七年级英语期中考试模拟试卷(3) 牛津版

江苏省句容市后白中学七年级英语期中考试模拟试卷(3) 牛津版
一、听力部分(每小题 1 分,共 20 分) A.听句子,从 A,B,C,D 中找到你所听到的单词(5 分) ( ( ( ( ( )1.A.Miss )2.A.two B.five B.for C.thank C.bag C.light C.pear C.dishes

)3.A.American B.from )4.A.glasses )5.A.what B.look B.watch

选出与你所对话内容一致的图画(5 分)

听录音,找出合适的应答句(5 分) ( ( ( )1.A.Yes, you do. )2.A.It’s red. )3.A.It’s Millie’s. B.No,you aren’t. B.They’re mine. B.It’s a racket. C.Yes,you can. C.They’re grey. C.It’s over

there. ( ( )4.A.Yes,he is. )5.A.Yes, I’d like to. B.He has lunch at home. B.I’d love one. C.Yes,he does. C.No, I don’t.

听录音,找出意义最接近的选项(5 分) ( )1.A.I’m not Jill. B.I’m Jill C.Jill is my



( ( box.

)2.A.What’s your mother?

B.Whose is the mother? C.Who is she? B.There are three pencils in Peter’s

)3.A.There are three pencils and boxes

C.Peter has three pencils and a bag. ( )4.A.Their classes begin at 7:40 this moring. B.Their classes begin at 7:40

in the evening. C.Their classes begin at 7:40 in the morning. ( )5.A.You can’t play football in the street. B.You can play football in the

street. C.You must play football there. 二、单项选择(每小题 1 分,共 15 分) ( )1.—Is Peter from America? --No. Peter is an _______ boy, but he’s in ______. A.America; England America ( )2.—Would you like to have _____ Coke? –No, ______ A.some; I won’t wouldn’t ( )3.—Are there many classrooms in your school? --___________ A.Yes, there’re aren’t. ( )4.--Let’s go and visit their new school. --____________ A.That’s all right ( B.You’re right C.Right D.All right B.Yes, they are C.No,there aren’t D.No, they B.any; I don’t C.some; thanks D.any; I B.English; America C.American; E nglish D.England;

)5.Thank you for ______ me _____ my maths. A.help; at B.helping; on C.help; with D.helping; with


)6.Put red and yellow together, and you can get ______ A.orange B.grey C.brown D.green


)7.Peter and John are Mr Brown’s sons. They are the same age(一样大) and look the same. I think they are _______. A.a twin B.twin sisters C .cousins D.twin brothers


)8.There is _____ “u” and ____ “l” in the word “uncle”. A.an; an B.a; a C.a; an D.an; a


)9.Beckham is a famous (著名的) ______ player from ______. A.football; HK B.basketball; China C.football; America D.football; England


)10.What does WTO mean? A.世界贸易组织 B.世界卫生组织 C.国际奥委会 D.联合国教科文组织


)11.______ you and Millie like walking after school? A.Are B.Do C.Does D.Is


)12.Sally likes ______, but Lily likes to _____. A. swim; play volleyball B.swimming; play volleyball

C.to swim; playing volleyball D.swim; playing volleyball ( )13.—Doctor, I can’t see that. ---Let me see. Well, I’m afraid(恐怕) you must wear a pair of_____ A.glasses ( B.trousers C.jeans D.shoes

)14. Han Mei is a very _____ girl. She often _____ “please” and “thank you”

in her words. A.nice; use ( B.polite; uses C.polite; use D.helpful; uses

)15._____ there _______ housework for your mum at your home? A.Are; too many B.Is; too many C.Are; too much D.Is; too much

三、根据对话所给情景将句子序号填到相应的横线上去(每小题 1 分,共 5 分) A.No, you can’t. my bike? D.Yes, you can. E.You can dance and sing under the tree. . B.Can I play football here? C.Where can I park

A:Hello, Kate. I want to go to the park. 1 B:You can put it near the gate. A:Excuse me, can I bring my bag to the park? B: 2 .

A:Can I eat Snacks here? B: 3 Look at the sign.




I like football.

B:Sorry, you can’t. A:What can I do then? B: 5

四、完形填空(每小题 1 分,共 10 分) Pingping and Beibei are in They are good students. After 6 . Som e play 1 same school. They are 2 the same grade, too. friends play

3 , they 4 8

computer games. 5 9

7 . Some fly 10

and ride bikes. They

jump, swim, and

sing, too. They ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1.A.a )2.A.in

good students. They love their school. C.the C.at D./ D.to D.grade

B.an B.with

)3.A.class B.lesson C.row )4.A.play B.plays )5.AThey B.Them

C.playing D.to play C.Their D.Theirs C.same game C.an basketball D.same games D.the basketball

)6.A.different game B.different games )7.A.basketball )8.A.kites B.plane )9.A.are )10.A.be B.can B.is B.a basketball C.bird D.boats.

