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Part 1考题总结
Self-introduction and personal information What’s your name? What does it mean to you? What names are popular in your culture? Are there many people who have the same name as yours? What name would you like to give to your own child in future? Are you a student or worker? Do you like your student life? What’s your major? Is it hard to learn? Why did you choose this major? What can you learn from it? What is the most important in your study? What kind of job would you like to do in future? 考题总结: (student) What’s your job? Do you like your job? Is it stressful? What are you responsible for? What can you get from your current job? What do you often do after work? Do you want to recommend your job to other people? (worker) Are you for or against extra work on weekends? Should workers who work on weekends get extra salaries? What is your prospect for the future?

Primary School What subjects did you like when you were in primary school?

Have you ever gone back to your primary school since after graduation? Do you often go back to your school to visit your teachers? Do you still keep in touch with your classmates in primary school? What do you like best about your middle school?

Studies/Time/Routine Do you like writing? How often do you write? Do you want to write a book? What are generally required to write in middle school? Do you prefer handwriting or typing on the computer? How long do you study normally everyday? How many hours do you spend on your homework? Do you sometimes feel tired of studying? When do you usually get up in the morning? When do you often go to bed? How many hours do you sleep one day? Do you think the older people should sleep for longer hours one day? How long should we sleep? What are the differences on plans between elders and youngsters? Are you planning to change your schedule? How do you arrange your time?

What time do you like best in a day?

Concentration How do you concentrate on one thing? What helps you concentrate? When do we need to concentrate more? When does it make us hard to concentrate during a day? How to improve our concentration on what we do? What jobs needs concentration more?

Hometown Where are you from? Which part of China are you from? Do you like your hometown? What is the weather like in your hometown? What do you like best about your hometown? Do you think your hometown is a good place for children to grow up? Can you tell me a good thing in the place that you grew up? Are there many places of interest in your hometown? What are the changes of your hometown? What makes them happen? What was it like when you were younger? What kind of city would you like to live in? Would you like to live in your hometown in future?

How many countries have you ever been to? What are their features like? Would you like to return back to your own country? Why/ why not? Do people like traditional buildings or modern ones? Do you like designing buildings? What architectural style attracts Chinese people? Tell me something about one of buildings that you have visited.

Entertainment (Relax): What entertainment venues do you often go to? What kinds of entertainment do you enjoy? Where did you often entertain yourself when you were a little kid? Do you like watching TV? Do parents allow children to watch TV? Do Chinese people like taking pictures? What do you like taking pictures of? How do you reserve your photographs? Is photography popular in China? What kinds of activities do you often do in your spare time? How do you often relax yourself on weekends? How do your surrounding friends relax? What is your favorite way to relax yourself? Do you like reading?

Do you often read printed books or e-books on the internet? What kind of books do you like best? Why? Do you like sports? What is your favorite sport? What kind of sport is popular in China? What kind of sports do elderly people like doing in China? Have you even taken the boat? Do you wanna get a boat of your own? Do people often go boating in your country? Is going boating popular in China? Do Chinese people use the boat for travelling?

House/Apartment Where do you live, a house/ an apartment? Are there any entertaining facilities nearby? What pleasant thing you will do with your family in your house/ flat? Which part of your home do you like best? If you have a chance to redesign your house, what will you do? What is your ideal future house like ? What’s on the wall of your house/ flat? Do you prefer to invite your friends to your home or be invited to your friend’s home? What makes your house/flat look pleasant?

Clothes and fashion What type of clothes do you often like? Do you like casual clothes? Have you ever shopped online before? Do you like shopping online? What kind of bags do you like? What kinds of bags do you choose on different occasions? What are the factors that affect your choices? Do you like fashion? What do you think about fashion?

News Do you often read news? What news would you like to read? How do you get news, by reading newspapers or surfing on the Internet? Do you wanna become a broadcaster? DO you like discussing news with your friends?

Weather/ Season What weather do you like? Do you like hot or cold weather? What is the weather like in China?

What are the differences among four seasons in China? What is the influence of weather on people? Does the weather ever affect what people do?

Postcard Do you use postcards? Why do people send postcards? When do you send postcards? Have you ever received postcards? Which do you prefer, postcards or e-mails? On what occasions will you send postcards instead of e-mails?

