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Personal Statement
Human resources is a term used to refer to how people are managed by organizations. The field has moved from a traditionally administrative function to a strategic one that recognizes the link between talented and engaged people and organizational success. The field draws upon concepts developed in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and System Theory. With the rapid development of China’s Economy, there is always a urgent need of talent of human resource management. So obtaining a degree in human resource management will enable me to seek employment in a large corporation where I eventually wish to specialise in staff development. I am currently studying at Benedictine College (Shanghai campus) for a BSc in Business degree programme. I am expected to complete the programme by July 2010. The BSc in Business programme if a four-year degree programme jointly launched by Hong Kong Institute of Continuing Education and Benedictine College. The programme is authorized to be offered at Benedictine College (Shanghai campus) and is awarded by Benedictine College. It is a advantage for Chinese students to be familiar with a multicultural English speaking environment. All my bachelor studies in business interested me, but I felt my bachelor courses gave me much information relevant to a human resources management course such as knowledge of human behaviour and the reasoning behind it. However I do realise the course will entail much work dealing with facts and figures. Throughout my education I contributed in many events such as induction days, sporting event supervision. I am the Chairman of the Students’ Union of the College since 2007. In this role, I have the chance to form my managerial capacities. It gave me the confidence to communicate well with people from all walks of life and has improved my social and inter-personal relationship skills with other students’ union members and public. This would be valuable experiences for my future learning in human resources management. And it also allowed me to prove I could work effectively in this kind of occupation as the report of my peers confirmed. I feel my proven record of good time keeping, hard work and regular attendance would enable me to benefit from a place at university. In my spare time I enjoy socialising because keeping in touch with my friends is important to me and I also enjoy keeping fit and regularly go to my local leisure centre. In addition I enjoy computing and creating websites that allow me to


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communicate with people from across the world. My decision to study human resource management has taken a lot of research and thought over the past three years of studies. After talking to several people employed in this field of work and researching what the course entails and with the rewards it holds, it was obvious that this kind of work was what I wanted to do and so I have applied to take a postgraduate degree at university to provide me with the qualifications and experience I need to follow my chosen career path. As far as I know, the UK is strong in the field of management. And there a lots of world-known universities in the UK. Having been studying for three years in Benedictine College (Shanghai Campus), I was familiar with this English teaching environment, and this will be very helpful for my future postgraduate studies in the UK if I have got the opportunity. I truly feel that placement on the courses in your university will help me in my future career ambitions in HR Management. As a mature student I have acquired and will utilize in my studies aspects of self motivation, excellent time management and conscientious approach to my studies. Relevant skills I will use include those already mentioned and also the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines, analysis and collation of complex data and can manage a wide variety of software. And by the way, living so far away from home whilst on the course would also help me gain independence and life skills. In one word, please consider to give me this opportunity to achieve my dream in UK.

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