2012 考研钻石包过班 作文批改 这是我的一个学员的写的作文, 发给大家, 供大家学习参考。 我的 qq 注明 考研钻石班 377960180

What these two drawings above illustrate is a little flower,under the protection of the greenhouse,is in full bloom / Flourishing no matter how terrible the weather would be like .But it is not always the case,once, Of course, the opposite side of this phenomenon also exists.the beautiful flower is no longer growing in favorable condition.In no time will the flower die,if it can not adapt to the new circumstance. Obviously, the cartoons intend to reveal the
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problemphenomenon-the youth lack of independence-which widely exists in our society.It is not uncommon that we graduates,when leave campus for position,have a sense of unfamiliarity and dissatisfactory,moreover escape from the cut-throat competition of job market or low-income, high strength generation work.CurrentlyNowadays, who are brought young up adultsthe youth of our and
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sorrow.Parents,all the time,drive their best efforts to meet the unreasonable requirement made by their only child.When we enter into school with the guidance of our teachers,we seldom independently copy


with difficulties we have ever confronted. Therefore, When it comes to what impacts it would bring, in my eyes,from where I stand,it is high time that youngstersthe youth come to realize their own shortcomings before they are completely prepared prepares to hunt for work seek for a job.In addition,our society and school should provide support and advice for them so that these green hands can adjust themselves to the multivariant environment as soon as possible.in the coming future/ in the near future/ in the not far distant future 。 (不远的将来) 1、 一定要多变化,比如通篇不要全部用 the youth,替换词很多, 比如 the young people ; youngsters ; the youth ; young adults 2、 在一些名词或者动词前面可以扩展下,加上形容词或者副词, 第一能增加字数,第二能使得句子更加形象生动,比如你文中 的 meet the requirement,可以改成 meet the unreasonable requirement 3、 to seek for a job, 这里 “找工作” 的表达很多, 比如 apply for a job,hunt for work 。而“求职者”地道的表达多用 job hunter , seeker 等。 job 再发散下, 解聘怎么表达??dismiss an employee。 “雇主“employer, ”被雇佣者“背单词一定要 注意发散,联想。 4、 ,it is high time that 。。。 。。,这个句型大家也可以用用,但是

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带格式的: 字体: (默认) Comic 格式 的 Sans MS, 小四, 字体颜色: 自动设 置

注意后面要跟 动词原形 do 5、 in the coming future/ in the near future/

in the not far distant future 。 (不远的将来)这个用法务必掌握! ! 一般用在作文的结尾句最后。 6 drawings、cartoons、pictures、 注意几个替换 7 When it comes to what impacts it would bring, in my eyes, it is high time that。。 。、注意这个句型,非常地道! 8 drive their best efforts to one's best endeavors 尽最大努力做某事 9 In addition,或者用 additionally
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do / try one's utmost

to do/ do


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