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Unit 4 lesson 16 Virtual Tourism


The scenes are very beautiful. But how can we get there? Do you know where New Zealand is?


Map of the World

What do you need if you go there?

Time Money

Can you go there in several minutes?

So we can use the virtual tourism today.


Wellington The capital city

New Zealand

National emblem

National flag

Kiwi bird(几维鸟)

National bird

Suggestion: As your guide, I advise you to go to Auckland.

The city is next to the sea.

Task 1: True or False?
Listen to the tape , are these statements true or false? (10 point for each statement) F 1. Auckland is the capital of New Zealand. F 2. Auckland is located on South Island. T 3. Sky Tower is Auckland’s tallest Tower. T 4. Maoris were the first people of New Zealand . F 5. The climate in Auckland is wet and rainy. T 6. It’s the paradise(天堂) for water lovers.

Task 2: Fast reading:
Find the topics of each paragraph. Read each paragraph carefully. Pay attention to the first sentence of each paragraph as it often introduces the main idea.

? Match the topics a-f with the five paragraphs in the text. There is one extra topic.

2 a) the history of the city 5 b) travel links 3 c) things to see in Auckland

4 1

d) night-life in Auckland e) for water lovers f) New Zealand’s largest city

Task3:Intensive reading
? Read the text and do exercise 3 on P14 Population less than a million
Location History

On North Island *Maoris settled 650 years ago

European settlement began in 1840 Famous *Mt Eden; * Parnell village;

* Auckland Harbour Bridge; * Sky Tower; *Auckland museum; Warm, plenty of sunshine


Mt Eden

It’s known as its volcanic hills

Parnell village

Auckland Harbour Bridge

Auckland museum

Sky Tower

Task 4: Voice your opinion.
There are some tourist from America . They are going to visit Zhongshan. Suppose you were a tour guide in Zhongshan, How would you like to introduce Zhongshan to the tourists?



population less than a million location in North Island
history Famous sights

位于广东省珠江三角洲南 部 The Pearl River Delta 距今有800多年历史


a history of Pedestrian Street 650 years Mt Eden; 石岐步行街;孙中山故居; Parnell Village; 紫马岭公园;岐江公园;中山 Sky Tower; 詹园;…… Former Resident of Sun Yet-san …… warm; plenty 气候湿润,多雨;全年平 of sunshine 均气温约为摄氏22度

Homework: Write an E-mail to a pen friend who is from America about Zhongshan. 1. Introduction/history Zhongshan located: …… general: modern/beautiful city population: almost_______ history: ……. 2: Things to see: Places to visit:…… 3: Things to do: Sports: tourism: Wugui Mountain

Thanks for listening!!

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