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由上环球雅思张娜老师为大家整理的 2014 年 1 月 18 日雅思听力机经。

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2014 年 1 月 18 日 4 旧难度不大 版本号 场景 咨询 题型 Completion

Section 1 Version07103 背景描述

咨询 lawson primary school in manchester 1-10 填空题: Example:58 Bilncoast street 1. 到校的时间:from 8.40 to 9.00am 2. school will contact parents on the phone(instead of email)


3. parents can attend art course with their kids 4.next gathering for parents July 5-10 colorful and bright 5 .new gym next to the canteen and sport field in the back 6. need not wearing uniform that with name on the coats.comfortable shoes do not


wear boots 7.activities Cooking ,music and chess 8.day trip summer camp in countryside 9. 配备 a professional dentist (emergency took place) 10.students :when they ride bike to school wear bright clothes and a helmet 版本号 Section 2 V05204 背景描述 广播节目 Matching /Multiple Choices 场景 题型


A need quality to be patient with kids B learning new skills C do conservation jobs caring for animals D learn and know people in a new country (teach…in the farm) E do sight seesing 详细回忆 F construct educational facilities 11 explore the international 12 wild exchange 13 track abroad Himalayas) 14 go adventure C two months in Tanzania, endangered species A ( forest and lakes, sharing…woodcraft, patient) A (educational faciliteis in small village in Ghana) D (help and get to know local people …farm…south America) B (community cnetre for example, mathematic or evenings in

15 going shot-need qualification


16-20 mutiple choices Why the laria apply a volunteer in Sri Lanka?done holidays work in local area ticket office in local zoo 16 what kind of job in the zoo A reparie carpet B washing and caring elephant 17 what problem when she first arrived there? A feellhomsick B boring C being ill(stomach problems village 周边很小,没有什么内容) 18 activities with friends on weekend A serve a travel guide to adjust B coach tirp to…area in smeday( 提到 cheap way in bus ) 19volunteers divide into groups based on A the same intrest (despite…variety) B the same age C different backgroud 20the result of being the volunteer B being proud of achievment C confident after coming back

版本号 Section 3 V05321 背景描述

场景 Discussion

题型 Matching / Multiple Choices

两个人在讨论光污染对生态影响研究 21-25 配对题,(choose five from seven)

详细回忆 Matching the points with the pwersons below


A lighting restrictions the number of species E climate change

B alternative lighting

C reduce the number of insects D decline in

F impacts on the growth of animals

G impacts on water quality 21. Simpson 22. -B A (ingore to turn off city light at night)

(replacment by …yellow…light…converted into 对 turtle) F G (insects they ate declines and produced) (surface of water …creature by lights)

23. Sharon greay 24. Maria Jackson

25. Barbara Swallow D 减少昆虫数量(研究 fish,hunted by…,dropped significantly) 26-30 配对 单选 What’s Jim’s (the boy) opinion about artificial light (人造光源)的影响看法 A both die out 男人提到 evend the creatures know how to cope with it, constant light 会导致 force them to death, 人造光致物种基因 genetic 突变,繁殖率降低,,最终 both 灭绝 27 what do both of them think should focus on?个人共识的看法(light vibration) C many theories 在某一方面研究不够 28 -30 多选(choose 3/7) A *** Bwild life park animals C migration bird D animals in rural areas

E on animals living in tropical climate F the impacts of animals from different climate (tropical climate compared to those in the north) 版本号 Section 4 V05411 背景描述 Lecture Completion 场景 题型

荷兰的立体房屋(pietblom has developed a coulpe of these cubic houses )


