 D. 35.A 句意:她很开心,因为她几乎没有作业。本题考查代词。few 几乎没有;some 一些;a little 一点儿;much 许多。根据句意,选 A. 36.B 句意:瓶子里还有多少水?本题考查特殊疑问词。water 不可数名词,问多少,用 how much,谓语动词用单 数。故选 B. 37.C 句意:一个单词里包括 26 个字母,这个单词是字母表。本题考查名词词义辨析。family 家; pencil-box 铅笔盒; alphabet 字母表;books 书.故选 C. 38.B 句意:Jeff 的妻子是我女儿的外祖母。我是 Jeff 的女儿。根据句意选 B. 39.C 句意:我是 Robert,我父母有 6 个孩子。一半男孩,一半女孩。我有几个兄弟姐妹。根据推理,Robert 是 男孩。故我有 2 个兄弟,3 个姐妹。选 C. 40.D. 句意:“I”是第九个字母。故选 D.

选项推断,A 选项周一到周六下午 1:20;B 选项星期六下午 4 点;C 选项每天下午 4 点; D 选项周一到周五 下午 4 点。故只有选项 A 正确。 62. D 题目:哪里可以参观 works of art? 在表格中对应可知,只有在中和殿和保和殿有 works of art 的展览。所 以选择 D。 63. B 题目: 格林先生想在星期六带两个孩子一起去看展览, 女儿 15 岁, 儿子 6 岁。 问他们一共花费多少门票钱? 联系上文, 我们可知一张成人票 50 元, 儿童片 (超过 12 岁) 20 元, 不足 12 岁的免费。 简单计算可知, 50+20+0=70 元。共计花费 70 元。故选则 B 。 64. D 题目:故宫一周开门几天? 故宫除了星期天休息,周一至周六均开门。故选 D 65. C 题目:参观展览时下面哪个选项是你可以做的事情? 联系上文中的 notices,可知在参观中需要保持安静; 保持博物馆整洁;不要忘记给你的家人朋友购买纪念品;不要照相,手不要触碰任何东西。故选择 C,买纪念品。 B 66. D 题目:沙漠这个地方有____. 联系上文第一句可知,沙漠里基本上没有水,但依然有很多动物生活在沙漠 里。故选择 D 67. B 题目:沙漠____. 联系上文第二段第一句可知:所有的东西在白天炎热和干燥,但晚上冷。故选择 B,沙漠 的晚上很冷。 68. A 题目:热空气比冷空气含有更多的水分。联系上文第二段第三句:这是因为冷空气含有的水分并没有热空 气含有水分多。故选择 A 水分 69. D 题目:小体型的鸟从大型动物中得不到水分。联系上文第二段第六句和第七句:小体型的鸟和动物从昆虫 中得到水分,大体型的鸟和动物从小鸟的尸体中得到水分。故选择 D。 70. B 题目:____再没有水的情况下可以存活数年。联系上文第二段倒数第三句话:但是新生的虾卵不会死,它 们将在地下等待下一个雨季,他们可以等 50 年之久。故选择 B 虾卵。


这篇文章中作者主要谈论了成功的因素。告诉我们成功固然是因为一时的运气,但真正的成功和自身的努力是分 不开的。 51.B 动词解析。A,移动;B,来自;C,返回,归还;D,离开,动身。结合语境可知此处指的是成功来自实 践 52.A,联系上下文,可知此处指的是我意外地获胜了。 53.A,联系上下文,从后句可知得到了奖赏。此处应该是获胜。 54.C,联系上下文。第一次参加比赛就获奖了,当然非常幸运。 55.A,结合语境可知此处指的是我尝试参加另一次艺术比赛。所以选择 tried 56.D,联系上下文,有上下文中和剧中 again,可推测再没有获胜了。 57.A,结合语境,可以理解:我失败了,是因为别人比我有更强的艺术能力。 58.B,动词解析。 A,学到;B,教会;C,感谢;D,展示。结合语境可知:这段经历教会我了许多。 59.A,联系上下文可知,作者的经历是:起初幸运过,但后来不成功。 60.D,结合语境知,此处指的熟能生巧。熟能生巧,practice makes perfect.

A 61.D 题目:几点钟可以参观钟表展(clocks and watches)。在 opening time 中,星期六早上 10 点至下午 3 点开 门,星期天不开门,平时(周一到周五)早 9 点到下午四点。在表格中,钟表展对应关门时间是下午四点。根据



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