计算机组成原理中英对照篇 Computer systems consist of hardware and software. Hardware is the physical part of the system. Once designed, hardware is difficult and expensive to change. Software is the set of programs that instruct the hardware and is easier to modify than hardware. 计算机系统由硬件和软件组成。硬件是系统的物理部分。硬件一旦设计完毕,要修改是 困难的,并且花费也大。软件是指挥硬件的程序集合,比硬件容易修改。 Every computer has four basic hardware components:每台计算机都有如下4种基本硬 件部件: ? Input devices. 输入设备 ? Output devices. ? Main memory. 输出设备 主存储器

? Central processing unit(CPU).中央处理器 A PROCESSOR 处理器 A processor is composed of two functional units—a control unit and an arithmetic/logic unit—and a set of special workspaces called registers. 处理器由两个功能部件(控制部件和算术逻辑部件)与一组称为寄存器的特殊工作空间 组成。 The Control Unit The Arithmetic and Logic Unit Registers MEMORY SYSTEMS 存储系统 Memory Devices RANDOM-ACCESS MEMORY READ-ONLY MEMORY MAGNETIC DISKS CD-ROMS 存储器 随机存储器 只读存储器 磁盘 只读光盘 控制部件 算术逻辑部件 寄存器



INPUT/OUTPUT SYSTEM 输入输出(I/O 系统) Programmed I/O(程序控制 I/O) Programmed I/O,also known as direct I/O,is accomplished by a program executing on the processor itself to control the I/O operations and transfer the data. 程序控制 I/O,又称直接 I/O,由在处理器上执行的程序去控制 I/O 操作和传送数据。 Memory-Mapped I/O(存储器映射 I/O) Memory-Mapped I/O is another form of programmed I/O that maps the device connections to bits in memory address space, 存储器映射 I/O 是另一种程序控制 I/O,它把 I/O 设备连接映射成存储器地址空间中的 位组, Interrupt I/O(中断 I/O) Because of the low efficiency of pure programmed or memory-mapped I/O in high-performance system,so interrupt is produced. 由于对高性能系统来说纯程序控制 I/O 或存储器映射 I/O 的效率都很低,所以又出现了 中断方式。 Coprocessor I/O(协处理器 I/O) When the processor is being used to control I/O and move the data,there is a loss of processor efficiency.[8] Thus the idea naturally arises to use a second processor or coprocessor for I/O. 当处理器用于控制 I/O 和传送数据时,其效率下降。因而自然会想到用第二个处理器或 协处理器去处理 I/O。 I/O devices 输入输出设备: 交互性输入 直接输入 语音识别 传感器输入 显示输出




Centralized Control.A single hardware control unit will recognize a request and grant access to the bus to a requesting device.It is the responsibility of the controller to resolve simultaneous requests and assign priority to the requests.At least three designs are used for centralized controllers:daisy chain,polling with a global counter,and polling with local counters. 集中式控制。 用一个控制器硬件去识别总线请求并允许请求设备去访问总线。 该控制器 的责任是处理同时来的多个请求并对这些请求安排优先级。集中式控制器至少有3种方式: 菊花链式、带全局计数器的轮询和带局部计数器的轮询。 Distributed Control.Distributed control,also known as decentralized control, distributes the control function between all the devices on the bus.The major advantage of decentralized control is that the system is easily expandable by the addition of modules.As with centralized control,there are three basic designs:daisy chain,polling, and independent requests. 分布式控制。分布式控制又称分散式控制,它把控制功能分布在总线上的所有设备中。 分散式控制的主要优点是通过增加模块使系统容易扩充。 与集中式控制一样, 分散式控制也 有3种基本方式:菊花链、轮询和独立请求。 Synchronous Communication. 同步通信 Asynchronous Communication. 异步通信 计算机术语-编程语言篇 计算机术语 编程语言篇 api(application programming interfaces,应用程序接口) ascii(american standard code for information interchange,美国国家标准信息交换代 码) atl: activex template library(activex 模板库) basic:beginner's all-purpose symbolic instruction code(初学者通用指令代码) com: component object model(组件对象模式) dna: distributed internet application(分布式因特网应用程序) mfc: microsoft foundation classes(微软基础类库) sdk(software development kit,软件开发工具包)

windowsce(consumer electronics,消费电子) dcom: distributing component object model,构造物体模块 dhcp: dynamic host configuration protocol,动态主机分配协议 dmf: distribution media format gdi(graphics device interface,图形设备接口) gui(graphics user interface,图形用户界面) gpf(general protect fault,一般保护性错误) hta: hypertext application,超文本应用程序 inf file(information file,信息文件) ini file(initialization file,初始化文件) ndis: network driver interface specification,网络驱动程序接口规范 nt(new technology,新技术) qos: quality of service,服务质量 rrvp: resource reservation protocol(资源保留协议) rtos(real time operating systems,实时操作系统) sbfs: simple boot flag specification,简单引导标记规范 vefat: virtual file allocation table(虚拟文件分配表) (vxd,virtual device drivers,虚拟设备驱动程序) wdm(windows driver model,视窗驱动程序模块) winsock: windows socket,视窗套接口 whql: windows hardware quality labs,windows 硬件质量实验室 whs: windows Xing host,视窗脚本程序 zam: zero administration for windows,零管理视窗系统 加密 ecc: elliptic curve crypto(椭圆曲线加密) set: secure electronic transaction(安全电子交易)

