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Unit 4 lesson 4
Virtual Tourism


Map of the World

New Zealand Flag and Fast Facts
Population 4,107,000 Capital Wellington; 343,000 Area 270,534 square kilometers (104,454 square miles) Language English, Maori Religion Protestant, Roman Catholic

Currency New Zealand dollar Life Expectancy 78 GDP per Capita U.S. $20,100 Literacy Percent 99

National bird

Kiwi bird(几维鸟)

National flag


Wellington The capital city

New Zealand

Auckland ‘s beach

Auckland Sky Tower and cabbage tree Two symbols of New Zealand – the Auckland Sky Tower and a cabbage tree – stand side by side. The cabbage tree is a hardy native, growing almost anywhere. Auckland's Sky Tower is the country's tallest building, at 328 metres high.

The city is near the sea.


2. Read the text and complete the table below.
Population Location History

less than a million On North Island

*Maoris settled 650 years ago

European settlement began in 1840 Famous *Mt Eden; * Parnell village;
sights Climate

* Auckland Harbour Bridge; * Sky Tower; *Auckland museum; Warm, plenty of sunshine

1. True or False? Listen to the tape , are these statements true or false? 1) Auckland was once the capital of New Zealand. 2) Auckland is located on North Island.



3) Sky Tower is Auckland’s tallest building . F
4) Maoris were the first people of New Zealand . sports.


5) The climate is suitable for water


6)The article refers to us Auckland is popular as a traveling city.

3. Match the topics a-f with the five paragraphs in the text.

2 a) the history of the city 5 b) travel links 3 c) things to see in Auckland
d) night-life in Auckland

4 e) for water lovers

1 f) New Zealand’s largest city

Mt Eden

It’s known as its volcanic hills

Parnell village

Auckland Harbour Bridge

Auckland museum

Sky Tower

Match this information with the words in blue in the text. These are called “hot words”. On a real internet page you can “click” on these words to get more information.

1. New Zealand produces iron and steel, machines and cars. business and industry 2. The first people of New Zealand came from other Pacific islands. Maori

3. The capital of New Zealand is on the Cook Strait, which separates the two islands. Wellington
4. This bridge is one of the city’s most famous sights. It was built in 1959. Auckland Harbour Bridge

5. New Zealand does not allow
nuclear materials anywhere in the country. nuclear-free zone

1. locat 位于,坐落于 The new building will be located in the center of town. 这座大楼将建在市中心。 Their factory is located at the foot of the mountain. 他们的工厂坐落在山脚下。

2. settle vt., vi. 定居;使定居

My son has settled happily in America. 我儿子已在美国愉快地定居了。
安置;安顿 We are settled in our new home. 我们住入新居。

落下;栖息 The insect settled on a leaf. 一只昆虫落在一片树叶上。 使平静,使安静,使镇静

Wait until the excitement has settled down. 等到兴奋的情绪镇静下来再说。

Imagine you have a weekend in Auckland. Choose places you would like to visit and things you would like to do. Then work in pairs. Plan a weekend together in Auckland.

Auckland population location


history Famous sights


less than a 人口约235万 million in North Island 位于广东省珠江三角洲南 部 The Pearl River Delta a history of 650 距今有800多年历史 Pedestrian Street years Mt Eden; 石岐步行街;孙中山故居; Parnell Village; 紫马岭公园;…… Sky Tower; …… Former Resident of Sun Yet-san warm; plenty of 气候湿润,多雨;全年平 sunshine 均气温约为摄氏22度

Write an E-mail to a pen friend who is
from America about Zhongshan. 1. Introduction/history Zhongshan located: …… general: modern/beautiful city

population: almost_______
history: …….

2: Things to see: Places to visit:…… 3: Things to do: Sports: tourism: Wugui Mountain




号称"风帆之城"。 据说奥克兰帆船总数

奥克兰是新西兰最繁华的大都市, 有皇后之都的美称。它不仅是新西 兰第一大城市,而且还是全国最重 要的经济中心,最大的商业和金融 中心。



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