Module 1 My First Day at Senior High Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.What is your attitude ________ senior high students taking up a part?time job? 【答案】 towards/to 2.I've heard he's cured many diseases ________ this method. 【答案】 with 3.She is the youngest in the family.She always ________ (get) the biggest apple. 【答案】 gets 4.I don't believe she is able to design a digital camera,________ she? 【答案】 is 5.We are looking forward to ________ (have) your early reply to this matter. 【答案】 having 6.Advanced as he was in years,his life was far ________ unsatisfied with him. 【答案】 from 7.There is nothing ________ a cold drink of water when one is thirsty. 【答案】 like 8.Under the teacher's ________ (instruct),we have made great progress in our physics study. 【答案】 instruction 9.Even in some developed countries,disabled people are three times more likely to be denied healthcare ________ other people. 【答案】 than 10.I didn't make his failure public to avoid seeing his ________ (embarrass) look. 【答案】 embarrassed Ⅱ.用所给短语的适当形式填空 look forward to,nothing like,at the end of,be divided into,in other words,take part in 1.100 years ago,that country ______ two parts. 【答案】 was divided into 2.Many athletes came to Beijing to the Olympics. 【答案】 take part in 3.The car is ______ the one they advertised. 【答案】 nothing like 4.I don't think he is honest.______,I don't trust him at all. 【答案】 In other words 5.I'm really ______ going out for a walk with you on such a fine day. 【答案】 looking forward to 6.______ our trip,we all gave out. 【答案】 At the end of Ⅲ.完成句子 1.I don't believe he can afford to buy an apartment,___________________________________________ ________?(变反问句) 【答案】 can he 2.Our classroom is____________________________________________________________________. (是他们教室的三倍大) 【答案】 three times the size of theirs 3.中国的人口比世界上任何国家的人口都多。 The population of China is larger than ________ of any other country in the world. 【答案】 that 4.At the meeting,all the people ________ (对……印象深刻) her brilliant report. 【答案】 were deeply impressed with 5.He is ________(远非)what I expected. 【答案】 far from 6.If Joe's wife doesn't go to the party,________(他也不去). 【答案】 neither will he Ⅳ.单句改错 1.Is this the book is recommended by the teacher?________ 【答案】 去掉 book 后的 is 2.There was a surprising look on his face when he saw the result.________ 【答案】 surprising→surprised 3.The teacher impressed the importance of English to me.________ 【答案】 to→on 或 upon 4.Word came the mayor would soon visit ou