Art What kind of art forms do you like? Did you learn any subjects related to art when you were a little girl/boy? How do teenagers get the art education? Do you like drawing? How often do you draw? When did you learn it? What do you think about painting? What do you think about traditional and western paintings? Do you often go to the gallery? Do you like visiting the museum?

What is its importance to us? What kinds of museums would you like to visit in future? Do you like dancing? Would you like to learn dancing? What is the most fashionable dance in China? Do young people like traditional dance? What type of music do you like? Do you know how to play any musical instruments?

Public park Did you use to visit the park? Do you often visit the park now? Do you think the park is important? What are its functions? Will there be more public parks in future?

Electronic products/Internet Do you often use the internet/computer? When do you often use the computer? Do you often send e-mails? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the computer? How important is the computer/internet to your family? What time did you use the internet for the first time? Do your family members use it too? Do you use the mobile phone? When did you start using it? How important is it to you? How do you often use it?

Do you prefer to send messages or emails? Why? Do you prefer to make phone calls or send messages? What are the disadvantages of the cell phone?

Food and health What kinds of food are healthy? In comparison with the food in last 20 years, is the food healthier now or not? Which is healthier? Do you have a healthy diet? What kind of food do you like? Do you like to try new food? Is breakfast important to us? Do you prefer to have breakfast or dinner? Would you like to have a large meal or small meals one day? What is health in your perspective? How does your school educate you to keep healthy? What did you learn about health? How to keep healthy? Is it easy to keep healthy?

Household Chores Do you often do household chores? What household chores did you do in your childhood? Is it good for children to do household chores?

What sorts of household chores do you dislike?

Transport What is your favorite means of transportation? Is it expensive? How is the transport in your country? How to improve traffic? Do you like cars? Do you prefer private cars or the public transport? Do you know how to drive? What kind of cars do you like? Do people in your country like driving? What patterns of cars are popular in your country? Would the car be more used in the future?

Countryside Do you like living in the countryside? What are drawbacks of living in the countryside? Why some people like to travel in the countryside? What are the problems of living in the countryside?

Part 2&3考题总结
1. A teenager you know Part3 What is your attitude towards young and older people? What is the responsibility of young people? Is the life of young people comfortable? What are differences between teenagers and children? At what age people are considered to become adults in your country? What does it mean to people? Do you young people enjoy their current life? Were there any differences in the past? Are there any differences between teenagers and adults?


A friend you made when you met the first time Part3 Is it possible for you to make friends with people that you meet the first time? How to make friends? How do you get in touch with your friends? How do you maintain your friendship with

考题总结: your friends? Who do you spend more time with, your friends or family? Are there any disadvantages of contacting old friends? Are you willing to upload your personal information online? Would you like to have several friends or lots of friends? What makes the friendship last a lifetime?


Describe a parent Part3 How do young working parents take care of their kids? What are the differences on taking care of children between men and women? What do children care most about their parents? Who is more important to children’s personal development, mother or father?


A polite person Part3 Are there other polite manners in your country? Being polite is regarded more important in the countryside than in the city? Will being polite be important in future? Should the school teach students to be polite/respect others? People in which country do you think are politest?


A person who does an important job Part3 What are the standards for you to choose jobs? Who do you often consult with? What attitude should people hold towards the job? If the employees are upset with their work, what is the boss supposed to do? Why some people change jobs?


A person who you once helped Part3 Do you like helping others? Do people nowadays help each other less than in the past? Do people trust each other?


A good neighbor you once had Part3 What are the qualities of a good neighbor? How is the neighborhood in China? What are the influences of neighborhood on children? What sort of neighborhood is beneficial to children? What sport facilities can improve communication among people?


A person you would like to talk with/ a talkative person


Describe a library Part3 What are the benefits of the library? Do you think it is good for children to go to the library? Do you often go to the library? What elders benefit more than children from going to the library? DO you think the library tends to be more important now? Do people nowadays prefer to go to the library or to surf on the Internet? Should government provide an access to everyday to use the library? Are there many students studying in the school library? What skills should the librarian be equipped by? Is it good to provide coffee or drinks in the library?


Describe a perfect house you have visited Part3 Do you like designing houses? Do you think you can do it better than designers? Will you hang your own works or the works from famous artists on your wall? What kinds of houses do most of young people like to live in? How about elders? What living environment is the most attractive to elders? What factors we should consider when we buy a house? How important is the location of a house to Chinese people/ elders/ young people? Do you think more traditional houses should be built in China? What is the influence that houses make on global warming?