语言 css: cascading style sheets,层叠格式表 dcd: X content deXion for xml: xml 文件内容描述 dtd: X type definition,文件类型定义 html(hypertext markup language,超文本标记语言) jvm: X virtual machine, X 虚拟机 oji: open X vm interface,开放 X 虚拟机接口 sgml: standard generalized markup language,标准通用标记语言 smil: synchronous multimedia integrate language(同步多媒体集成语言) vrml:virtual reality makeup language,虚拟现实结构化语言 vxml(voice extensible markup language,语音扩展标记语言) xml: extensible markup language(可扩展标记语言) xsl: extensible style sheet language(可扩展设计语言) 计算机术语-服务器 计算机术语 服务器/Server 篇 服务器 c2c: card-to-card interleaving,卡到卡交错存取 cc-numa(cache-coherent non uniform memory access,连贯缓冲非统一内存寻址) chrp(common hardware reference platform,共用硬件平台,ibm 为 powerpc 制定的 标准,可以兼容 mac os, windows nt, solaris, os/2, linux 和 aix 等多种操作系统) emp: emergency management port,紧急事件管理端口 icmb: inter-chassis management bus, 内部管理总线 mpp(massive parallel processing,巨量平行处理架构) mux: data path multiplexor,多重路径数据访问 计算机术语-打印机和扫描仪篇 计算机术语 打印机和扫描仪篇 打印机 / Printer aas(automatic area seagment?) dpi(dot per inch,每英寸的打印像素) ecp(extended capabilities port,延长能力端口) epp(enhanced parallel port,增强形平行接口) ipp(internet printing protocol,因特网打印协议)

ppm(paper per minute,页/分) spp(standard parallel port,标准并行口) tet(text enhanced technology,文本增强技术) usbdcdpd(universal serial bus device class definition for printing devices,打印设备的通用 串行总线级标准) vd(variable dot,变点式列印) 扫描仪 / Scanner twain(toolkit without an interesting name)协议 计算机术语-磁盘和光驱篇 计算机术语 磁盘和光驱篇 磁盘 / Disk aat(average access time,平均存取时间) abs(auto balance system,自动平衡系统) asmo(advanced storage magneto-optical,增强形光学存储器) ast(average seek time,平均寻道时间) ata(at attachment,at 扩展型) atomm(advanced super thin-layer and high-output metal media,增强形超薄高速金属 媒体) bps(bit per second,位/秒) cam(common access model,公共存取模型) css(common command set,通用指令集) dma(direct memory access,直接内存存取) dvd(digital video disk,数字视频光盘) eide(enhanced integrated drive electronics,增强形电子集成驱动器) fat(file allocation tables,文件分配表) fdbm(fluid dynamic bearing motors,液态轴承马达) fdc(floppy disk controller,软盘驱动器控制装置) fdd(floppy disk driver,软盘驱动器) gmr(giant magnetoresistive,巨型磁阻) hda(head disk assembly,磁头集合)

hifd(high-capacity floppy disk,高容量软盘) ide(integrated drive electronics,电子集成驱动器) lba(logical block addressing,逻辑块寻址) mbr(master boot record,主引导记录) mtbf(mean time before failure,平均故障时间) pio(programmed input output,可编程输入输出模式) prml(partial response maximum likelihood,最大可能部分反应,用于提高磁盘读写传 输率) rpm(rotation per minute,转/分) rsd: removable storage device(移动式存储设备) scsi(small computer system interface,小型计算机系统接口) scma:scsi configured auto magically,scsi 自动配置 s.m.a.r.t.(self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology,自动监测、分析和报 告技术) sps(shock protection system,抗震保护系统) sta(scsi trade association,scsi 同业公会) ultra dma(ultra direct memory access,超高速直接内存存取) lvd(low voltage differential) seagate 硬盘技术 discwizard(磁盘控制软件) dst(drive self test,磁盘自检程序) seashield(防静电防撞击外壳) 光驱 CD-Rom atapi(at attachment packet interface) bcf(boot catalog file,启动目录文件) bif(boot image file,启动映像文件)

