The Future

I will--I am going to I am to— I am about to I am coming The trains leaves at six o’clock.

The Simple future
? 一般将来时表示将要发生的动作或出现的状态, 由shall(will)+原形动词;或 am(is, are)+going to+原形动词构成
? 动词如go, come, leave, begin等可用现在进行 时表示未来表示计划或安排的动作
? Am(is, are )+to+原形动词,表示计划或安排好 的动作
? Am(is, are)+about +原形动词表示最近将发生 的动作,一般不带时间副词或片语
? 动词come, go, arrive, leave, start, begin, return的一般现在时可以表示将来,主要用来表 示在时间上已确定或安排好的事情

By the time of 2008, what will have been done?

? By that time, they w__ill_h_a_v_e_p_la_n_te_d_____more


will have set up/built

? By that time, they ________________many

new sports stadiumwisll have rebuilt

? By that time, they ________________many old


will have found

? By that time, they ________________a lot of


will have repaired

? By that time, they ________________

Why should we do this kind of things?
? When we have planted more trees, we will---
? After we have set up more sports stadiums, we will---
? If we have rebuilt many old stadiums, we will
? Unless we have repaired the old road, we won’t -

1. Computers will have become more handy than the human brain by the year of 2020.
2. 2. We will have discoveredways to gofurther into space
by the end of the century
Sb. will have done将来完成时
主要用来表示,在未来某一时间会业已完成的动作 常与by的时间短语或before 等时间短语连用

----will have done
? By Christmas theyw_il_l _h_av_e__so_l_d_ (sell) over five million greetings cards.
? By this summer the city councilw_i_ll_h_a_v_e_s_pe_n_t__ (spend) $2 million on redecorating the old town.
? By 2030 the climate in Europew_il_l_h_a_v_e_b_ec_o_m__e_ (become) much warmer.
? By the end of this decade our towwnill have invested ______________ (invest ) $1 million in the industry.
? By the time scientistwsiflilnhdavaecduiered for AIDS, many thousands of people __________________(die)

What will we have had by the end of 2007?

classroom library

laboratory dining hall

If we have __________________, we will have modern classroom.
When we __________________, we will have better library.
Once we __________________, -we will have a nicer dormitory
Unless we __________________, we won’t have an international dining hall.

What will you be doing at that special time?

1. We will be communicating with our friends using life-sized video screens in a few years
2. Wewill be linkingourbrains to the computers by the middle of the century
Sb. will be dong将来进行时
在将来某时候正在进行的动作;预计、安 排即将发生或势必发生的动作。
常用时间状语Soon, tomorrow, this evening,on Sunday, by this time tomorrow, in two days, tomorrow evening

----will be doing
? I won’t be able to answer the phone in the aftewrinlloboen.gIi_v_in_g_________________(give)a talk at a conference.
? Whwyildlobne’twyaotcuhidnrgop by on Wednesday night? I ____________________(watch)a tennis match andwiitllwbilel dbreivminogre fun if somebody joins me.
? I ____________________ (drive)to town in the afternoon. Would you liwkeillmbee ptoutgtiinvgeuypou a lift?
? This time on Saturday I ____________________(put up )my tent by the lakew. ill be writing
? Don’t disturb her. Tricia

What will they be doing in the morning of March 15th, 2016?







If I have enough money, I will-
I will -------so -----

I will ------until----
To -----I will be----

If I live in Beijing, I will be--
I will be----, but-----

If I am abroad, I will be---
I will be ----as soon as----

I will be---if I am an interpreter
I will be ----before-----

I will be ----because I am a boss.
If I -----in Guangzhou, I will be -----

Time clauses时间状语从句(1 )
? When I (will)look back on these days , I’ll look and see your face
? Once you(will) find out the truth, you’ll be glad to be here.
? 在when,as soon as,until, before, after时间状语从 句中,通常用一般现在时代替将来时,主句用将 来时

Time clauses时间状语从句(2 )
? After you(will) have done the shopping, you’ll have a pleasant surprise
? I’ll help you as soon as I (will) have finished the washing up.
? 在when,as soon as,until, before, after时间状语从 句中,通常用现在完成时代替将来完成时,主句 用将来时

Exercise 9 and exercise 10 on page

? Multiple choices:
1. I __________ for you until you _____your work.
A will wait,will finish
BC hwailvlebewwaiateitdin, gw,ihllahvaevfeinfiisnhisehded C will be waiting ,have finished
D have waited; have finished
2. By the year of 2052, they ________the secret of AIDS. B will have discovered
A have discovered B will have discovered
C will be discovering D will discover

3. If I had a lot of time, I ___________around the world.

A will travel


C will have traveled D had traveled

4. If you hadn’t helped me yesterday, I ________________my work.

A wouldn’t finish BB..wwoouuldldnn’’tthhaavveefifniniisshheedd C hadn’t finished D shoudn’t have finished


时态 一般将来时

will/shall do, be going to, be(about)to will be doing

将来完成时 will have done

过去将来时 过去将来完

would do/ was going to /was(about) to
would have done

将要发生的动作或出现 的状态
将来某时正在进行 的状态或动作,
将来某一时之前已 经完成的动作
从过去某一时间看 来将要发生的动作 或存在的状态 与过去事实相反的

When I look back on these days, __I_’l_l_lo_o_k___ and see your face .
You are right there for me.In my dreamI’lsl _____alwseaeys
_____you soar above the skies
itnhemrey’lhl’eart ___b_e__always _____a place for yoIu’,llfokreeapll my life _________a part of you
with me,and everywheyroeuI’lalmbe there_________


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