M1U3 reading 1 公开课

Unit 3 Looking good, feeling good

Learning aims:
? Talk about beauty and health ? Learn reading strategy of “however, but” ? Read three e-mails and finish related exercise ? Discuss ways to keep healthy and know health is priceless.

Super Girls 超女

Super Girl Wangbei (超女王贝)

She died on the operating table because of a plastic surgery(整形手术) in 2010 .

Discuss: (pair work)

Why are more and more people eager to have plastic surgery even at the risk of their lives today ?

Amy’s story of losing weight…

Reading: Dying to be thin…
1st period

Reading strategy: however ,but
1. I’ve lost 7 kilograms in the last two months. However, sometimes I don’t feel so energetic.
2. She says health is the most important thing ,and I agree, but then I look so slim at the moment. 3.I know the pressure to stay slim is a problem, ….However, your mother knows best: nothing is more important than health. …..

The feeling before “however” or ”but” and the feeling after them are usually opposite/different _________

2 June 2 July 4 July

Amy Amy
Zhou Ling

Zhou Ling Zhou Ling

Dying to be thin Recovering
(Becoming well again)


Re: Recovering

1.Dying to be thin

①. Amy is recovering from liver failure


②. Zhou Lin is sorry to hear about Amy’s problems and hopes that people can learn from Amy’s story
③.In order to lose weight, Amy takes weight-loss pills and becomes slimmer and slimmer


Questions for detailed information:

True or False Questions:

1.In F Amy’s first e-mail to Zhou Ling, she is going weight-loss on a diet to pills lose to weight. is taking lose weight

2.In the last two months Amy has lost F 10kg. 7kg
3.In T Amy’s second e-mail, she regrets taking those weight-loss pills.

3. Amy followed the doctor’s advice F and often goes to the gym now. but seldom 4. F Zhou Ling didn’t answer Amy’s e-mail in time because she her had no computer. computer was broken 5. Zhou Ling hopes that people in T

China can learn from Amy’s story.

Analysis of mother’s and daughter’s attitudes: Mother’s attitudes towards losing weight E-mail 1: Health is the most important thing E-mail 2: Don’t damage your health for a slim and attractive figure. It isn’t worth it. E-mail 3: Nothing is important than health Changes of Amy’s attitudes towards losing weight
At first:

She was dying to be thin

She regretted taking weight-loss pills

At last:

Two possible meanings of the title “Dying to be thin…”
dying/eager to become thin 1. Amy was ___________ died beacuse she wanted to 2. Amy nearly ____ be thin.

Dying to be thin Reasons (1)_______for Amy was preparing for a new role. embarrassed losing weight However, she was(2) __________ about her body ,so she decided to weight-loss take(3) ___________pills. The pills really(4) worked _____ . Amy lost 7 kilos successfully, but she didn’t feel Results energeticThe pills contained a so (5)_______. chemicalthat caused her harmful (6)_______ liver to fail. Now, Amy is in hospital ,(7) recovering ________ from liver failure damage your health for Lessons Don’t(8) ________ learned from an (9)__________ attractive figure. It isn’t wort Amy’s story (10)________ it. Health is important.

Consolidation: ( pair work) but

Weight –loss pills
be ashamed of lose weight

an actress

act in a Tv show


Slimmer Now Mum
recover from liver failure Health is important

Feel … kg


Family Debate

Role-play activity: Today, it’s not easy to find a good job. Your friend Nancy is going to attend a famous TV program to try her luck. To be more attractive, she is going to take weight-loss pills . But her mother strongly disagrees .They have a heated argument.
Looking good is more important


Feeling good is more important

Since health is important, how can we keep healthy?

Tips for health(健康小贴士):

Don’t eat junk food. Try and eat a healthy diet.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Tips for health:

Early to bed and early to rise makes a wise man.

Tips for health:

Laughter is the best medicine.

Tips for health:

After dinner sit a while, after supper walk a mile.

Tips for health:

Working out in the gym is a good way.

Tips for health:

Drink 6-8 glasses each day.


If you are confident of yourself, you are beautiful.
Health is priceless!

Health is treasure!
Health is the most important thing in the world!


1.Suppose you are Amy’s best friend, what advice would you give to Amy? Write a reply letter to Amy . 2. Finish Part D& E on page 45

Thank you!

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