Lesson Planning

Lesson Planning 1. Background information:
Students: 40 Primary school students, Grade 6 Lesson duration: 45 mins. Book: PEP

2. Teaching objections:
By the end of the lesson, students should be able to: 1) Say in English the names of vehicles/transportation means:bus/taxi/subway… and know some place: the post office/the bookstore/the library…..; 2) Ask and answer question about the way of going to somewhere; 3) Can give a hand to the stranger in real life. 4) Use what they have learned into the practice.

3. Teaching contents:
A).Vocabulary of transportation means: bus/subway/taxi… and some place: the post office/library/the school….. B). some sentence: How do you go there/the park...? I go to there by bike/bus. Can I go to school on foot/by bike...? Sure, it’s not far.

4. Teaching aids: blackboard, chalk, PPT, pictures, cards
Type of the lesson: sentence pattern, vocabulary.

5. Teaching procedures:
Warm-up (10 mins): Hello, everyone. I’m very happy to stand here to make a presentation as an English teacher, because I can gradually improve myself. My name is Nancy. I want to find a girl to be my friend. You please. What is your name? You are so lovely, nice to meet you. Next, I want to find a boy to be my friend. Who wants to be my friend? A boy? Ok, you are so brave, what is your name? I’m glad to see you. Sit down. Now, I have a question for you. Can you know how many kinds of transportation means? Who wants to answer my question? Just put up your hands. Don’t shy, just have a try. Boys and girls come on. Ok, you please. And? Do you have anything else to say? That’s enough. You are so clever. Please have a seat. Anyone else wants to have a try? Ok, time is over. (以提问的
方式,引起学生的注意,让学生自己思考,然后回答老师的提问,进而过渡到所学的知识内容中去。即去 某个地方,用某种交通工具,这里先引出一些关于交通工具的单词,让学生学习了解并掌握。然后在学习 单词的基础上,老师指导学生进入下一轮的知识学习,由单个的单词,到词组再到句子。接着再过渡到进 行句型的学习以及操练环节,最后过渡到语言的应用环节,以达到让学生真正掌握所学内容的目的。)

Step 1: learn the new words and sentence pattern. (15mins) Let’s start our class. Now, I will show some pictures about vehicle. Please look at the PPT. I

want know that. What’s this? Tell me together. Come on. Well done. Ok, can you remember? Then, I point the card, you say. Who wants to have a try? You please. What’s this? And this one is? Sit down. Anyone else would like to have a try? Just put up your hands. Ok, stand up. What’s this? That’s all. Next, read it following me….. (借助图片和卡片帮助学生学习单词,以老师和同学互动的方

Boys and girls, Based on what we have learned, we can use these words into our life. Can you tell me something about it? Yes, we can use these words to say “I go home by bus” and “I go to school by subway”. So when you ask somebody the ways of going somewhere, you can say. Think it over. You can use the sentence: how do you go there? Is it Right? Yes. Well down. So, today we will study this sentence pattern. Look at the PPT. The first one, how do you go to school? I go to school by bike. Understand? Now, I ask, you answer. How do you go to the post office? Answer me together. Right .That’s so much for this. If I don’t know how to go school, what should I say to ask for a help? Can you give me a hand? Tell me what should I say? Who wants to try? Ok, you please. How can I go to school? Is she right? Yes, wonderful. (在老师引导指示下,引导学生进 行句型学习:以提问加诱导的方式,让学生自己思考,进而向目标语靠近). Next, work in pairs, use the above sentence make a dialogue according to the PPT. (让学生编对话,来进行句型的学习) 1) Use pictures and cards to introduce the words. 2) Students learn to say the words with the help of the cards. 3) Use the structure: How do you go there? I go to there by bike. 4) Students learn to ask the way of how to go somewhere.

Step 2: practice. (10mins) It’s time for practice. Role play(according to the map of PPT)I need 2 volunteers to play the role. Student A lost her way didn’t know how to go the post office/the hospital and ask student B for help, while student B should tell her how to go there. Ok? Have you understood? Now, who wants to perform? Welcome. (让学生进行角色扮演,对已学的句型进行操练,将课堂知识运用到实际生

1) Use PPT to show a map and ask students to answer the question. 2) Work in pairs. One student asks the question and the other answers. Step3: A task: use what is learned to do a survey. (5mins) Let’s have a task to make a survey. A group work, a group of 4 students. One student asks the others: how do their go to school. Finally, I will choose a volunteer to make a report: the number of the student’s way of going to school, the post office and the hospital. It’s your time. If you have any question, you can get some answer from the PPT. Are you ready? Ok, let’s start. (以作调查的形式,让学生对学过的单词与句型进行进一步的操练与实际用运) 1) Group work, a survey. Place Student 1 Student 2 Student 3 2) Volunteers to present the outcome. Transportation ways


Step 4: it is time for us have an exercise: fill the blanks. (5mins) Just used what you have learnt to finish it. I think it’s easy for you. Have a try. Tell me the answer. Have you got it? Ok. You please. Is she right? That’s check the answer. (以练习的方式,对学生所

1) According to the picture of PPT, ask students to fill the blanks. 1.let’s() ()the park this afternoon. But do we go to the park? It's easy. Come to my home ()bike. Then we can () ()the park on foot. 2. I() ()school on foot. ()it’s very near. What’s about you? ()I go to school ()bus. Reflection: Can you remember what we have learnt? We have learnt some words about vehicles and know how to go somewhere by some way. Do you still remember? Ok, wonderful. That’s so much today. You are the best. (对所学知识的整体回顾,并布置家庭作业结束课程)

6. Optional activities and homework:
Optional activity: work in group and find out their partner’s favorite vehicles and ask them to explain why. Homework: review the book, preview the next unit and ask your parents a question: how do you go to work? Remember your answer and tell the teacher next time.

7. Reflection: pay more attention to some poor students.


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