cdr(cd recordable,可记录光盘) cd-rom/xa(cd-rom extended architecture,唯读光盘增强形架构) cdrw(cd-rewritable,可重复刻录光盘) clv(constant linear velocity,恒定线速度) dae(digital audio extraction,数据音频抓取) ddss(double dynamic suspension system,双悬浮动态减震系统) ddss ii(double dynamic suspension system ii,第二代双层动力悬吊系统) pcav(part constant angular velocity,部分恒定角速度) vcd(video cd,视频 cd) IT 行业手机词汇中英文对照篇 bluetooth:蓝牙技术(无线耳机接听) Wi-Fi:wireless Fidelity 无线保真(即“小灵通”所采用的技术) Hi-Fi: High Fldelity 高保真 3-G:Generation Three 第三代 PHS:Personal Handyphone System 个人手提移动电话系统 Walkie-Talkie:步话机 Gotone:全球通------这个应该太熟悉不过了吧 GPS:Global Positioning System 全球定位系统 Monternet:Mobile+Internet 移动梦网---我们这儿有,不知道大家那有没有,我还有梦 网邮箱 GPRS:General Packet Radio Service 通用分组无线业务--这个很重要哦,要掌握 SMS:Short Message Service 短信服务---------最最流行的 service MMS:Multi-media Messaging Service 多媒体信息服务 SIM 卡:Subscriber Identity Module 客户身份识别卡-------现在知道 SIM 的全称是什么 了吧, GSM:Global System For Mobile Communications 全球移动通信系统

WAP:Wireless Application Protocol 无线应用协议(即使手机具有上网功能) PAS:Personal Access System 个人接入系统(如“小灵通”) CDMA:Code Division Multiple Access 码多分址-------超级重点哦 pre-paid Phone Card:储值卡 Roaming:漫游 Voice Prompt:语音提示 WLANs:Wireless Local Area Networks 无线局域网 DV:Digital Video 数码摄像机 3-D:Three-Dimension 三维 LCD:Liquid Crystal Display 液晶显示 计算机术语-主板 计算机术语 主板 Main Board 篇(上) adimm(advanced dual in-line memory modules,高级双重内嵌式内存模块) amr(audio/modem riser;音效/调制解调器主机板附加直立插卡) aha(accelerated hub architecture,加速中心架构) ask ir(amplitude shift keyed infra-red,长波形可移动输入红外线) atx: at extend(扩展型 at) bios(basic input/output system,基本输入/输出系统) cse(configuration space enable,可分配空间) db: device bay,设备插架 dmi(desktop management interface,桌面管理接口) eb(expansion bus,扩展总线) eisa(enhanced industry standard architecture,增强形工业标准架构) emi(electromagnetic interference,电磁干扰) escd(extended system configuration data,可扩展系统配置数据) fbc(frame buffer cache,帧缓冲缓存) firewire(火线,即 ieee1394标准)

fsb: front side bus,前置总线,即外部总线 fwh( firmware hub,固件中心) gmch(graphics & memory controller hub,图形和内存控制中心) gpis(general purpose inputs,普通操作输入) ich(input/output controller hub,输入/输出控制中心) ir(infrared ray,红外线) irda(infrared ray,红外线通信接口可进行局域网存取和文件共享) isa: industry standard architecture,工业标准架构 isa(instruction set architecture,工业设置架构) mdc(mobile daughter card,移动式子卡) mrh-r(memory repeater hub,内存数据处理中心) mrh-s(sdram repeater hub,sdram 数据处理中心) mth(memory transfer hub,内存转换中心) ngio(next generation input/output,新一代输入/输出标准) p64h(64-bit pci controller hub,64位 pci 控制中心) pcb(printed circuit board,印刷电路板) pcba(printed circuit board assembly,印刷电路板装配) pci: peripheral component interconnect,互连外围设备 pci sig(peripheral component interconnect special interest group,互连外围设备专业 组) post(power on self test,加电自测试) rng(random number generator,随机数字发生器) 计算机术语-主板 计算机术语 主板 Main Board 篇(下) rtc: real time clock(实时时钟) kbc: keybroad control(键盘控制器) sap: sideband address port(边带寻址端口)

sba: side band addressing(边带寻址) sma: share memory architecture(共享内存结构) std: suspend to disk(磁盘唤醒) str: suspend to ram(内存唤醒) svr: switching voltage regulator(交换式电压调节) usb: universal serial bus(通用串行总线) usdm: unified system diagnostic manager(统一系统监测管理器) vid: voltage identification definition(电压识别认证) vrm: voltage regulator module(电压调整模块) zif: zero insertion force(零插力) acops: automatic cpu overheat prevention system(cpu 过热预防系统) siv: system information viewer(系统信息观察) esdj: easy setting dual jumper(简化 cpu 双重跳线法) upt: usb、panel、link、tv-out(四重接口) acpi: advanced configuration and power interface(先进设置和电源管理) agp: accelerated graphics port(图形加速接口) i/o: input/output(输入/输出) mioc: memory and i/o bridge controller(内存和 i/o 桥控制器) nbc: north bridge chip(北桥芯片) piix: pci isa/ide accelerator(加速器) pse36: page size extension 36-bit(36位页面尺寸扩展模式) pxb: pci expander bridge,pci(增强桥) rcg: ras/cas generator,ras/cas(发生器) sbc: south bridge chip(南桥芯片) smb: system management bus(全系统管理总线) spd: serial presence detect(内存内部序号检测装置)

ssb: super south bridge(超级南桥芯片) tdp: triton data path(数据路径) tsc: triton system controller(系统控制器) qpa: quad port acceleration(四接口加速


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