31-40 填空题: 31as a function of village (his design represents a village within a city) 32 each club buidling’s shape like a tree (the concept behind these hourses is that he tries to create a forest by each cube representing an abstract tree, therefore the whole village becomes a forest) 33.on the top of bridge in central city (they city of rotterdam asked his to desighhoursing on top of a pedestrian bridge and the decided to use the cubic houses idea) 34. he met the probles of fiance 35. inside the hourse… three pillars made of concrete 详细回忆 (原文:the structure of the pole constists of three concrete pillars that have concrete blokc filling the sapce in between. As for the cube, the basicstucture is concret floor with concrete pillars. On top of the structure is somethin similar to a typical wood frame structure with wood stud framing and rockwool insulation. To protect the wooden frame and the insulation from expoure to the element. They are covered with cement fiberboards. To give the cube a nice appearance. Zinc panels were used and complemented by couble-glazed windows ) 36. on building between***and school of architecture The houses contain three floors 37. the lower level and top level are triangle-shaped (--ground floor entrance --first floor with living room and open kitchen the medium level is )


38 and a study hall 39.top floor which is sometimes used as a small garden (原文 The cubes are tilted and sit on hexagon-shaped pole structures. The cubes contain the living areas, which are split into three levels.) 40.房子的居住者 one advantage :a convenient location and reasonable price with good facilities


上海环球雅思华南总校为大家整理的 2014 年 1 月 18 日雅思阅读机经。

总体来讲,本次阅读(难度适中),重复 2010 年 5 月 10 日整套原题,本次雅思考试涉及到的题型有 (Summary,List of headings, Y/N/NG,Multiple choices, 其中 Matching 题和判断题比重比较大)。 建议烤鸭们平时多练习高频题型。

Passage one 文章新旧 题材 文章标题 V20120510 发展类 古希腊钱币 (Ancient Greek Coins) 文章题型 YNNG FC 铸造流程 【钱币类雅思阅读高频词汇】 metal n.金属 mint v.铸造(硬币) shell n.贝壳, 壳 背景词汇 primitive adj.原始的, 远古的, 粗糙的, 简单的 cowrie n. (从前南亚和非洲部分地区作货币用的)货贝 moulding n.模制, 浇铸 bronze n.青铜(铜与锡合金), copper n.铜


stamp vt.压制;冲压 crudity n.粗糙;粗陋.原(生)材料, 天然物 质 barter n.物品交换, 实物交易 v.物品交换, 交换 commerce n.商业 commodity n.日用品 convenient adj.便利的, 方便的 tangible adj.可触摸的, 有形的 origin n.起源, 由来, 起因 compensation n.补偿, 赔偿 tribute n.贡金;贡物 exchange vt.交换 precious adj.宝贵的, 贵重的 部分答案 Passage two V20120510 V20130608 题材 文章标题 动物类 鸟类迁徙 List of headings 文章题型 Multiple Choices Summary -------------



先讲鸟有好多 characteristics,鸟类迁移是为了随着季节的 变化,食物的数量也会变化,迁徙是为了寻找生存的食物, 如果一个地方冬天变冷了但是还是会有食物,就不会迁徙, 迁徙到北极南极,有时,就是很好的说明,小鸟不需要 parental(要填答案)就可以飞并且去寻找食物,鸟在夜晚 看不见,就像 polit(要填答案)没有雷达一样 文章内容 A 身体构造适合迁徙 B 主要迁徙原因(因为是吃货) C 迁徙的比需要的远 D 找方向不用妈妈教 parental (guidance) E 擅长盲飞 (有些还晚上飞, 比较不怕被吃掉比较节约体力) F 会被大风吹跑然后掉进海里喂鱼,而非别人想的一样 lost 了 List of headings: Features Main reason Unexplained rejection 部分答案 Success without teaching How to find the way Find good moments Succeed even with wind Multiple Choices:选两个关于鸟类迁徙的正确说法,选的是


AC A.travel more distance than they need 说鸟老师飞的比它 实际 need 的地方远 C. need less water at night 说鸟半夜飞不怎么需要喝水,有 提到 at night 可以防止 predators and dehydration(脱水) Summary Foster-parents/parental. predators, lost,鸟利用 invisible clue 去飞 Passage three 文章新旧 题材 V20120510 企业管理类 美国人的工作时间 文章标题 Take back your time MATCHING 段落加相关信息。 文章题型 Matching 人名――理论配对 A 一个工人因为连续工作三天只休息了五个小时而严重受 伤从而引出话题 B 关于美国号召减少工作时间活动的介绍。主要讲一个叫 文章内容 Dann 的社会学家的观点,他好象还写了一本书,跟 take back your time 运动也有关系,相关信息一个 C 美国人现在工作严重超时数字体现,有一个人理论,相关


