高一英语同步精品课件Module 4 Sandstorms in Asia

1.protection n.保护 The protection of the country is the duty of everyone. 保卫国家是每个人的责任。 知识拓展 live under sb.'s protection靠某人而过活 under the protection of在……保护之下 protectingly adv.加以保护地 protectionist n. 保护主义者 ? ?sb./sth. from+sth. 保护……使不受…… ?sb./oneself from+doing 保护某人/自己使 protect? ?不受…… ? ?A against B 保护A免遭B的危害 ①It is not so easy to protect valuable books against theft. 要防止珍贵的书籍被窃很不容易。 ②We must protect the lives and property of the people. 我们必须保卫人民的生命和财产。 ③People wear dark glasses in order to protect their eyes from the strong sunlight. 人们戴太阳镜是为了保护眼睛不受强烈的太阳光刺激。 词语辨析 protect, defend与guard protect是最一般的用语,意义较广。 to protect one's hands with gloves 戴手套保护手 to protect a country from surprise attack 保护一个国 家免遭受突然袭击 defend强调面临危险时,使用武力和其他反抗措施来 进行保护。 They fought to defend thier liberties. 他们为保护自由而战。 该词也引申为捍卫某种立场、意见等。 defend one's reputation维护某人的名誉 guard指格外小心地看护以保安全。 The mother guarded the sick child day and night. 那位母亲日夜看护生病的孩子。 即学即用 ①(2007·黄冈)A fence was built to______the garden. A.guard C.protect 答案:C B.defend D.safeguard ②People planted trees on the side of the hill to________soil________by rain. A.prevent; being washed away B.stop; from washing away C.keep; being washed away D.protect; from washing away 答案:A 2.separate 1)vt. 分开,分离 ①Separate the two pipes by unscrewing them. 拧开螺丝,好把这两个管子分开。 ②I separated them into two groups. 我把他们分成了两组。 ③We are separated for the present. 我们暂时分开。 2)vi. 分手,和……分开 ①We talked until midnight and then separated. 我们一直谈到深夜,然后才分手。 ②I hear that they have separated. 我听说他们分手了。 3)adj. 不同的,有区别的 This word has three separate meanings. 这个单词有3种不同的意思。 4)adj. 个别的;独自的;个人的 We all have separate rooms. 我们都有自己的房间。 5)adj. 分离的;不相连的 Keep the boys separate from the girls. 不让男孩和女孩到一块儿去。 知识拓展 separately adv. 独自地;单独地;独立地 separation n.分裂;分离;分居 ?separate A from B 把A和B分开 ? 常用搭配?divide... into...=separate... into... ?把……分开(强调化整为零) ? ①The patient should be separated from the others. 这个病人应该被隔离起来。 ② Please divide the apple in two/half/into two pieces/halves. 请把苹果分成两半。 即学即用 Hospital staff burst into cheers after doctors completed a 20-hour operation to have ________ one-year-old twins at the head. A.isolated C.divided 答案:B B.separated D.removed 3.stick vt. 粘贴;vi. 粘着 ①Don't forget to stick a stamp on the envelope before posting the letter. 发信前不要忘了在信封贴上邮票。 ②The paper is still sticking to my hand. 纸还粘在我手上。 ③The car has stuck in the mud. 车陷在泥里出不来了。 知识拓展 stick sth. to/in/on etc. 粘某物在……上 stick to 坚持 sticky adj. 粘的 stick by 忠于 stick up 竖起 stick at 迟疑;坚持 词语