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英语 (RA-GZ)- 选修6 英语 (RA-GZ)- 选修6 诗歌可传情,可达意,可滋润心灵,也可抚平创伤。英国达德利镇 的一所特殊学校里,学生们读诗、写诗、出版诗,以此来资助当地的 一家医院。 英语 (RA-GZ)- 选修6 If I had read poems a lot before, I would have been a good poet. After all, it was a good experience. 1 Poets use language as a way of expressing their feelings which include not only positive ones of love,happiness and hope,but also negative ones like anger and fear. Poems can describe the beauty of nature,a person,a dream or a special event. Most people have tried writing poetry at some time,for example at school. For children,it is a good way to explore language and have fun with words as well as to express themselves. 英语 (RA-GZ)- 选修6 2 There are benefits for people of different background and ages.Writing poetry can help people deal with problems in their lives,including death or feelings of sadness, alcohol problems or serious illness.By writing down your feelings,you can learn to understand yourself better and give yourself a voice if you feel you are being ignored. A poem might be a way of telling someone something when you do not feel able to talk about it face to face. And if people are ill or having difficulties in their lives,it doesn’t mean they have lost their sense of humour.Poems written as therapy(治疗) can be funny too,as laughter is also considered to be very good medicine. 英语 (RA-GZ)- 选修6 3 Some of the poems they write are very good,but their reason for writing is not just to be creative. All of them have problems. Some of them have l

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【最新】人教版高中英语选修六课件:Unit+2Poems - Unit 2 Poems Section Ⅱ Warming up & Reading Language Points ...

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人教版高中英语选修六课件:Unit+2Poems - Unit 2 Poems Section Ⅱ Warming up & Reading Language Points [词汇...


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【最新】2018-2019学年人教版高中英语选修六课件:Unit 2 Poems - 英语 (RA-GZ)- 选修6 英语 (RA-GZ)- 选修6 诗歌可传情,可达意,可滋润心灵,也可抚...






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【最新】人教版高中英语选修6+Unit+2+Poems+Period+5+课件1+(共15张PPT) - 1. Find the words in the poems that rhymes ...


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【最新】2018-2019学年高中英语人教版高中英语选修六课件:Unit 2 Poems 2.2.pptx_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Section Ⅱ Learning about Language,Using Language,...

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人教版高中英语选修六课件:Unit2 poem(共25张PPT)...remember the Chinese traditional poems mom taught ...


【最新】高中英语人教版选修六课件:Unit+2+单元小结 - A Russian Poem Since childhood, Anton had often recited poems, acc...

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英语| 高中英语| 优质课|人教版高中英语选修六 Unit2 Poems-Warming up&Reading优质课课件_英语_高中教育_...


高中英语人教版选修六:Unit+2Using-language+课件 - 高二人教新课标版选修六 Unit 2 Poems Using language ...