信息一个 D 大部分人认为多挣钱生活才会好,有一个人理论,相关信 息一个 E 建议工作时间减半多雇一半工人,一个理论,一个信息 F 人工作时间和心情的关系,一个理论,一个信息 G 一项指标信息分析,说明美国人生活质量其实不高,政府 高生产高消费的号召不一定有道理,一个理论 H 建议借鉴另一个国家的经验,两个相关信息。



(本次写作考试 A 类小作文为混合图,难度适中。A 类大作文题目为教育类话题,难度不大,但大家要注 意的是不要写跑题。) A 类小作文 图表类型: 曲线图+柱状图 line graph(average price of tickets at a theater)+ bar chart(average percentage of tickets sold) 作文题目: 一个剧院 10 和 11 年每个季度卖票的价格走势和数量 作文图片:(网友版)见下方


A 类大作文


Children find it difficult to concentrate on or pay attention to school. What are the reasons? How can we solve this problem?






相似度 80% Some people believe that teenagers should concentrate on all school subjects, while others claim that students should focus on the subject that they are best at or that they find interesting. Discuss both views and give your opinion. 相似度 30% Some people think computer and Internet are important in children's study, but others think 类似旧题: students can learn more effectively in schools and with teachers. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. 相似度 10% In some countries, secondary schools aim to provide a general education across a range of subjects. In others, children focus on a narrow range of subjects related to a particular career. For today's world, which system is appropriate? 雅思大作文题材议论文:论点 论据 例证 文章整体框架: 总(总的论点)——分(1 客观 +2 主观)——总 ( 总结客观+主观观点)

写作思路指导 五段论写: ---来自环球雅 1 题目改写仿写 思慎浩老师 2 支持/反对观点(客观因素) 2 支持/反对观点 (主观因素) 4 解决方案 (学校 / 家庭 + 学生本身) 5 总结观点 (再次表明观点)


文章主体: 1 题目改写 仿写 社会背景+ 自己观点(提出论点) 社会背景:存在诸多的因素干扰学生的正常的学习状况。 自己观点: 1 难以抵制的诱惑 (客观因素) 2 学习动力/ 目标的缺乏 (主观因素) 2 支持/反对的观点(客观因素) 论点+论据+例证 论点:学生无法专注于学习 –归因于-----无法抗拒的吸引力。 论据:虚拟世界的满足感以及现实世界的干扰因素 ----使得 ---无法专注学习 ( 论据是对论点补充说明) 例证: 1 网络游戏 ,电影 网上交友(虚拟世界) 2 各种各样的娱乐活动 (现实世界) 结论:外在的干扰影响了学生正常的学习。 3 支持/反对观点(主观因素) 论点+论据+例证+结论 1 论点:学生这种不良的学习状况——归因于—— 学习动力的缺乏 论据:学生没有认识到学习的意义以及重要性 例证:在学习的过程中, 学生 1 规避所遇到的问题 2 在父母的劝导以及逼迫的情况下学习 3 缺乏发自内心的对于学习的热情与持续不断的行动力


结论:这种状况是影响学生无法专注学习的重要因素 4 解决措施 = 外因解决方案+ 内因的解决方案 1 外因解决方案; 1 政府 /学校 /家庭 1) 学习设置一些 树立正确的学习观念 以及培养良好的学习习惯的课程 2 )开展相应的学习交流体验的活动 3)父母积极配合学校参与其中 2 内因解决方案:学生自身 1)反思自己的日常的学习行为 2)激发持续不断的学习动力

结论:总结观点 :自己所提出的观点 总而言之, 外界无法抗拒的因素 + 学生自身学习动力的缺乏 –是根源----无法集中精力学习的根 源.


G 类大作文


Some people say that cars should be banned from centers of large cities. Do u agree or disagree?







