高一英语同步精品课件Module 4 Sandstorms in Asia

1.atmosphere 1)n. 大气;大气层 The pollution of the atmosphere is serious. 大气污染是严重的。 2)n. 空气 These plants love warm, humid atmospheres. 这些植物喜欢温暖潮湿的空气。 3)n. 气氛;氛围 ① Use music and lighting to create a romantic atmosphere. 用音乐和灯光创造一种浪漫的气氛。 ②The children grew up in an atmosphere of violence and insecurity. 这些孩子在暴力和无安全感的环境中长大。 知识拓展 clear the atmosphere 消除误会(或紧张、猜疑气氛) a revolutionary atmosphere 革命的气氛 高考直击 (2008·湖北)The top leaders of the two countries are holding talks in a friendly________. A.atmosphere C.situation B.state D.phenomenon 解析: A 项除指“大气;空气”外,还有“气氛;环 境”的意思;B项“状态”;C项意为“位置;处境”;D 项指“现象”。 答案:A 即学即用 完成句子 The hotel offers a ________ ________. 这家旅馆使客人感到宾至如归。 答案:friendly atmosphere 2.environment n. [C, U]环境;自然环境 ①An unhappy home environment can affect a child's behaviour. 不幸福的家庭环境可能对孩子的行为造成影响。 ② These rocks are common to certain climate environments. 这些岩石是某些气候环境下常见的。 词语辨析 environment, surroundings, circumstance(s), setting enviro 既可指自然环境,也可指精神环境,均从 nment 环境对人的感受、道德及观念的影响着眼。 专指自然环境,从周围的事物这一客体着 surrou 眼。所以我们说,美丽的surroundings, ndings 幸福的environment。 circum stance 指某事或动作发生时的“情况”。 (s) 用来指为了突出某个主体而存在的背景、 setting 环境。 ①The children grew up in beautiful surroundings but not in a happy home environment. 孩子们在美丽的环境中长大,但是却缺少一个幸福的 家庭环境。 ②Maybe under these circumstances we may say that man can conquer nature. 也许在这样的情况下我们可以说人定胜天。 ③The setting of the story is a hotel in Paris during the war. 故事的背景是战时巴黎的一家旅馆。 即学即用 填空 ①环境污染 _______________________________________________ _________________________ ②保护环境的措施 _______________________________________________ _________________________ ③环境保护运动 _______________________________________________ _________________________ 答案:①pollution of the environment ②messures to protect the environment ③an environmental movement 3.concerned adj. (about, for) 关心的;担心的 ①She is very concerned about her son's study. 她很关心儿子的学习。 ②Please don't be concerned about me. 请不要为我担心。 ③We are all concerned for her safety. 我们大家都担心她的安全。 搭配 as far as I am concerned 就我来说 ①As far as I am concerned, the plan is acceptable. 在我看来,这项计划是可以接受的。 ②As far as I am concerned, school life is enjoyable. 就我而言,学校生活很有趣。 知识拓展 concern n. [U,C]担心;担忧 vt. 使担忧;牵涉 The concerned parents are full of concern about the matter which may concern their child. 忧心忡忡的家长非常担心那件可能会涉及他们孩子的 事情。 concerning prep. 关于 We have several discussions concerning the matter. 关于这件事,我们已讨论了好几次。 即学即用 ① ________ , education is about learning and the more you learn the more equipped for life you are. A