Describe a room where you want to spend a lot of time Part3 Do you prefer larger rooms or smaller rooms? What are the differences? Are larger rooms the symbol of the social status? What do you want to fill in a room? What factors do we need to consider when we decorate the room? How to make a room pleasant? What impact can the reception area of a company make on its

clients? Is the office arrangement vital? Are there any differences between traditional and modern architectures? Which one do you prefer? What will the architectural style be like in future? What makes the differences?


Describe a crowed place Part3 What do you think about individual travel? What are the pros and cons of package tour? What causes crowding?


Describe a park/garden Part3 What is the importance of the park to the general public? Should children often visit the park? What do people often do in the garden? Do you think the government should invest money in setting up public gardens? Why/Why not? Do you prefer private gardens or public gardens? What are the differences between them? What do people often plant in their own gardens?


Describe an important city in your country(A city/town you enjoyed visited/would like to visit) Part3 Do you like living in the countryside? Do you prefer to live in the city or countryside? What are the differences between the city and village life? What changes have taken place in the place? What are the problems in the city? Is the crime serious in the city? How to solve it?


Describe your favorite cafe/restaurant Part3 What sorts of people like drinking tea? Why drinking coffee is popular in China now? What are the differences between the cafe and restaurant? What social activities are viable at home?


Describe a book you have read/you want to read again Part3 What books would children like to read? Is it good to read before going to school? What should parents do to help them? What do you think about reading for pleasure? What are the differences among different libraries? What should be a library equipped with? Should be the electronic equipment included? What should people benefit from the library? Can electronic equipments take place of books in future? A lot of American Indian can not read, but it is reported that every one could do in China, what do you think about it? Do people like reading books in the native language or a foreign language? Why do you like reading books in foreign languages? What are the differences between them? Are men and women different from each other on books they like reading? Should the history be respected when the books are adapted? What do you think about adapting books into movies? What makes feel that the adaptation is a failure?


Describe an interesting speech or talk you enjoyed Part3 Do you like speeches? Is the talk about children’s education important? Why is it difficult to communicate with kids? Are visual aids necessary when we make the presentation? What are

qualities of a lecturer?


Describe a plant you like/ are familiar with Part3 Is What fruit trees are available in China? Is it good for us to plant vegetables? Is being a farmer easy? Are farmers satisfied with their job? Why is fertilizer used in agriculture? Is agriculture playing an important role in China? How to stir their interest in farming? What is people’s attitude towards farmers nowadays? What practical applications can be observed in the development of agriculture in China?


Describe a toy you used to play with in your childhood Part3 What sorts of toys are popular now in China? What changes have taken place in toys from the past to now? What are the differences on toys for boys and girls? Why boys like the games that require teamwork? Will these toys remain popular in future?


Describe a present you gave to your friend/ you received recently Part3 What are presents usually given in China? Which situation is suitable to give a present? What is the present you’d like to receive? Would you like to be a giver or receiver? Is present giving important? Is it different to send gifts made by yourself or you buy? What do we need to pay attention to when we send gifts to children? Should we send gifts which are educational to children? Who tends to be happier when receiving a gift, children or adults? What influence does the advertisement make on choosing

gifts? What if the child does not like your gift?


Describe a film/book about future/ related to a real person Part3 Who do you want to recommend this film to? What makes the actors/actresses successful in the performance? What people or events are usually referred in this type of film? Why do people like watching films about the politicians? What’s your impression on the characters in cartoon films? Will they take place of the real actors/actresses? Do you think the documentary tells us the truth? Can people learn more about the historical event or people through documentaries? Are plots in the movie real? Does the big name influence the box office of the movie? What do you think about the ranking system in the movie industry? Will children be influenced by the violence in the movies? Why do people like writing books about future? Do you think what the kind of books talk about will come true? What do you like about robots?


Describe a TV program that you watch regularly Part3 What kinds of TV programs are Chinese people keen on? How many hours do Chinese people spend on watching TV one day an average? Do you prefer to watch movies at home or in the cinema? Why do people like watching movies on TV? Do you think the cinema will disappear someday? Why elderly people don’t like going to the cinema? Do you think that people will be isolated from the society if they indulge themselves into the TV program? Are there

too many Sports TV programs on TV? What are their advantages and disadvantages? What is the importance of international TV program? What are the differences between Chinese and foreign TV programs? Should parents supervise the time that children spend watching TV? What are the changes of the TV program in China in recent years?