Part 1 1. Sunshine Do you love sunshine? What are the benefits of sunshine? What do you love to do and hate to do under sunshine?

2. Language Do you think it’s difficult to learn a foreign language/English? Can you speak any other language expect English? What do you do for learning a second language? 题目汇总

3. Animal What’s your favorite animal? Do you keep a pet? Do people in your country like to keep pets? What kind of pets? Do you often go to the zoo? What are the benefits for children to go to the zoo?

4.Lateness and being on time


Are you often late for something? Do you think it’s important to be punctual? How important is it?

5. Gifts & toys & party What was the best gift you have ever got? You love to get gifts or send gifts? Do you love keeping old toys? Why? Do you love partying? Do you always go to parties?

6. Your Home (Your Accommodation) Can you describe the place where you live? What do you usually do in your house/flat/room? Are the transport facilities to your home very good? Please describe the room you live in. Is there anything you don't like about the place where you live? What kind of decorations does it have?

7. School What do you think about your high school? What was your favorite subject?


What was the subject you disliked most?

8.Outdoor activity Do you prefer indoor or outdoor activities? Are they the activities you loved when you were a child? What activities are suitable for children?

9. Your Work What work do you do? Why did you choose to do that kind of work? Do many people in your country choose to do that type of work? What are your responsibilities at work? Do you remember your first day at work? What did you do on your first day at work? Did you like your first day at work? (Similar to above) How did you feel on your first day at work? Do you think the first day at work is important? (Similar to above) Do you think a person's first impressions of a new job are important?

10. Your Studies What's your major?


Do you like your major? Have you ever thought of changing your major? What subject(s) are you studying? Why did you choose to study that? / Why did you choose to study those subjects? Do many students in your country study that subject? (Similar to above) Is that a popular subject to study in your country? What school/university do you attend? Why did you choose that school/university? What do you plan to do after you finish your studies? Your First Day at University Did you like your first day at university?

11. Your Hometown Where did you grow up? What was it like when you were a child? Has it changed much? Would you say it was a good place to live? Would you say your hometown is a good place for tourists to visit? What do you like about your hometown?

12. Photography


Do you like taking photographs? How often do you take photographs? When (or, in what situations) do you take photographs? (Similar to above) What do you like to photograph? Do you prefer to take pictures of scenery or of people?

13. Dictionary Do you often use the dictionary? Are dictionaries important? Which do you prefer? Book dictionary or electronic dictionary?

14. Rain Do you like rainy days? How does rain infect people’s daily life? Which cities in China have the most rain?

15. Birthday Which was the most important birthday for you? How do you want to celebrate your birthday? What did you want to do to celebrate your birthday as a child? What are the important birthdays for Chinese? How do Chinese normally celebrate their birthdays?


16. Computer Do you like using computer? Is computer important to you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of computer?

17. Walking Do you like taking a walk? How often do you take a walk? Is it important to take a walk every day? Do you like walking in the countryside or city? What are the advantages of walking? 1. Do you think it’s difficult to learn a foreign language/English? 范例 2. Do you think a person's first impressions of a new job are important? 3. What are the important birthdays for Chinese? 1. I think it depends on what kind of language one is trying to master. If it is a popular language such as English or Korean, learning it will be very easy. But unpopular languages are difficult to learn because the resources available for learners are limited. 范例答案参考 2. First impressions are important for anything, and so are they for a new job. It is very (请对照范例) possible that a new comer is liked or dislike during the first minutes of encounter. 3. I think one of the most important birthdays for Chinese is the 66th because the number “6” in my culture stands for smoothness meaning “everything goes well.”


Therefore, children would like to celebrate their parent’s 66 th birthday to wish their father or mother a good and long-lived life.

