前台服务英语 The Front Office

Unit one

房间预定 Room Reservation

Cultural Background 文化背景
When the guests intend to stay in a hotel,especially for a famous hotel, they need to make a reservation in advance.When the clerk receives the call,he needs to ask for several questions including the name of the guest,the arrival time,the number of the guest, etc..
当客人需要入住酒店时,尤其是很受欢迎的酒店,都需 要提前预定.当店员接到电话时,他要问清一些事项,比如 客人的名字、到达时、客人人数等.

Lively Words 鲜活词语
Week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday O’clock Now Time Half Past After Quarter

星期,周 星期, 星期天 星期一 星期二 星期三 星期四 星期五 星期六 …点钟 现在 半,一半 过;经过 在…之后 一刻钟

Discount Cancel Confirm Extend Available Record Vacancy Expensive Voucher Suite Contact In the name of Deposit Charge Hold on Prefer

折扣 取消

确认 延长 可用的 记录 空,空房 昂贵的 预订凭单 套房 联络 ……的名义 以……的名义 定金 收费 电话中) (电话中)稍候 更喜欢, 更喜欢,倾向于

Frequent Sentence 常用句型

and time 日期与时间

Can you wait a minute, please? At what time will you arrive? Would it be possible to change your reservation date? We are fully booked for all types of rooms on that night. From when to when? Can you hold the room until 10:00? How many nights will you be staying? When do you need the room? 请您等一下好吗? 您预计什么时候到达? 您能更改预期日期吗? 那天晚上所有客房都预约满了。 从什么时候到什么时候? 你能把这个房间预定保留到十点吗? 您预订要待几晚呢? 您什么时候要这房间?

◆ Price

and discount 价钱与折扣

What’s the price of the room every day? There’s a minimum price for off-season stay and a maximum price for peak-season. The charge includes only bed and breakfast. We offer 10% discount for group reservation, sir. We give discounts for longer stays. Please give me a less expensive room.

每天的房价是多少? 淡季有最低价,旺季有最高价。 费用只包括床位及早餐。 先生,对于团体预订,我们打九折。 我们对长住旅客才有折扣。 请给我一间便宜点的房间。

◆ Other services 其它服务
Which kind of room would you prefer? We can put you on our waiting list just in case we have a cancellation. May I have your name and your initials? If you need to contact us for any further inquiries, please call the same number. Was that reservation made for you or another party? I will check our room availability for that day.

您想要什么样的房间? 我们把您记在等房名单里,有人退时就通知您。 请告诉我您的名字及名字的开头字母好吗? 若您有其他的问题需要跟我们联络,可以再拨这个号码。 是为您自己还为他人订的? 我要查一查那天是否有房间。

情景对话( Situational Dialogues 情景对话(一)
A: Good morning. Room reservation. What can I do for you? B: Yes, I ′d like to book a single room with a bath from the afternoon of March 5th to the morning of March 8th. A: Yes, we do have single room available for those dates. B: What is the rate ,please? A: The current rate is four hundred and fifty Yuan per night. B: That sounds not bad at all. I ′ll take it. A: Well, Could you tell me your name and your phone number, please? B: Yes, it ′s Alice, and my number is 9437268. A: Ok. look forward to your visit. B: Thank you and goodbye. A: Goodbye.

对话翻译: 对话翻译:
A: 早上好,客房预定部,能为您效劳吗,先生? B: 是的,我想订一个带洗澡间的单人房间,3月5日下午到 3月8日上午住. A: 我们确实有一个单间在这段时间可以住. B: 请问房费是多少? A: 现行房费是每天450元. B: 听起来还不错.这个房间我订了. A: 那么,请告诉我您的姓名和电话号码. B: 好的,我是艾丽 丝.电话号码是9437268. A: 好的,我们期待您的光临. B: 谢谢,再见. A: 再见.

情景对话( Situational Dialogues 情景对话(二)
A: Good morning! This is Beijing Chateau Laffitte Hotel. What can I do for you? B: Yes,I‵d like to cancel a reservation. A: OK.Could you please tell me in whose name the reservation made? B: Tomas Green . A: And the date of the reservation? B: From April 10 for one week. A: Excuse me ,is this the reservation for yourself or for others? B: It's for myself. A: Thank you,sir.I will cancel the reservation for April 10 for one week. We look forward to another chance to serve you. B: Thank you all the same ,Good-bye A: It's my pleasure, good-bye.

对话翻译: 对话翻译:
A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: 早上好!这里是北京拉斐特城堡酒店.能为您效劳吗? 我想取消已经预订的房间. 好的. 请将预定房间的名字告诉. 托马斯.格林. 房间预订的日期呢? 从四月10号起共1周. 请问这个预订是为您本人办理还是为别人? 为我自已. 谢谢.我将取消5月10日起共1周的预订.欢迎下次光临本酒店. 谢谢你.再见. 很高兴为您服务,再见.

Brilliant Paragraphs 精彩片段
“Who ′s calling?”was the answer to the telephone. “Watt.” “What is your name, please?” “That ′s what I told you. What ′s your name?” A long pause, and then, from Watt, “Is that Alice?” “No, this is Knot.” “Please tell me your name.” “Will Knot.” Whereupon they both hung up.



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