Describe a meaningful song Part3 What sort of music is the most popular in your country? Are there any changes in the music that people like? When should children start to learn music? Is it good and necessary? Do your parents or older generation in your family like the same music as you? Compare the differences on the music that your parents older generation and you. Why? Do you think your parents or grandparents would like children’s songs that you like?


Describe an advertisement that made you want to buy the products Part3 What are the influences that advertisements make on people’s life? What do you think about advertisements? What is the importance of the media?


Describe a game not a sport you used to play when you were a child Part3 What sorts of games are children keen on playing now? Are

there any differences on games between now and in the past? Is designing games beneficial to children? What are the differences between indoor and outdoor games? What are the advantages? Which one do you prefer? Should students do some exercises after studying? Do adults like the same games as children? What are the differences?


Describe a special meal you had Part3 What is the importance of having a get-together to Chinese people? How do Chinese people behave in a get-together party? What do you think about that many people prefer sitting in front of TV rather than going out to have a get-together? What are the differences on Chinese meals between the past and now?What do you think about the vegetables that are transported from a long distance away? Can students learn the right eating habit at school? Is it necessary for businessmen to have meals together in order to get more business?


Describe your favorite food/meal Part3 Do you think the agriculture influences our health? Will the agriculture affect people’s diet in future? Is the children’s diet getting different?


Describe a vehicle(car)want to own or you would like to buy Part3 What are advantages and disadvantages of the bicycle? Is it dangerous to ride the bicycle? What do you think about the motorcycle? Why people long for cars? What do you think about

car advertisements? What are pros of public transport? Advantages and disadvantages of subways and buses. What causes the traffic jam? Do you think your friends would like to buy the car you described? Why do rich people in China buy expensive houses or cars? Are rich people privileged in China? Why do Chinese people care about what other people view?


Describe a piece of clothes you like best Part3 Do you like shopping for clothes? What do Chinese people often wear on official occasions? Are there any differences on wearing between women and men? What are advantages and disadvantages of shopping online? What is the influence of changes in fashion on clothes manufacturing industry?


Describe something you bought that you were not satisfied with/ An unsatisfied shopping experience Part3 What products are Chinese young people into? Why do people buy foreign goods? Do you think foreign goods are good? Why don’t think Chinese goods are good? Why the foreign goods tend to be more popular in the importing country? What are the differences between Chinese and Japanese products? Is I-phone the necessity for a student? What are the benefits of shopping online? Do you often shop online? How to avoid customers being cheated by the merchant? What impact has shopping online made on people’s life? Compare shopping online with shopping in the real store. Can shopping online lead more workers that work in real shops to lose their jobs? What is the development of logistics in China?

What do we need to pay attention to when you purchase things? Should we take protecting the environment into account? What do you want to suggest the producer to pay attention to when they produce goods? Is it eco-friendly to buy things that we don’t need?


Describe a useful equipment but not computer Part3 Which one is more significant to us, the laundry machine or the TV set? What are changes on housework and cleaning nowadays? Do you think it is essential for us to know cooking? Do children need to do household chores? Can you give me some comments about the new trash can?


Describe a useful website Part3 What do you think about the internet? What do different age groups of people do on the internet? What is people’s life like with/ without the internet? What are the differences between young people and elders on surfing on the Internet?


Describe an important message Part3 Do you think communication skills are important? Does the way people from different age groups communicate vary? In what way people normally communicate with each other? Do you think letters would be replaced by e-mails in future? On what occasions formal speak should be proper?


Describe a group project you took part in/ an activity in a group Part3 What is the importance of teamwork? What can you benefit from teamwork? Should children take part in some group activities? Is it good to take part in some group activities? What kinds of group activities are popular in your country? Do people at the age of your mother like group activities? Why some people like group activities while some other people don’t?


Describe an unusual/ideal job you could do Part3 What are the standards for Chinese people to choose a job? What kind of jobs is the most attractive in China? What kinds of jobs are less attractive? What kinds of jobs are enough paid in China? What kind of jobs do you think should be highly paid? What comes first at work, being happy or getting more salary? What about the working environment and interpersonal relationship? Nowadays do women are conducting different types of jobs? Why do some people often change their jobs? What do you think about changing jobs? What are the differences between men and women on jobs? Why?