Part 2

1. 2. 3. 4. Describe an intelligent person.有智慧的人 Describe a comic actor who is popular in your country.你国家受欢迎的喜剧演员 Describe a person you would like to spend time with.你喜欢和他(她)在一起的人 Describe a famous person in your country.你国家的名人

1. 2. 3. 题目汇总 4. 5. 6. 7. Describe a place you go far away from home.你去的离家很远的地方 Describe a place you learn another culture.可以学到其它文化的地方 Describe a restaurant.餐厅 Describe an important building in your country.你国家重要的建筑物 Describe a park or a park you have been to.你过的的公园或花园 Describe a tourist attraction in your country.你国家的旅游景点 Describe a place (not in your country) you want to go.你想去的国外的地方

1. 2. 3. 4. Describe a website.网站 Describe an advertisement.广告 Describe a gift you received in your childhood.童年的礼物 Describe a special item you bought by saving money.存钱买的特别的东西


5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Describe a work of art like a painting.艺术品 Describe a group you would like to take part in.想参加的组织 Describe a subject you didn’t like.不喜欢的科目 Describe a book recommended by someone.别人推荐的一本书 Describe a competition you would like to take part in.想参加的比赛

10. Describe a type of sports you like.你喜欢的体育运动 11. Describe a TV program.电视节目 12. Describe a program you enjoyed in your childhood.童年喜欢的节目 13. Describe a movie you dislike.你不喜欢的电影 14. Describe an old object in your family.家里的老物件 15. Describe a family business.家族企业 16. Describe your favorite wild animal.喜欢的野生动物 17. Describe a popular product made in your country.你国家流行的产品

1. 2. Describe an event that changed your life.改变你生活的事情 Describe a situation you moved into a new house or a new school. 搬家或来到新学

校的场景 3. Describe something you did to help you learn another foreign language. 帮助你学

习外语的事情 4. 5. 6. Describe something you forget to do.忘记做的事儿 Describe a time you met an old friend.和老朋友相遇的场景 Describe a special meal you were invited.被邀请的特殊的一顿饭


7. 8. 9.

Describe a sport event you have watched.你看过的体育赛事 Describe an important decision you made.你做的重要的决定 Describe a positive experience in your teenager.青年时期的积极的经历

10. Describe a season you enjoy.你喜欢的季节 11. Describe an interesting conversation with someone you didn’t know.和陌生人的有 趣的对话 12. Describe a situation when a stranger helped you.陌生人帮你的场景 13. Describe a useful skill you learned through a hard time.困难时期学到的有用的技能 14. Describe an experience when you helped others. 帮助别人 15. Describe something you have to do when you are very busy. 忙时做的事 A competition Describe a competition that you took part in. You should say: 范例 * what kind of competition and how you found out about it * what you had to do * what the prizes were and explain why you chose to take part. The competition took part in recently was a speaking contest that was informed of by my colleague, Mandy. She told me that our school had decided to let me participate and 范例答案参考 expected me to win the first prize, which was an iPad Air. What I had to do was to give (请对照范例) two presentations: one in English and the other Chinese. Both had to relate to teaching. I chose to take part in it because I thought it was a good opportunity for me to make


name for both the school and myself. But it didn’t go as I had expected becau se some of the contestants received favorable treatment for the judges. I was feeling cheated.

Part 3 Why do people travel? Should children be educated how to help others? What are the benefits of helping others? Should children help their parents at home? Are girls better at doing housework than boys? Why do many people like making plans? What should be done when children disobey their parents? Is competition popular in your country? 题目汇总 What's the competition welcomed by most of the residents? Do you think competition is benefical to children? What are the better ways for the bosses to encourage their staff? Why it is interesting to meet with an old friend? Is it meaningful to have a talk with old friends? How to keep a good relation with your friends? Do people have more spare time than before? What cause the free time less than before, due to computer? What's the importance of time management


1. Why do many people like making plans? 范例 2. Do people have more spare time than before? 1. Because they don’t want to make unnecessary mistakes especially when it comes to something that matters. For example, before starting a company, a careful plan has to be made about the venue, management and unexpected situations etc. without plans, it is likely that people will fail. 2. I think people nowadays have less spare time than their counterparts 20 years ago. This is because people are busier and under more pressure than before. Some just have a lot of material needs to be met, so they work long hours and take short vacations.

范例答案参考 (请对照范例)



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