外研社必修三 Module4 Sandstorms in Asia Reading and vocabulary_图文

Module4 Sandstorms in Asia
Reading & vocabulary 高一 7班


What natural disaster it is ?

It is a sandstorm

What’s happening when there is a sandstorm?

The sky is yellow. The wind blows strongly. The city is buried by the sand.

The sand almost buries the house .

We can’t see clearly, and the visibility drops

cars slow down and turn on the headlights

Activity 2 Prediction
? Now please turn to Page 32 ? Look at the picture and title of passage ? Try to predict what the passage is about ?

The passage is about Sandstorms As we all know ,sandstorms have been a major disaster for many Asian countries. Scientists have tried many ways to solve this problem. And the Chinese government Is giving more attention to the problem.

While reading

Step1 Fast reading
? Read the passage quickly ,then choose the best answer according to the text. ? (见导学案)

Step2 Careful reading

?Task 1:
? Read the passage carefully and answer the questions

1.What are sandstorms? 2.What causes sandstorms? 3.Where are the four main places in the world where

4.Where are there sandstorms in China? 5.What damage can sandstorm cause? 6.What measures has the government taken?


Match each paragraph with the main ideas.
Para.1 Para.2
a.the description of sandstorms b. the causes of sandstorms c. a major disaster in Asia

Para.4 Para.5

d. the influence of sandstorms e. the government’s measures

f. the forecast and



Step3 Intensive reading

Which sentence in the text can replace the one given below ?
In some cases, sandstorms may last a whole day and because of the thick dust the vehicle on the road can’t move as usual. The storms sometimes continue all day and traffic moves very slowly because the thick dust makes it difficult to see.

Translate the sentence below.
1.It was the most frighting and the most dangerous situation I’ve ever been in.

2.Sandstorms in China appear to have increased in recent years as a result of “desertification”.

因荒漠化越发严重,中国近年来发生 沙尘暴的次数明显增加了。

Step 4 Post-reading
? Task 1 summary ? Read the passage aloud and then complete the sentences using words from the text.

Task2 Work in groups to discuss
How to protect yourself in sandstorms

? 课堂拓展练习。 ? 见导学案

Step5 Homework
Try to describe a sandstorm and say what we should do it according to what we have learnt today