A Mathematics lesson you attended in primary school Part3 Some people think math classes are boring, what do you think? Chinese students are pretty good at mathematics, do you think it will influence your future career? What does Math teach us? How to trigger the interest in Math? When is it the best to learn

Math? When should students start to use the calculator?


Describe the thing you learnt from a family member Part3 What important skills can parents teach their children? What children can learn from staying with their parents? What do you think about family education in comparison with the one at school? What role do parents and grandparents play in children’s development? What are characteristics of a successful person? Are there any differences on children’s education between strict parents and relaxed ones?


Describe a wrong decision made by someone

Part3 Are there any differences on making decisions between the past and now? Who normally makes decisions in Chinese families? Should children be given more opportunities to make their own decisions? What decisions does the family make? What decisions are important? Are there changes in the way the family makes decisions?


Describe an enjoyable lesson/training session you had Part3 Do you think elderly people should continue studying? Is it important for elders to learn some skills? Do you think school courses should be fun? What are qualities of a good teacher responsible for the primary education? How should the school develop children’s sociability? What is the importance of education to adults? Do you think the adult education should be free? Should the government pay for it? Is the interest in a

subject important to our study? Should we power off our cell phones in the public?


Describe a second language not English you want to learn Part3 Why are Chinese people learning English but not using it? Except English and Chinese, what is the most popular language that children are learning in your country? How many languages do you support children to learn? Is living in a country the best way to learn its language? How to study a language very well? What do you think is a good way to learn a language? Why do Chinese students learn a second language?


something you did recently that made you relaxed Part3 Are there any differences among different people on the way to relax? How do other people relax? What is the importance of relaxation to us? What are the differences between now and in the past in relaxation? Do you think the leisure time for people will get shorter or longer in the future? What do you think about the fact that some people ignore to relax due to their jobs?


A future plan not related to your work or studies Part3 What do you think about the day-to-day plan? How to plan your day? What do people often make plans for? On what occasions do we often make plans? Are they important? How do plans benefit our future careers? How do parents teach their children to make plans? How do people plan their life? What plans should children make? Why are parents eager to make their children get good jobs?

Is high salary important to a job?


Describe a recent change in your life Part3 what do you think about changes? What is the positive influence of changes on people? What are the disadvantages of changes? What do you think about changing jobs? Why do people change jobs frequently? Do children like changes? What do parents do to encourage their children to change?


A leisure activity near or in the sea Part3 What types of leisure activities near or in the sea do children like? How about adults? How to use the resource of the sea? Who do you think likes the seaside more, young people or elders? Who needs the sea for a living? Will the cargo be delivered on the sea in future? Why people like eating sea animals?


Describe what you were late for Part3 What are the cons of being late? Would you mind if others were late? What do you think about being punctual? What is young people’s& elders’ attitude towards being late? Do people from different countries hold different standards of punctuality? Why? Are people getting busier nowadays? What may be caused if we don’t spend enough time with families? Do you think it will get worse or improved in future?


Describe a happy event /an unforgettable event/journey you had

in your childhood Part3: what was important to you in your childhood? What made you happy? What often made you sorrow? What do you think about the fact that lots of people like to take photos to memorize the past? Do songs and music help us to recall the good memories in the childhood? Where do you often pay a visit to? What kind of travelling do you like? What is the most popular/expensive travelling? What sort of travelling will be popular in future?


Describe your ideal holiday Part3 Do you like travelling? What types of travelling are you into? What do we need to prepare before we go on our journey?


The experience that you helped others


Describe a sport event you took part in or watched on TV Part3 Do Chinese like watching sport events on TV? Do you know any famous Chinese athletes? Who is your idol? What factors do you think contribute to the success of an athlete? What do they often do after they retire? What type of sports is the most popular in China? Do you often watch domestic sport events or international ones? What can we benefit from holding international sport games? Are there any disadvantages? What sorts of sport games do Chinese like watching? Do you think it is good for the family to watch sport games together? Is it better for the family members to vote for the same team or

different teams?


