高一英语同步精品课件Module 4 Sandstorms in Asia

类别 话题 课程标准要求掌握的项目 sandstorms and the Green movement 词汇 mass, campaign, dune, desertification, strength, melt, complain, nutshell, absolutely, frightening, sandstorm, earthquake, protect, the Pacific Ocean, citizen, cycle, dust, forecast, process, atmosphere, chemical, damage, environment, garbage, pollution, recycle, coastal, concerned, evidence, major, urgent, scary, inland take in, give out, in a nutshell, protect...from/against..., be caught in, look through Expressing strong opinions 1.I couldn't agree with you more. 2.I think you are absolutely right. 3.It's extremely serious. 1) Infinitive(不定式) 2)but+infinitive 功能 语法 1.frightening adj. 吓人的;可怕的 ① All the stone figures in the temple looked so frightening. 庙里所有的石像看上去都那么吓人。 ②I will never forget that frightening experience. 我永远忘不了那次可怕的经历。 知识拓展 frighten v.(使)惊恐 I was frightened by the loud noise. 巨大的噪音把我吓了一跳。 搭配 frighten ? ?into doing sth. 吓唬某人做某事 sb.? ? ?out of doing sth. 使某人不敢做某事 ①News of the robberies frightened many people into fitting new locks to their doors. 发生抢劫的消息把许多人吓得装上了新门锁。 ②He frightened me out of telling the truth. 他恐吓我不要说出真相。 frightened adj. 感到惊恐的 Frightened children were calling for their mothers. 受惊的孩子们呼喊着找妈妈。 be frightened at 见……而惊恐 He was frightened at the coming examination. 他对即将来临的考虑惊恐不安。 be frightened of (doing) sth. 害怕(干)某事 Are you frightened of losing power? 你害怕失去权利吗? 知识拓展 v.ing与v.ed式形容词: ing式形容词 ed式形容词 boring令人厌烦的 exciting 令人激动的 tiring 令人疲倦的 interesting 令人感兴趣的 relaxing 令人放松的 bored感到厌烦的 excited 感到激动的 tired 感到疲劳的 interested 感兴趣的 relaxed 放松的 即学即用 ①The little girl was frightened________the noise. A.with C.at 答案:C B.of D.by ②The________film________the girl. A.frightening; frightened B.frightened; frightening C.frightening; frightening D.frightened; frightened 答案:A 2.climate n. 气候 ①The climate here doesn't agree with him. 他不习惯这儿的气候。 ②The climate in our country is becoming better and better. 我们国家的气候变得越来越好了。 词语辨析 climate与weather 1)climate指一个地方恒定的气候状况,包括气温、降 雨量、湿度等。 The climate here is not good for you. 这里的气候对你不适合。 2)weather指一个地方一天或某个时节的具体天气情况, 如冷暖、阴晴等。 You'd better put on your coat in this cold weather. 在这样的冷天里,你最好穿上大衣。 一言辨异 The climate here agrees with me, and I'm feeling better this morning because the weather today is fine. 我已适应了这里的气候,而且我今天早晨感觉特别好, 因为天气很好。 即学即用 ①(2007·南京)It is________that most of us want to go outing. A.such fine weather B.such a fine weather C.so fine weather 答案:A D.so fine a weather ②The police called off their search for the sur