Revision of the Attributive Clause 定语从句复习 that 1.He was looking for a group of poachers who were killing the endangered Tibetan antelope. 2.In the battle which followed Jiesang was shot and killed. that 3.It is the ideal coat for an animal which has to survive at high that altitudes. 4.The poachers leave only the babies, whose wool is not worth much. 5. The chinese government began to take an active part in protecting the antelopes in the huge park on the QinghaiTibetan Plateau, which is the main habitat of antelopes. 6.Sometimes there were gunfights, like the one in which where Jiesang was killed. in which 7.The wool is taken to india, where it is made into the shawls. 基础知识回顾: 引导词 关 系 代 词 who 先行词 人 人 物 人或物 人或物 地点词 时间词 成分 主,宾 宾 主,宾 whom which that Whose+ 名 主,宾,表 定(---的) 状 状 状 where 关 系 (=介词at/in/from---+which) 副 when 词 (=介词at/on/in---+ which) why (= for which) reason 考 点 难 点 1.关系代词或副词的确定 2.介词+关系词 3.that 与 which 的选择 4.whose的转换 5.综合考察定语从句 与其他从句的辨析 考点1:关系代词 & 关系副词的确定 1.This is the factory __________ (which/that) I visited last year. where This is the factory __________ I worked last year. 2. I’ll never forget the day(which/that) ________ we spent together. I’ll never forget the day ______ when we worked together. which 3. This is the reason ______can explain his coming late. / that why This is the reason _______ he was late. 判断的方法: 1.取决于其在从句中所作的句子成分 2.用什么关系代词或关系副词取决于先行词 考点2:介词+关系词 1)从句中短语动词的固定搭配 1. He is the man ____ from whom we borrowed the book. borro