Describe a show/ performance you enjoyed watching Part3 What kinds of performances are popular in China? Why? Do you think the government should invest money in traditional performances? Are there any differences on the performing form between men and women? What dances do they like respectively? What do you think about Beijing opera? Should kids learn dancing? What is the importance of TV programs to the art? Are there many traditional performances in the TV program? How should the Television Station select performances?


Describe a historical/traditional event in your country Part3 What makes people historical in your country? Have you ever learned history in your childhood? Do you think it is important for us to learn history? How can we learn the historical event? What do you think about the comments of historic persons? What’s its importance? Should the museum open to the public for free or not? What stuff may be displayed in the museum in the future? Do you like wearing traditional clothes? Are traditional clothes or food still attractive to young people in your country? More and more Chinese people are celebrating western festivals, do you agree with that? What do you think about it? Do you think we should abandon a part of the traditional culture?

1. 头脑空白时的清醒,使用口语习惯表达词 根据笔者的教学经验发现,很多烤鸭们在口语表达时,尤其是在思路扩 展时,总是有时“爱在心口难开”,找不到合适的逻辑思维方式,要不就 是一直用 because, 或者就是一直卡壳。其实,就算是对英语本土人也 会有这种尴尬,但是如何保持自己的流利性呢?

在适当的时候和考官寻找共鸣是一个很好的方法,我们口语表达时有很 多这样的表述,比如说 You know what, As you know, In terms of… 或者由其是在描述一些电影,音乐,书籍等等时,可以说 I believe you must have heard of / seen it before, 或者 Probably you have seen it before, it is very famous in your country 等等,在发现考官看 起来似懂非懂或者不是很有互动时,还可以说 What I mean is…, What I want to say is…, What can not be ignored is… 这样才会让考 本次考试考题精选 范例解析以及技巧 表达: 官觉得考生是在真心的或者用心的在和他交流,也能提高自己的思维逻 辑和流利性。

2. 抽象性问题,具体实例明朗化 众所周知,雅思口语第三部分的问题大多是比较宏观或者抽象的,在没 有充分的考虑时间的基础下,很多烤鸭们的回答是很直面的,或者是直 击问题去回答,可是鉴于词穷和对于特别领域的理解欠缺,烤鸭们只能 边讲边绞尽脑汁想词汇或者想法, 导致流利性差, 词不达意, 越抹越黑, 所以对于多数烤鸭们来说这个部分是整个雅思口语考试的拦路虎。

Sample Question: Do you think it is important to be polite?

关于 politeness 的问题确实是很多烤鸭们的心头之痛,因为礼节是一

个比较宽泛的问题,所以很多烤鸭们不知道从何开始说起,或者一直想 表达礼貌是多么的重要,可是往往词不达意。在这里我们可以拿出很多 生活中的小事去证明礼貌的重要性。

Sample Answer: Yeah, positive. Politeness is a matter of etiquette. It lies in many small things in our daily life. For example, turning off the cell phone in a meeting, or giving seats away to the elder shows our polite manner. To be polite is a big reflection of who you are and how you treat and value people around you. It makes them feel very comfortable and respected. And what’s more, as the golden rule says, treat people the way you want to be treated. In my perspective, our politeness makes our life easier and more meaningful.

本次的雅思口语考试并没有给烤鸭们太大的惊喜和惊讶,因为所有话题 都是之前出现过的老题,但是难度系数并没有下降。对于部分话题,比 如海边活动,关于未来的电影和书,在第三部分的问题上,考官对烤鸭 们的期待更高了一些,我们也可以看出,雅思口语话题的引申越来越广, 雅思口语趋势分析 和备考指导 也越来越学术了。第一部分出现的写作,到第二部分的植物,图书馆, 到第三部分的室内设计,农业,贸易,甚至是海洋动物,传统文化等话 题都对考生们提出了很高的要求。如果没有充分的准备和研究,很多烤 鸭们是难以驾驭和解决的。不过我想提醒大家的是,我们雅思听力的 Section3&4都是学术相关的场景,平时有精听剑桥雅思听力的烤鸭们一 定会发现我们可以在听力场景中找到口语考试的答案和思路,比如说海 洋动物的灭绝有人为的因素,人类屠杀海洋动物,或者艺术的影响等等。

所以,笔者建议广大烤鸭们平时在准备雅思口语考试时,可以融会贯通, 充分利用手上的资源,合理演变,变成自己的观点,相信口语考试不再 会是让大家闻风丧胆的一门考试。


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