C.aren’t D.can’t C.are D.am

五、阅读理解(每小题 1.5 分,共 15 分) (A) Some cats are yellow. Some cats are black. Some cats are black and white. But no cats are green. I have a cat. It’s a mother cat. She has fve babies. She looks after them. We call baby cats kittens. New kittens can’t see. But they can find their mother. They can find their milk. Cats eat meat and fish. Cats drink milk. They drink water, too. Cats like catching birds. They like catching mice, too. But kittens are too young. They can’t catch birds or mice. Cats have paws. Cats’ paws help them to catch things. Cats’ paws help them to

climb trees,too. ( ( ( ( ( (B) Children in the USA like K Day very much..K is for kite. March 7 is the day.On that day, lots of children go out in the open air. They take their kites with them. Some kites are very big. Others are small. They are in different colours. Every kite has a long string(绳). To get the kites up, the children begin to run. They let out the string from the ball in their hands. Now the kites are flying in the air. How nice they look! Now all of the kites are high up in the air. Some are higher than(比) others. The one like a bird is the highest(最高). But what’s wrong? It’s flying away! The string is broken. Another kite gets away. And more kites fly. But the children are running after them. They want to get them back. People are watching them and laughing. ( )6.K is for_________ A.kind ( B.kilometer C.kites D.knife )1.There are some green cats and yellow cats. )2.We call (叫) baby cats kittens. )3.Kittens can find their mother. )4.Cats like catching birds, but they don’t like catching mice. )5.Cats’ paws can help them catch things.

)7.K Day is on _______. A.May 7 B.March 7 C.April 7 D.April 1


)8.To get his kite up, a child must ______ A. run and run B. walk and walk B. walk and let out the string from the ball in his hand D.run and let out the string from the ballin his hand


)9.The kite like a bird is _______ of all. A.high B.higher C.the highest D.tall


)10.The string of the kite like a bird is______ A.long B.short C.broken D.very good

六、词汇(共 15 分)

A.根据中文提示,填写正确答案(5 分) 1.My ______(姐姐) sweater is pink. 2.There are tall ________(建筑物)in Shanghai. 3.Is this ____ new pencil box? Yes, it is. Let ____ have a look at it.(他) 4.They often visit _________(博物馆) with their friends on Sundays. 5.The cakes on the table ________(尝起来) delicious. B.翻译下列短语(10 分) 1.阅览室 2.很,十分 3.在操场上 4.看一看 5.上学

6.have a good time 7.on the ground floor 8.each other 9.how old 10.lots of


七、改写与改错(10 分) A.句型转换(每空 0.5 分,限填一词,共 5 分) 1.Is this racket yours? (同义句) Is this _____ ______? 2.There is one ball under the desk.(对划线部分进行提问) How many _______ ______ there under the desk? 3.Close the window, please. (否定句) ______ _______ close the window. 4.My trousers are black and white. (对划线部分进行提问) What _______ _______ your trousers? 5.The old man there is a doctor. (对划线部分进行提问) ______ ______ the old man there? B.下列各句均有错,请你找出后,在题前括号内填入选项并在横线上改正(5 分) 1.We like sitting under the tree and talk to each other. A B C D ( )________ ( )________

2.Millie, is this yours book? Yes, it is. A B C D (

3.What do you go to school every day? By bus. A B C D


4.We don’t have a art lesson today? A B C D (



5.How many balls are they behind the door? A B C D


八、根据所给中文,完成下列句子(每空 0.5 分,限填一词,共 10 分) 1.明天是我的生日,妈妈想给我买一条连衣裙。 ______ is my _______. Mum ______ ____ _______ me a ______. 2.你的毛衣是什么颜色?是褐色的。 What _______ _____ your ______? ______ brown. 3.书包里有一块橡皮和 四本书。它们是丽莉的。 There _____ a _______ and four _____ in the bag. They’re _____.

4.我有一个英国朋友, 她 13 岁。 I have an______ friend. She’s _______. 5.我们每周上 一节美术课。 We have _____ ______ lesson every week. 6.我妹妹经常帮我做家务活。 My sister often _____ me ____ my housework.. 听力内容及试卷 答案: 一 A.1.I’m fine,thank you.(C) 2.There are four books in the bag.(C) 3.Are they from America?(B) 4.Look, there are some pears and glasses in the locker.(A) 5.There is a watch in the box.(B) B.1.Do you often fly a kite? Yes, I do. (B) 2.Does Jill have a racket? No, she doesn’t.(C) 3.Is there a pear in the bag? No, there isn’t.(B) 4.Is there a clock in your classroom? Yes, there is.(A) 5.Can you jump? Yes, I can.(C) C.1.Can I read newspapers here?(C) 2.Whose are the grey trousers?(C) 3.Where is Millie’s racket?(B) 4.Is Peter at home now?(A) 5.Do you like listening to music?(C) D.1.My sister’s name is Jill.(C) 2.What does your mother do?(A) 3.Peter has three pencils in his box.(B) 4.They begin their classes at 7:40 in the morning.(C) 二.1—5ACCDD, 6—10ADCDA, 11—15BBABD 三.1—5CDABE 四.1—5CAAAC, 6—10BAABC 五.1—5FTTFT, 6—10CBDCC

六.A.1.sister’s B.1.reading room school


3.his, him


5.taste 4.have a look 5.go to

2.very much 3.in/on the playground

6.玩得很高兴 7.在一层 七.A.1.your, racket B.1.C talking

8.相互 9.多大 10.许多 3.Please, don’t 4.colour, are 5.What, is 4.C an 5.C there 2.colour, is, sweater, It’s 5.an, art 6.helps, with

2.balls, are 3.A How

2.B your

八 .1.Tomorrow, birthday, wants, to, buy, dress 3.is, rubber, books, Lil y’s 4.English, thirteen


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