Module 4 Sandstorms in Asia 沙尘暴是指强风将地面上的大量尘沙卷入空中,使空气特别浑浊,水平能 见度低于 100 米的天气现象。在古今中外的历史上有哪些严重或恐怖的沙尘暴 呢? A short history of sandstorms How often do you think about sandstorms? Maybe not very often.But here we are going to see a few famous sandstorms out of many throughout history. Australia, September 22nd, 2009 This one was cruel because it made Australia look like another planet in an entire week.It looked like that the photos documenting the sandstorm were edited by someone who was severely color blind.The entire southern continent was painted orange-red, but people still tried to go about their day as if 5 million tons of dust hadn't blown through their respiratory system. Pakistan, July 4th, 2007 On this day, a sandstorm swept through the nation and shocked everyone with its hazy blinding sheets of sand.Everyone thought it'd be over within a day.However, it poured for several days , displacing homes and flooding people to death.Temperatures ranged from 131 F during the day to 30 F at night and about 200 people died because of this sandstorm. North America, 1930-1935 Farmers were very disappointed about this one.During the 1930s, North American regions from New Mexico to Saskatchewan underwent serious sandstorms before World WarⅡ.This was known as “The Dust Bowl” and it struck right around the time of the Great Depression.If you ask your elderly friends about it, they'll probably have something interesting to say.Let me give you an idea of how exhausting and annoying the sandstorm was: winds reached up to 60 mph, and it lasted for FIVE YEARS. 1.document v. 2.respiratory system 3.shock v. 4.hazy adj. 5.displace v. 6.undergo v. 记录 呼吸系统 使人震惊 模糊的 移走 遭受 Fill in the blanks according to the passage. 1.The sandstorm which happened in Australia, on September 22nd, 2009 lasted_________ days. 2.About ________ people died after the sandstorm which happened in Pakistan, on July 4th,2007. 3.The wind of “The Dust Bowl” reached ____________ mph. 4.Niya, China, is actually referred to as “ ________________” because of the sandstorm. 【答案】 1.seven 2.200 3.60 4.Pompeii of the Silk Road