DOC 格式论文,方便您的复制修改删减 新生儿缺氧缺血性脑病尿视黄醇结合蛋 白变化的研究 (作者:___________单位: ___________邮编: ___________) 【摘要】 目的 通过研究不同病情程度的新生儿缺氧缺血 性脑病(HIE)患儿尿视黄醇结合蛋白(RBP)的变化,探讨 RBP 在 HIE 患儿病情评估中的作用。方法 选取 130 例 HIE 患儿按病情分为轻度 48 例,中度 57 例,重度 25 例,选取正常足月儿 50 例作为对照组, 分别于出生后第 1d、3d、5d、7d 留取尿测 RBP,比较二者变化。 结果 HIE 组尿 RBP 较对照组升高, 随着病情程度加重二者比较差异 有显著性(P0.05)。轻度 HIE 患儿第 1d RBP 升高明显,与对照组比 较差异有统计学意义(P0.05),第 3d 至第 7d 渐下降,与对照组差异 无统计学意义(P0.05)。 而中重度 HIE 患儿第 3d 至第 7d 改变不明显。 尿 RBP 与 HIE 病情成正相关关系(r=0.846, P=0.000)。 结论 尿 RBP 可以作为 HIE 患儿病情评估的有效指标之一。 【关键词】 新生儿缺氧缺血性脑病;尿视黄醇结合蛋白;足月儿 [Abstract] Objective To explore the evaluation role of urinary retinol binding protein(RBP) in patients with hypoxic ischemic DOC 格式论文,方便您的复制修改删减 encephalopathy(HIE).Methods HIE group: 130 patients with HIE were divided into 48 mild cases,57 midrange cases and 25 severe cases,according to their pathogenetic conditions. Urinary RBP level was measured in 50 normal term infants as control group and in 130 patients with HIE at 1,3,5,7days after birth.We compared the changes between HIE group and control group.Results Urinary RBP level was higher in HIE group than control group. Especially, the difference was obvious along with the aggravation of pathogenetic condition. In mild cases,urinary RBP level increased at 1 day,but decreased at 3,5,7days after birth. While,the change couldn’t be seen in midrange and severe cases. There was positive correlation between Urinary RBP level and pathogenetic condition of HIE(r=0.846,P=0.000).Conclusion The measur